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    Pool Shock

    1. 3 years ago
      very good product
      I had a new liner put in a couple years ago. My last liner bleached out to almost white... shocking with chlorine. My pool is only 16,000 gallons and I use 3 inch chlorine tablets using a inline chlorine canister. I use 1 1/2 packages this product every week and a half for shocking. I do this for 3 or 4 cycles till combined chlorine goes up, then I use liquid chlorine to break that. I try to keep chlorine levels 6-10 PPM when I do this, so it does not bleach liner. I am old school with ... read more chemicals. I have switched from in the swim 3 inch tablets to SAMS because they do not have cyanic acid stabilizer in it. I think I pay a little more for this. They say to keep this level lower now, than the old standards used to be....
    2. 4 years ago
      Excellent Compliment for Chlorine Users
      I learned this from several pool chemistry experts, plus through use over years. If you use chlorine to general purpose sanitize your pool, this is an excellent complimentary shock treatment. It disperses well and you will not have any where near as long of a wait time as super-shocking with chlorine to keep the kids/guests out of the pool. Individual packets are a plus, but it is more costly than chlorine. It's worth it as an alternative shock.
    3. 6 years ago
      Great on my skin
      I have a fair skin complexion making me highly susceptible to chlorine. I originally thought I could get by with just using this and not using Chlorine in my pool. Nope don’t make that mistake, that was a rookie move I had made many years ago until I found my pool having mustard algae and a huge chlorine demand. Wound up forking out a lot of money to bring my chlorine levels back up to par, but I paid for the lesson. So while you still need chlorine to effectively balance your pool, this is ... read more great for weekly shock treatments and upkeep which is easier on my skin then standard chlorine treatments.
    1. 2 years ago
      Pool Opening
      I bought chlorine granules, shock and pool perfect. After the first initial shock, for the remainder of the year all I use in our pool is the granules and the pool perfect. It is crystal clear.
    2. 10 months ago
      Hreat Stuff!
      We have been getting all of our pool products from In The Swim for several years. Everything does exactly what they are supposed to do. The Shock and this product are awesome. We have a 44k gal inground pool. Its a struggle to keep the levels up due to size and sun. This product gets the water back in shape over night!! Thank you In The Swim.
    3. 2 years ago
      costs less per pound than equivalent shock
      It comes with a measuring scoop, so it's easy to shock the pool with the right amount. Seems to be the same stuff as 68% chlorine shock
    1. 2 years ago
      Di Zap pool shock
      I have my packages of shock delivered right to my door don't have to run to pool store. My pool stays crystal clear and I have recommended to all my friends never have cloudy water again.
    2. 3 years ago
      This stuff works! Its worth the extra money the cheap shock sucks the Di-zap is all i use now and it keeps my pool crystal clear and my chemicals balanced.
    3. 10 months ago
      The BEST!
      I tried this last season when there was a special on it. You get what you pay for . BUY THIS. Dump in and walk away every week. Clear Water, no headaches. Compliments on the pool clarity to follow. Excellent product well with the added $$. Thanks again intheswim for keeping pool maintenance simple.
    1. 3 years ago
      Crystal Clear Over Night! Kills everything!
      This shock works great. It dissolves in the water before even hitting the liner of my pool, even in the shallow end. The shock power is intense. I use shock on a regular basis to keep my pool clean, but when I get some cloudiness, or have a lot of people in, I use one to two bags after, and my pool is crystal clear within hours. The next wouldn't even know it's been used.
    2. 1 year ago
      Good standard strength pool shock, great price!
      I have a 15,000 gallon pool so need to use 2 of these bags each time, but even at that the price was better than I could do locally and it saved me a trip to the pool store. There's not much more to say about a bag of chlorine shock - it is what it is advertised to be.
    3. 2 years ago
      Best shock ever!
      I will only use this shock from now on!!!I've never had any luck opening our pool without completely draining it ( always bought Walmart shock). I added 8 bags yesterday to lime green water and today the green is gone! By tomorrow our pool should be crystal clear! Very quick shipping a great product at an affordable cost! In the swim customer now for life!
    1. 2 years ago
      Eliminated My Yellow Algae
      We have a 15,000 gallon 16 year old concrete pool that needs to be refinished because it has corroded over the years from chemical use which creates the perfect environment for algae growth. We had mustard algea pretty much everywhere with a concentration on the sides and steps. The Super Algeacide and Super Shock totally eliminated it! It took a lot of elbow grease (brushing and vacuuming), but after a couple days and almost the entire bottle of Super Algeacide over the course of thee days, it ... read more is gone and has remained gone! Last summer I spent much more $ at our local pool supply store buying products to eliminate the mustard algea. Great product and great price!
    2. 2 years ago
      Excellent product
      Very happy with the results and easy of closing pool
    3. 2 years ago
      Great kit!
      This kit is perfect for keeping our pool clear! It makes maintenance a snap!
    1. 5 years ago
      Was hopeful it would dissolve much better than it did. Having to brush the bottom of the pool with each application is not worth it. The chemical part was fine, just didn't enjoy the brushing. I will go back to liquid chlorine.
    2. 7 years ago
      Won't switch back!
      I ALWAYS use liquid chlorine and would pick it up with my groceries while at my local Wal-Mart. The huge bottles took up most of my cart not to mention mixing with groceries never set right with me. I saw this product online and with the free shipping thought, why not. When I first received the package, I thought something was wrong because the box was so small. The bottles were really little which really worried me. I can't believe how well they work. One of these little bottles works better ... read more and lasts longer then a whole gallon jug of the other stuff I used to buy. It dissolves quickly and does not leave a powder residue on the bottom of the pool floor. A little more expensive then what I was paying before but I use less and it gets delivered right to my door. So worth it!
    3. 2 years ago
      We have been using for two years.....we have a above ground pool....we are retired...these little bottles are wonderful, does a fabulous job of adding solution's to our pool.....
    1. 1 year ago
      Excellent product
      I have had great results with this product. Well worth the money.
    2. 2 years ago
      Great product, great price, free shipping. Shop here every year.
    3. 10 years ago
      I was amazed
      This product amazed me - we had been using a lesser product and we had to mix it in water, pour it in through the filter and it STILL came out the spouts and settled on the floor of the pool. This product is simple to use - just sprinkle it around the deep end and watch as it quickly disolves prior to hitting the bottom of the pool - it immediately raises the chlorine level!
    1. 5 years ago
      Don't need algaecide when I use super pool shock
      I have been using super pool shock for years and I love it. It dissolves easily in water and keeps my water clean and clear. I don't have to use algaecide as long as I use the Super pool shock. Only cons is the fact that it does cloud the water for awhile.
    2. 4 years ago
      best shock so far!
      I had the worst pool opening ever this year...but this has been saving me. Pool wouldn't hold chlorine for 2 weeks while all other levels were fine. I was told to add CYA based on dip stick reading but it was my CYA is too high (130 but it was over 150 last week.) I even drained 1/4 of my in-ground vinyl pool and had 6k added via pool company. Can't tell you how much $ I wasted on products from a local retailer!!! The problem was dirty sand which I replaced (even though the sand was ... read more only 5yrs old.) Pool went to crystal clear overnight after shocking and adding dry clarifier as well. But now that my CYA is too high for tabs, I add 1/3 bag of this in every few days and the levels hold. This will be my method until the CYA is back at a manageable level to support stabilized tabs. FYI the pool people ruined (bleached) the lining by pouring in liquid at opening and closing...NEVER AGAIN! I WILL USE THIS MYSELF!
    3. 5 years ago
      Cloudier than other brands
      By chance I had a few bags of ITS Super Shock and a few bags of Ultra Shock made by N. Jones Company. I noticed when putting them in the pool the ITS shock made the pool cloudy and the other did not. I have no idea why, but I would prefer the other shock.
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    In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Swimming Pool Shock

    In The Swim's Dr. Pool

    Shock Treatments for Swimming Pools

    Granular chlorine is a convenient way to sanitize and disinfect pool water. Used in small amounts, swimming pool shock can raise chlorine levels quickly for a pool found to be lacking. In larger amounts it will easily super-chlorinate or hyper-chlorinate pools for removal of cloudy water, chloramines, and disinfectant by-products. Most importantly, swimming pool shock quickly destroys pathogenic bacteria, viruses and microbes found in pool water. 

    The Many Types of Pool Oxidizers

    •  - Di-Zap Multi Shock is stabilized, and can be used daily in pools, spas and fountains without calcium build-up.
    •  - Pool Shock and Super Pool Shock from In The Swim is suitable for all purposes, sold in bags and buckets.
    •  - Non-Chlorine pool shock does everything that pool shock does, with exception to killing heavy algae blooms.

    The Many Uses of Pool Oxidizers

    •  - Restores clarity to cloudy pool water
    •  - Kills pool algae strains of all types
    •  - Sanitizes to destory bacteria of all types
    •  - Removes chloramines and other chlorine byproducts
    •  - Breaks down organic and non-organic matter, and bather waste
    •  - Raises chlorine levels quickly when found to be near zero
    •  - Removes stains on plaster, pebble and fiberglass pools

    How To Shock a Pool

    •  1. Clean the pool of debris before shocking a pool
    •  2. Balance the water chemistry and adjust pH to 7.2-7.4
    •  3. Each pound of pool shock can deliver between 7-9 PPM, per 10,000 gallons of pool water
    •  4. Add enough to reach a target threshold of 10, 20 or 30 PPM, depending on water condition
    •  5. Brush the pool, and run pool filter for 6-8 hours following super-chlorination
    •  6. Keep solar covers safely stored off the pool until high chlorine level subsides
    •  7. Check chemistry levels within 24 hours and adjust as needed, if chlorine is found to be zero, repeat shock treatment

    Pool Shock Treatment Tips

    •  - Always add chlorine to water, Never add water to chlorine
    •  - Always use the entire bag, Never store half-used bags of shock
    •  - Distribute the chemical around the pool, Never pour into the skimmer
    •  - Always adjust pH level to the low side, 7.2-7.4, where chlorine is more potent
    •  - Brush the pool after shocking, with a stiff pool brush, or a stainless steel bristled algae brush
    •  - Vinyl pools should pre-dissolve pool shock. Pour into a bucket of clean water and stir until dissolved
    •  - Sweep up any spills immediately, and add directly to the pool.
    •  - Never mix chlorine granules with any other type of chemical, or anything except water.

    For More Info See our Pool Shock eGuide:

    Pool Shock eGuide

    Read More | Download