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    Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid

    Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid: Ultimate Pool Problem Solver

    Pool First Aid uses Smartzyme technology to quickly and effectively break down non-living organic material in your pool. The powerful, concentrated formula acts fast to clean and clear pools that have water contamination, a clogged pool filter or waterline build-up.

    Using Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid can reduce the need to shock your pool and the need to clean your pool filters with other chemicals. Pool First Aid also reduces foaming and makes the pool water feel softer as it removes dead algae more efficiently and faster than any other product. It’s also compatible with all pool sanitizers, non-irritating and non-toxic.

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      Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid is the pool water problem solver many resorts and water parks across the country rely on to keep their pools pristine. Its enzymes bind to contaminants and reduce them to smaller parts, quickly breaking them down to their original composition such as carbon and water, while powerful clarifiers coagulate contaminants for fast filter removal.

      • Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid clears water of contaminants like paint, suntan oil, pollen, organic waste and other agents
      • Natural Enzymes and fast acting polymer Clarifier quickly removes waterline build-up and frees clogged pool filters
      • Uses Smartzyme technology that is a powerful yet biodegradable formula
      • Significantly reduces the need for cleaning filters with harsh chemicals
      • Pool First Aid can greatly reduce the need for chemical pool shocking
      • Compatible with all pool sanitizers
      • Dosage: 2 oz. per 1,000 gallons of water (equals about 1 cap full for every 2,000 gallons)
      • Instructions: Distribute the proper dosage of Pool First Aid over the surface of the pool; repeat every two days until the pool is crystal clear. Apply directly to the waterline to quickly remove any existing waterline build-up. Do not use immediately before or after shocking your pool.

      What does Pool First Aid do?
      - This product is designed to quickly clean and clear pools that have a clogged filter, bad algae bloom, waterline build-up or other water contamination.
      Is Pool First Aid a natural product?
      - Yes, this product is a natural biodegradable enzyme-based formula.
      How does Pool First Aid work?
      - This product works as a clarifier by breaking down organic compounds into their original components.
      Will Pool First Aid cause foaming in my pool water?
      - No, this product is designed to reduce foaming.
      Do I have to shock my pool water as often with Pool First Aid?
      - No, this product is designed to reduce the need for chemical shocking of your pool water.
      What is the dosage?
      - 2 oz. per 1,000 gallons (1 capful treats 2,000 gallons).
      Why Use Enzymes?
      Chlorine alone is great at sanitizing and oxidizing, but it doesn't do much for removing and breaking down oils, such as suntan lotion.

      There is a natural, simple and safe solution for oil removal: NATURAL CHEMISTRY ENZYME PRODUCTS.

      Enzymes speed up the break down of organic compounds to their original components so they can be absorbed by the pool water without negative side effects.
      Directions for Use

      Directions for use:

      Pool First Aid

      • • Add 2oz per 1000 gallons (60ml per 3785L)
      • • Broadcast Pool First Aid around the surface of the pool
      • • Can be used every two days until the pool is crystal clear
      • • Apply directly to water line to quickly remove any existing water line build-up

      Important: Allow chlorine levels to return to normal before adding Pool First Aid. If water temperature is below 70 degrees, Pool First Aid will work more slowly, so allow more time for results.

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