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    Granular Chlorine Sodium Di-Chlor


    Swimming pools and spas will always be at risk of contamination by algae, bacteria and other contaminants and microorganisms. This is why it is necessary to use high quality sanitizing chemicals such as In The Swim Chlorinating Granules on a regular basis to keep your pool water clean and safe for your swimmers.

    In the Swim's granular chlorine will swiftly and effectively eradicate bacteria and other organic contaminants from your swimming pool or spa without leaving any residue so you can enjoy clean, sanitized water and peace of mind. Fast acting granular chlorine is available in bags and buckets, and the calcium-free formula is favored by pool owners in hard-water areas. 

    Stabilized 56% available, 99% sodium di-chlor formula lasts all day in bright sunlight, making it a popular granular chlorine sanitizer for swimming pools, and also for fountains, water features, and ponds. Di-chlor shock with sun-stabilizer is also relied upon for effective hyper-chlorination, when extended time periods of very high chlorine levels are required for complete disinfection of chlorine resistant parasites and bacteria. 

    NOTE: In-person customer signature required by FedEx for delivery of shock oxidizer in buckets.

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      Rely on In The Swim for powerful granular sanitizers to disinfect and sanitize pools and spas. Strong di-chlor granular shock removes the bacteria and contaminants to give you cleaner and clearer water. Easy to use formula adds no calcium hardness to the pool, and leaves no residue behind. 

      Dichlor Granular Pool Chlorine

      • - In the Swim's granular chlorine is ideal for use in swimming pools, spas, fountains and water features.
      • Powerful sanitizing powder that destroys bacteria, breaks down contaminants and kills algae.
      • Calcium-Free formula keeps hard-water pools sparkling clean and crystal clear.
      • Fast dissolving di-chlor chlorinating granules leaves no residue.
      • Contains premium-quality 56% available stabilized chlorine.
      • 99% Sodium Dichloro-S-Triazinetrione Dihydrate.
      • High quality granular chlorine, economically and competitively priced
      • Available in bags and buckets from 2 pounds to 40 pounds.

      Chemical Specifications:

      • In The Swim granular chlorine compares to Bio-guard, Sun, Guardex and Pace.
      • Powerful 56% available stabilized chlorine.
      • 99% Sodium Dichloro-S-Triazinetrione.
      • Granular chlorine must be pre-dissolved in a bucket before adding to the pool.
      • Fast dissolving, pH balanced, contains no calcium.
      • Approximate use per day – 2 oz per 10,000 gallons.

      What is In The Swim granular chlorine comparable to?
      – The In The Swim granular chlorine is comparable to the following:

      What is the chemical make up of the granular pool chlorine?
      – 56% available stabilized chlorine, fast dissolving, 99.5% Sodium Dichloro-S-Triazinetrine.

      How much granular chlorine do I use?
      – Use 4 ounces per 10,000 gallons of water per day to achieve initial readings.
      – Use 2-3 ounces daily per 10,000 gallons to maintain proper chlorine levels.
      – Use 2 Lbs per 10,000 gallons for heavy algae until algae clears.
      – Use 1 Lb per 10,000 gallons for light algae until algae clears.

      How do I dispense granular pool chlorine?
      – In The Swim recommends to have a bucket of water and add the granular chlorine to the bucket, and then broadcast around the perimeter while pump and filter is on.


      – If chlorine seems to be ineffective check the stabilizer also known as cyanuric acid. The correct level for stabilizer is 30-60 ppm. If the stabilizer is too low the chlorine will be used up faster making it appear that the chlorine is not effective. If the stabilizer level is too high it will slow down the oxidizing process and render the chlorine less effective. This must be compensated for by using a higher concentration of chlorine in the pool water.

      – If you believe the chlorine is defective/ineffective, you can test it by placing a small amount into a glass of tap water. (Do not use pool water.) Dissolve and test as usual.


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