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    Power Ionizer Pool Sanitizer

    Power Pool Ionizer Sanitizes Your Pool the Natural Way

    A pool water ionizer releases a precise amount of copper and silver ions into your pool that naturally kills bacteria and algae growth along with viruses. The result is a clearer pool using much less chlorine than normal with pool water that won’t irritate your eyes and skin and with no harsh chemical odors.

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      The power pool water ionizer simplifies your pool maintenance routine by not affecting your pH or alkalinity levels why needing only a weekly shock treatment. The low voltage control box costs less than 2 cents in electricity to operate per day, with a 25-foot cord plugging into a standard 110 volt outlet.

      • Pool ionizer sanitizes pools naturally up to 40,000 gallons in capacity
      • Built-in display lets you see pool water temperature up to 50 ft. away
      • Dramatically reduces red eyes, itchy skin and discolored hair often associated with other types of pool sanitizers
      • Simplifies your pool maintenance routine, just shock pool once a week
      • Releases copper and silver ions to kill algae, bacteria and viruses in your pool
      • Will not affect your pH or alkalinity levels
      • TDS levels must be 1000 for ionizer to work; use test strips to measure your TDS
      • Plugs into standard 110 volt outlet with 25 ft. cord

      Technical Specifications:

    • Works on In-Ground and Above-Ground pools (3,500 - 40,000 gallons).
    • Compatible with all filtration systems.
    • Eliminates chlorine usage by 0.4 ppm on a daily basis
    • Must install at least 18” from (after) the heater unit.
    • Sanitizes pools up to 40,000 gallons.
    • Release copper and silver into water to kill algae, bacteria, and viruses.
    • Will not affect your pH or total alkalinity levels.
    • Recommended to replace chamber one a year for proper sanitation.
    • Unit will last up to 8 years.
    • Box dimensions:

    •      – Length: 18
           – Width: 15
           – Height: 5
           – Weight: 6

      What size pools will this work for?
      – This system will accommodate a 40,000 gallon pool, and works on in ground or above ground pools.

      What effects does it have on the water?
      – The Ionizer will make the water feel smoother, kill algae, bacteria, and zinc while releasing copper and silver into the water.

      Is there anything that needs to be done to the water before installing?
      – Your water levels must be balanced and your TDS level should be at 1000ppm.

      How much is this going to cost me?
      – Low voltage control box operates at fewer than 2 cents a day.

      How much chlorine do I use?
      – With a swimming pool ionizer no residual chlorine is normally required to be added. For pool temperatures above 90F or for cloudy water after a storm, you can add chlorine to speed up the cleaning process. If needed for an extended period, only 0.4 ppm of chlorine is required. At this low level, there is not enough of the corrosive chemical chlorine to damage your pool liner, pipes or equipment.

      What is the average life of the Ionizer?
      – The average life of the Ionzier is about 8 years.

      Can I use Bromine with my Ionizer?
      – No. Bromine compounds in actuality consist of about 1/3 chlorine. You can not stabilize bromine so it is used up in about 2 hours in an outdoor.

      Installation Tips
      In order to avoid immediate staining, make sure any Marcite Finish pools cure at least 90 days before your Power Ionizer system is used.

      Electrical Hook-up
      • Do not connect power to your Power Ionizer until you have followed the System Installation Instructions.
      • Alteration of any electrical cord will render the warranty null and void.
      • Ensure that your electrical hook-up conforms with all local and national electrical codes.

        Your 120 volt Power Ion System can be plugged directly into a properly grounded, GFCI protected receptacle with the cord provided.


        If a GFCI protected outlet has been installed, you are now prepared to install your Power Ion System.

        Warning if your system includes a gas heater, be sure to install your Power Ion System at least 18-inches from the heater unit.


        1. Turn your pool filtration system off. Plug both the water suction and return fittings on your pool to prevent any water loss during system installation.

        In-Ground Pool Installation: Remove a horizontal section of the water return line after the pool filter; using PVC glue and primer, install your unit. Be sure to allow for easy replacement of your ionizer chamber. Quick disconnects should be used on both chamber ends.

        2. Disconnect the water return hose from your filter unit and remove the connecting threaded fitting from your filter. Apply teflon tape to the fitting and re-install it into the female pipe thread end of your chamber.

        3. Apply teflon tape to both ends of the connector fitting included with your system. Carefully thread it into your filter return port (do not over tighten). Apply the union nut to the tail piece provided, and thread the tail piece onto the remaining thread of the connector.

        4. Be sure your gasket is in position, connect your chamber and re-install your filter hose to the original fitting.
        5. Open both your suction and return lines to your filter system and inspect for any water leaks. Turn your filter system on and connect power to your Power Ion System.


        There are 2 indicator lights located on the side panel of the Power Ionizer.
        System Activated indicates the Power Ionizer is attached to a live power source, and the electrodes are receiving power.
        Service indicates the electrodes are not producing ions and that it is time to replace your electrode chamber.

        Your Level Control Knob will adjust the rate at which copper and silver ions are dispensed into pool water. Follow the instructions under the "Getting Started" sheet included with your Power Ionizer system, to use this control properly.

        The temperature display is provided to allow you to know the temperature of the water in your swimming pool with a glance from a distance. This will be accurate within 4 degrees provided your filtration system is operating at the time.

        After installation, if your Power Ionizer faces the wrong direction to see the display, it can be reversed by simply removing the 4 mounting screws that secure the Transformer Module to the Electrode Chamber and turning it around. If you do this, be careful not to damage the temperature sensor cable when you re-attach the Chamber to the Module.
      Literature Pack Information
      Purely Natural -- Alternative Sanitizer

      PUT LESS IN YOUR POOL .... Less Time, Less Money, Les Chemicals!

      The Smart, Easy Way to Sanitize Your Pool Water
      The Power Ionizer sends a precise quantity of copper and silver into your pool, which kills algae, bacteria and viruses. The result is clear, healthy more natural pool water.

      The Power Ionizer Works Hand in Hand with Your Pool's Filter
      The Power Ionizer disinfects your pool water while your filtration system removes large particles and debris. You'll have an easy, safe and effective water management program.

      Dramatically Reduces Red Eyes, Itchy Skin, Fading Bathing Suits, Discolored Hair and Odors!
      These irritating side effects are often associated with chlorine and can be greatly reduced with use of a Power Ionizer. Your pool water will be more enjoyable and gentler on your skin and eyes.

      Simpler Pool Maintenance (we knew you'd like that idea!)
      Just shock your pool water once a week with our "Pool Shock". This eliminates the need to use any other chlorine products.

      Safe, Natural, Effective
      NASA uses the ionization process to treat drinking water aboard its spacecrafts!

      Low Operating Costs
      The Power Ionizer's high-tech, low-voltage control box operates at under 2 cents per day. And the Power Ionizer chamber will provide a full season's supply of daily sanitizer for your residential pool.


      • Works on In-Ground and Above-Ground pools (3,500 - 40,000 gallons).
      • Compatible with all filtration systems.
      • Eliminates chlorine usage on a daily basis
      Warranty Year
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