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    Patio & Deck Paint


    Patio and deck paint transforms the appearance of concrete and provides a durable, non-slip surface for safety.
    • Available in several shades: taupe, granite, sand, ivory, white, putty and buff tan.
    • Deck paint will protect wood and concrete decks from wear or saltwater corrosion.
    • Original applications require two coats for longest wear.
    • Ideal for new or old decks.
    • Non-slip deck coating is better than paint, making your deck area safer for walking and sunbathing.
    • Our deck paints are more durable than carpet and clean up with a garden hose.
    • Patch cracks or divots with Cement Patch, then use TSP and Acid Magic to prepare the surface.
    • Simple way to rejuvenate concrete or wood (wood application requires an oil based primer).
    • Coverage: Approximately 100 to 125 sq ft per gallon.
    • Non-Skid Additive Included. No messy pre-mixing, it's ready to go!
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      In The Swim Patio & Deck Paints

      Made by a major US pool paint manufacturer, In The Swim 'Patio Tones' concrete paints are 'Olympic' quality at a generic price. Available in several stylish shades, our Patio and Deck Paint will improve the safety of your deck with a non-slip coating. At the same time, our patio paint will enhance the appearance of your deck area while providing the wood or concrete with protection against wear and stains caused by weather and standing pool water.

      Whether your pool deck has weathered dozens of seasons or is brand-new, you can use our concrete patio paint to easily create an attractive yet safe pool area. Our pool deck paints are available in 6 neutral hues, to complement the surrounding colors of your backyard and home. Our patio paint is exceptionally durable and can easily be cleaned with a standard garden hose, with some difficult stains requiring a light brush. Stands up to pressure washing too, if needed. 

      Technical Specifications:

    • Apply to worn or drab decks to give them new life and protection.
    • Create a cooler, safer area for walking and sunbathing.
    • Patio & Deck is more durable than carpet and cleans up with a garden hose.
    • Water-based latex.
    • 2 coats required for initial application.
    • Simply patch the cracks, clean the deck according to label instructions, and roll it on.
    • For use on concrete or wood. (wood application requires an oil based primer)
    • Coverage: Approximately 100 to 125 square feet per gallon.
    • Non-Skid Additive Included. No Messy Pre-Mixing!

    • Is this paint slippery?
      – Not at all, this paint is a non-slip deck coating.

      How do I clean the surface before painting?
      – All concrete surfaces should be cleaned according to the three step cleaning process. First, scrub the deck with tri-sodium phosphate. Rinse. Acid wash to remove mineral deposits and open pores for penetration of the Patio and Deck. After acid washing, scrub again with tri-sodium phosphate to neutralize all remaining acid. Patio and Deck can then be applied immediately to wet surfaces. However, any standing water or “puddles” should be removed or allowed to dissipate.

      What type of paint is this?
      – All of our patio deck paints are water based latex.

      How many coats of Patio and Deck are required?
      – Two coats are needed on original applications.

      How much of this paint do I need?
      – Each gallon will cover approx. 100 to 125 sq. ft. We suggest purchasing an extra 2-3 gallons to ensure you have enough product depending on how porous the surface is.

      How to Calculate the Square Footage of a Pool:
      1. Identify the shape of the pool - SEE BELOW
      2. Use the formula given to calculate the pool square footage.
      3. Divide the pools square footage by the sq. ft. per gallon of the desired paint to determine how many gallons of paint are needed.

      Pool Shape Formula Rectangular Length x Width x 1.5 = Total Square Feet Oval Length x Width x 1.65 = Total Square Feet Roman Length x Width x 1.55 = Total Square Feet Lazy L Length x Width x 1.65 = Total Square Feet Free Form Length x Width x 1.6 = Total Square Feet

      More Information
      PATIO & DECK PAINT is the only coating we recommend for use on pool decks and patios.

      A deck coating will greatly enhance the beauty of a concrete swimming pool deck. Plain concrete tends to give the pool area a dull and boring appearance which detracts from all the careful planning that goes into the design of the area.

      Our deck coating adds to the beauty of your pool area, as well as protecting the concrete from wear.

      Our non-slip deck coating converts worn, shabby and colorless pool decks into beautiful recreation areas. Both new and old decks will be more attractive and safer with this easy-to-use, slip-resistant coating.

      Cracks, pits and breaks in a concrete deck may be repaired, then painted with PATIO AND DECK to restore the original beauty of your pool deck and patio.

      All concrete surfaces should be cleaned according to the 3-step cleaning process. First, scrub the deck with tri-sodium phosphate. Rinse. Acid etch to remove mineral deposits and to open pores for penetration of the paint. After acid etching, scrub again with the tri-sodium phosphate solution to neutralize all remaining acid.
      For details on this 3-step preparation process, click on "Surface Preparation" back on the product page.

      PATIO & DECK can then be applied immediately to wet surfaces, since it is a water-based coating. However, any standing water or puddles should be removed or allowed to dissipate.

      Stir the contents thoroughly, then roll-on PATIO & DECK with a medium nap roller equipped with an extension handle. We suggest pouring about 1/3 of a gallon directly on the deck and using the roller to spread the paint over the entire poolside area. PATIO & DECK will dry overnight.

      Coverage: 100-125 square feet per gallon, depending on the porosity of the surface. Two coats are needed for an original application.
      Surface Preparation
      Repair all cracks, pits and holes (if necessary) before preparing the surface. For details about pool and deck repair, click on the Pool and Deck Repair link back on the product page.

      The most important aspect of pool painting is surface preparation. Paint will not adhere to the slightest oily residue, such as suntan lotion, body oils, hairspray, algae or anything else that comes between the pool surface and the paint. The best method for preparing your pool is described in the following steps.

      STEP 1 -- POOL WASHING The best pool washing solution is tri-sodium phosphate mixed with warm water. NEVER use a soap-type detergent. Soap products leave a film on the surface which will result in poor paint adhesion.

      How to wash your pool
      Mix 8 ounces of tri-sodium phosphate to each gallon of warm water. One gallon of this solution will wash approximately 200 square feet.

      Scrub the surface vigorously with this solution. Rinse off the residue with clear water immediately after scrubbing. Be careful not to allow the pool washing solution to dry on the surface -- work in small areas.

      Always scrub the pool walls first, then do the floor last.

      STEP 2 -- ACID ETCHING Acid etching is required on bare masonry surfaces like concrete or plaster. It is also effective for removing chalky residue and hard mineral deposits on a previously painted pool.

      Acid etching opens millions of tiny pores, which allow the subsequent paint coating to penetrate the surface, thus creating a secure cohesive bond.

      Even on previously painted pools, we strongly recommend an acid etching.

      NOTE: To prevent eye injury, NEVER pour water into acid. Always pour acid into water and wear protective eyewear.

      Making the Acid
      Mix in a plastic bucket a 10 percent solution of muriatic acid in water. (do not mix solution in a galvanized container) Most muriatic acid is packaged at 20% or 30% strength. One gallon of 30% muriatic acid mixed with 2 gallons of water will yield three gallons of 10%solution. Likewise, one gallon of 20% muriatic acid mixed with one gallon of water will provide two gallons of 10% solution.

      One gallon of 10% solution is sufficient for etching 100 square feet of pool surface.

      The Etching Procedure
      Liberally brush the acid solution on the surface. The acid will bubble on the surface when applied. As soon as this effervescence ceases, rinse the solution off with clean water. The surface should feel like fine sandpaper when properly etched. Splash a small amount of water on the surface to see if it is sufficiently etched. If the water soaks in fairly quickly, the surface is properly etched. If the water stands on the surface, another etching will be required or switch to a stronger acid solution before continuing with the rest of the pool.

      We highly recommend repeating STEP 1: Wash the surface again with the tri-sodium phosphate solution to neutralize any remaining acid on the surface.

      Do not acid etch fiberglass pools! To prepare a fiberglass pool for painting, sand the surface in straight lines using coarse sandpaper. This sanding will create a mechanical bond for the epoxy paint. Do not use an orbital sander.

      Once the fiberglass has been properly sanded, perform the pool washing procedure described above. Allow the surface to dry and you are ready to paint.