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    Aquabot Classic Robotic Pool Cleaner With FREE EXTRA BAG

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    Aquabot Classic is the Hassle Free Way of Cleaning Your Pool

    There’s no easier way to clean your in-ground swimming pool than with the Aquabot Classic automatic pool cleaner. Simply plug in the 50-foot-long power cord, drop the robotic cleaner in the water, and let it do its thing. The Aquabot robotic pool cleaner is pre-programmed to thoroughly scrub and clean any size and shape of pool without the need for supervision. Built-in sensors keep it from getting tangled in obstacles like pool ladders or steps.

    FREE  additional filter bag included!

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    The in ground robotic cleaner’s high powered suction scrubs your pool’s surfaces, including walls and steps, with great efficiency and effectiveness, removing the finest particles of algae, bacteria, dirt, sand, hair and even the waterline. Front and rear rotating brushes help loosen and remove stubborn debris. Aquabot robotic cleaners do not connect to your filter sytem, but operate with their own power supply and on-board filtration system.

    • Aquabot Classic automatic pool cleaner is pre-programmed for efficient cleaning so you don’t have to watch or worry
    • Easily moves from pool floor to pool wall even at a 90 degree transition
    • Front and rear rotating scrubbing brushes loosen tough debris and remove even the finest particles like algae and bacteria
    • Cleaner has a 70 GPM water mixing capability
    • Aquabot Classic comes with a 50 ft. cable, plugs into regular 120 electrical service; Includes digital power supply
    • Reduces pool maintenance costs
    • 2 Year Limited Warranty

    Technical Specifications:

    Water Mixing Capability: 70 Gallons per Minute
    Cable Length = 50 ft.
    Unit Weight = 16.9 lbs.
    Wattage = 140 Watts
    Operating Cost = Less than 25 cents per day
    Electrical Requirements: 120VAC/60Hz
    Filtration-Mircron Rating = Self contained 2 micron
    Scrubbing Ability = Heavy duty
    Shipping Weight = 34 lbs.

    How do you hook up the AQUABOT?
    – Aquabot cleaners include a Power Supply Box with a standard 3-prong plug. Connect the power supply box to any grounded outlet, and then connect the Aquabot floating cord to connect the low voltage (28V) to the cleaner. Place the cleaner in the pool, and turn on the power. Aquabots are ready to go, right out of the box. 
    Can I keep the Power Supply Box by the poolside?
    –  The power supply must be placed in a dry, sheltered area several feet away from the pool. The Power Supply is water resistant, but not waterproof and should not be left out in the rain or placed in puddles of water.
    Why would I need the mesh filter bag?
    – For big clean ups of larger debris, such as leaves, acorns, twigs and pine needles. The fine mesh filter bag may clog up faster and require more cleanings.
    How do you know when to clean your filter bag?
    – When the Aquabot slows down and reverses direction before reaching the sides of the pool, it is sending a signal that it is time to clean the filter bag.
    How do I clean my filter bags?
    – Simply use a garden hose to rinse it and replace.
    – For a complete cleaning, bags can be machine washed with a detergent such as “Cheer”.
    How do you remove the AQUABOT from the pool?
    – Turn off the power supply by pressing the ON/OFF switch to off. Unplug the Floating Cable from the Power Supply. Gently pull the Aquabot toward you using the Floating cable. **Removing the cleaner by its Floating cable may cause severe damage to the cable.
    – Remove the Aquabot from the water using its handle.
    – Rest the Aquabot on its side to allow water to drain from the unit.
    – Clean and re-install the filter bag. Then rest the Aquabot on its side in a dry, shaded area along with its Power Supply and properly coil the floating cable.
    Can I keep my AQUABOT in the pool?
    – It is advised to remove the cleaner from the pool after the cleaning cycle is complete, to prevent accidental damage from rough pool play, and to protect the soft and shiny surfaces from degradation by low pH or high chlorine conditions. 
    How do I store the AQUABOT at the end of season?
    – Thoroughly clean both filter bags, make sure that there is no water in the Aquabot, completely untangle and then properly coil the Floating Cord. Your Aquabot and Power supply should be stored in a dry, protected area.
    Owners Manual
    Learn More About Aquabot

    The Original Robotic Pool Cleaner
    with all the features to make cleaning your pool a breeze!

    • Easy to use
    • Dramatically reduces maintenance costs
    • No installation or assembly required
    • Removes algae and bacteria
    • Built-in filtration system -- completely independent of the main pool filter ... no messy hoses to deal with!
    • Cleans any size, shape and type of in-ground pool
    • Pre-programmed for efficient, thorough cleaning of your pool
    • Climbs and cleans pool sidewalls
    • Vacuums all types of debris
    • Lightweight -- operates on only 24 volts
    • Re-usable filter bag
    • Walks up and scrubs most pool steps

    Aquabot Gives You More Time To Enjoy Your Pool
    Just plug it in, drop it into your pool and turn it on ... the AQUABOT will do the rest!

    The computer-controlled Aquabot is pre-programmed to scrub, vacuum and filter dirt and debris from pool bottoms, walls, waterlines and steps ... AUTOMATICALLY! The Aquabot cleans all sizes, shapes and types of in-ground swimming pools.

    The lightweight Aquabot has its own special filtration pump and bag located inside its body and operates completely independent of your main pool filter, eliminating the need for messy, bulky hoses.

    Engineered for reliable worry-free operation, the Aquabot cannont become stuck on stairs or ladders or become tangled in hoses as with other pool cleaners. Just take the Aquabot out of the box and put it in your pool ... No Installation is required!

    Cut your summer pool bills in half! The Aquabot drastically reduces the frequency of wasteful backwashing, saving thousands of gallons of water per year and reducing your chemical consumption by as much as 30%. With the Aquabot at work in your pool, you can even decrease the running time of your pool's filtration system by as much as 60%.

    The Aquabot has front and rear scrubbing brushes which loosen and remove heavy dirt and fine particles to be vacuumed and trapped in the filter bag.

    The Aquabot has excptionally high suction power, enabling it to vacuum up all types of dirt and debris from your pool.

    The Aquabot will clean and purify thousands of gallons of water per hour. The Aquabot is equipped with an oversized, re-usable filter bag that has a large capacity to hold leaves and other debris. The filter bag can easily be removed for periodic cleaning.

    The Aquabot will scrub, vacuum and filter out all types of debris, including algae and other small particles.

    As a result of the Aquabot's heavy-duty pumping action, the pool's bottom water is circulated and forced to the surface, raising the overall water temperature and creating a more equal distribution of chemicals that would normally settle to the floor of the pool.

    Operating the Aquabot is as simple as dropping it into your pool and plugging it in. It does the rest itself. The Aquabot is safe and easy to use, operating only only 24 volts (the equivelant of three radio batteries) and costing less than about 25 cents a day to run.

    The Aquabot requires little or no maintenance. The Aqubot is constructed of corrosion-proof materials and has fewer than 10 moving parts.