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    Salt Water Magic Chlorine Generator Monthly Maintenance Pack

    Mineral-Based System Improves Generator Efficiency and Maintains Water Chemistry

    Increase your pool’s efficiency and lower the amount of time you spend on maintenance with the Salt Water Magic Monthly Maintenance Pack from Natural Chemistry. This time-saving all-in-one product will ensure you enjoy peak performance from your saltwater chlorine generator. It’s a simple and efficient dual-component system that makes start-up a breeze. It also sustains perfectly balanced water chemistry leaving you with soft, pristine water.

    This all-in-one system includes 1 liter of Salt Water Magic to remove phosphates, prevent staining and waterlines and remove surface oils. The system also features 1 liter of Cell Protect, to safeguard against the build up of scale on salt cells, which can damage and even destroy saltwater generators. Salt Water Magic is a mineral-based system with natural enzymes that eliminate organic buildup, lower phosphate levels and prevent algae. This one product also stabilizes chlorine levels and prevents metal stains, extending the lifespan of your generator, while delivering the highest level of water quality.

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      • Item: # Y5964 Chlorine Generator Monthly Maintenance Pack $44.99
      • Item: # Y5825 Liquid Salt Water Magic 1L $21.99
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      • Salt Water Magic Chlorine Generator Monthly Maintenance Pack is an all-in-one salt water system
      • Specifically designed for pools that use chlorine generators
      • Removes phosphates, prevents water lines and surface oils, diminishes the buildup of scale on salt cells
      • Improve efficiency and extend the life of pool equipment
      • Protects against sunlight UV loss
      • Maintains balanced water chemistry
      • Natural enzymes break down non-living organic build-up in the water, on surfaces, on generator cells and on filter media
      • Reduces overall maintenance and the need for scrubbing

      What does the Salt Water Magic maintenance kit do?
      - This kit is designed to simplify start-up and allow your generator to work more efficiently and maintain balanced water.
      What does the Salt Water Magic kit include?

      - 1 liter of Salt Water Magic to remove problem causing phosphates from the water, prevent metal stains and stabilize chlorine.

      - 1 liter of Cell Protect to safeguard against scale build up.

      Is the Salt Water Magic kit designed for pools using chlorine generators?
      - Yes
      What are some of the benefits of using the Salt Water Magic kit?
      - Generator works less and more efficiently
      - Promotes a longer generator life
      - Provides stable water balance
      - Protects against water balance
      - Reduces phosphate (algae food source) levels
      What is the dosage?
      - Add contents to pool monthly
      Benefits of the Salt Water Magic System
      • Metal Deactivator - chelants and scale prohibitors protect pool surfaces from metal staining and prolong the life of your chlorine generator and electrolytic cell contained within.

      • Phosphate Remover - reduces phosphate levels. Phosphate levels near zero increase the efficiency of your chlorine generator.

      • Pool Water Conditioner/Stabilizer - protects pool water against sunlight UV loss. Chlorine will last 6 to 10 times longer in pool water that is properly conditioned & stabilized.

      • Natural Enzymes - reduce non-living organic build-up in water, on pool surfaces, filter media and chlorine generator cells. This minimizes the amount of maintenance and scrubbing, and leaves your pool water soft & silky!
      Directions for Use

      Salt Water Magic Monthly Kit

      Salt Water Magic Liquid

      2. Use entire bottle for pools up to 20,000 gallons (75,700L)
      3. With circulation pump running, add contents of 1L bottle to skimmer
      4. Do not backwash or clean filter for at least 48 hours
      5. Test water and adjust according to your pool professional's recommendations
      6. Use monthly as a maintenance program

      Cell Protect
      Start Up Dosage

      1. If water contains more than 400ppm of calcium or 1.0 ppm of copper or iron, add 1L per 10,000 gallons (38,000L) of pool water
      2. Distribute mixture around the perimeter of the pool

      Maintenance Dosage

      1. Use 1L per 20,000 gallons (75,000L) of pool water per month for best results
      2. Distribute mixture around perimeter of pool
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