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    Pro-Strength Polar Plus Winter Pool Cover 16x36 ft Rectangle


    • Pro-Strength 12-Year in-ground pool covers are a big upgrade to our 8-Year pool covers. Excellent value for superior durability and strength.
    • Quality Pro-Strength in ground pool covers are Dark Green on top with a black reverseside.
    • UV protected, heavy weight polypropylene is tough! Our triple laminated inner scrim stands up to high winds, blowing debris and weather.
    • Pro-Strength in ground pool covers will also resist mildew, chlorine and other pool chemicals and are tested to withstand temperatures up to -50F!
    • Wide Water Bag Loops are placed every 4 ft. so that water bags are held secure all winter long.
    • Heat sealed seams prevent water seepage into your pool and are much stronger than stitched seams.
    • Double stitched edges with full tacking on corners, withstand strong pulling without unraveling.
    • 12 year warranty (3 years full) from a company that has been selling pool covers for more than 20 years! This is a strong pool cover with a strong warranty.
    • Consistently our top rated in ground pool cover, read the pool cover reviews from real pool owners, like you!
    • Save money when you combine our quality in ground pool cover with our double water bags.



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        Note: This cover does not include water tubes.
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      Our exclusive line of solid winter pool covers for in ground pools have been uniquely engineered to our specific standards. Other online pool cover dealers don't think so much about their pool covers, sacrificing quality materials, treatments and stitching to produce a cheap pool cover. Our winter pool covers may be discounted, but they aren't cheap winter covers! Our QC - Quality Control inspectors assure every shipment of our winter in ground pool covers meets our strict standards for quality in every box we ship.

      How to buy an In Ground Solid Winter Pool Cover: In The Swim has a pool cover to meet every budget. All of our in ground pool covers have great performance, and a wide range of prices. Better performing winter pool covers have more layers and a tighter weave. The tighter weaves and the more laminate layers used, the stronger the cover will be against damage and failure. It could be said that, with pool covers, you get what you pay for. If you want a pool cover for a longer term, buy the 20-year, Ultimate Pool Cover. 12-year mid-range solid pool covers will live to middle-age, but if you only need a cover for a shorter time period, take a look at our 8 year pool covers. A pool cover's life expectancy can be affected by many things, and it's probably safe to say that most pool covers will be replaced before their warranty period is up, but you can use our warranty coverage periods as relative durability factors.

      All of our inground pool covers are coated to prevent damaging UV radiation. Which cover should you select? Buy the winter pool cover that meets your durability requirements, while also meeting your pool budget. At In The Swim, we strive to have an inground pool cover that matches your available funds on any given day.

      How to install your above-ground pool cover. We ship our inground pool covers quickly. With an average inventory of over 30,000 inground pool covers and above ground pool covers, your cover is usually shipping the same day you order. When the pool cover shows up, first check that the pool size measurements on the box match your actual pool size. Our inground covers are made with a 5 foot overlap. A 20x40 inground pool cover would have an actual size of 25x45. If you want a 20x40' pool cover, order the 16'x36' pool cover, which will measure 21'x41' from edge to edge.

      After cleaning the pool and adding your winterizing pool chemicals, unbox the new pool cover and unroll it while you spread it across the pool. Place water bags or pool cover weights on the shallow end edge of the pool cover to help hold the cover in place as you unfold it towards the deep end. If you have the space, unroll the winter cover next to the pool first, to work out the wrinkles, shake it clean, and then cover the pool. Having 2 people is helpful.

      Before covering the pool, skim the surface one last time. It's important to have all debris out of the pool when you cover and winterize your pool for the winter. Spread the winter cover over the pool so that it floats on the pool surface.

      After floating the pool cover on your inground swimming pool, go around the edges and pull lightly on the cover to center it, and to remove the packing wrinkles. The pool cover should be floating flat on the surface, with all wrinkles removed before placing water bags around the edge of the pool cover. Click here to see our pool cover infographic, illustrating how a solid pool cover should float on the pool surface.

      After centering the pool cover, covering all edges or coping stone by 2-3 feet, lay your water bags, aka water tubes around the pool edge. Double pool cover tubes are best because they don't roll, and if one chamber becomes punctured, the other side is still usable as a pool cover water weight. Use a garden hose to fill the water bags about 70% full. Overfilling may cause the water bags to roll, or to pop the valve top when freezing. I have heard of some people adding pool antifreeze to bags to keep them from freezing, but that's not really necessary. It's OK, if they freeze, the vinyl water tubes will expand with the ice, just don't overfill the water tube.

      TIP: Leave several small containers of water around your pool water tubes. In cases of winter drought, when critters get thirsty and they can't find a puddle to drink from, some birds and squirrels may poke holes in your brand new pool cover water bags; just to take a drink. This is more common than you might think, and if you find unexplained pinholes in your new pool cover water bags, don't get the shotgun – just set out some Tupperware bowls full of water.

      When all the bags are in place, nearly end-to-end, you can go around the edge again, pulling on the cover, to center it and to tighten it up. Be careful not to pull tightly over sharp pool coping, or raised walls, or you may rip the pool cover. Use cardboard or carpet remnants if necessary as a pad under the winter pool cover, in areas of sharp pool edges.

      Your cover must cover all edges of the pool by at least 2 feet! As rain water accumulates on your pool cover, the weight of the water will pull the pool cover in towards the pool slightly. If your winter cover is too close to the edge and a lot of rain is received –or- if the water level in the pool drops due to a leak, then the pool cover in this area will slip into the pool, and the pool water mixes with the rain water, and things get messy. Make sure you cover all edges of your pool with as much cover material as possible. Generally, it's best to have 2-3 feet of pool cover surrounding all edges of an in ground pool – at a minimum. In areas where this is not possible, place extra weights on the edge of the pool cover, or use off-deck stakes connected with bungie cords or thin rope.

      Be mindful of leaking pools with your new pool cover. If your pool is leaking water during the winter, this will pull the cover in towards the pool as the water level lowers. If it pulls it all the way in, and your cover was not cleaned and maintained - well, it's a big mess. So keep an eye on the pool water level during the winter; add water under the pool cover if needed to maintain the water level.

      Another tip is to be mindful of pumping your pool water out of the pool – through a hole in your pool cover. If you place a pool cover pump near a spot on the pool cover with a small hole, you will end up pumping pool water out of the hole and out of the pump. This results in the cover being pulled into the pool, as you pump more water out and lower the pool water level. This situation can also create … a big mess, so be sure to place your pool cover pump in an area where there are no holes in the cover.

      TIP: Be careful in placing your cover pump - gently, so as not to create holes in your solid pool cover by throwing the pool cover pump out into the middle of the pool cover.

      How to care for an in ground pool cover. An automatic pool cover pump is easiest. Set it and forget it (almost). If you have a nice slope next to the pool, you can instead set up a siphon to drain the rain water out of a garden hose, however, it's much safer and more convenient to use a small electric pool cover pump – attached to a garden hose. Solid pool covers with rain water on the surface could create a condition unsafe for young children, so be sure to be vigilant in keeping the rain water and snow melt pumped off of your solid winter pool cover.

      Keeping rain and debris cleaned from your pool cover is important to its longevity. Dirty, waterlogged pool covers just do not last as long as pool covers that are kept as clean and dry as possible. Also, rain water on your pool cover attracts worms, and worms attract birds. Birds are not very careful with their sharp claws and beaks, and can damage your pool cover – adding many small holes. Similarly, squirrels after nuts or berries on the pool cover can also create pinholes with their claws as they walk across your in ground pool cover. So, keep it clean and dry, as much as possible, and your pool cover will last longer.

      Using a Leaf Net is an excellent tip if you have a lot of leaves fall on your pool cover, either fall or spring. A leaf net is spread across the pool cover when it's installed and it's left on until all of the autumnal leaves have fallen. Then, one day in early winter, you get a helper and each grab a corner, and in one swift motion, pull all of the leaves off of the pool cover. Replace the Leaf Net, and you do it again while opening your pool and removing the pool cover in the spring.

      If your winter pool cover does develop holes, don't throw it in the trash! If the hole is close to an edge, and you have extra material on the other side, try to shift the cover placement to position the hole on the deck or coping stone edge of the pool. Or, use our winter pool cover patch kits to expertly repair your solid pool cover. Repairing holes and small tears is important to both your pool cover and your pool water quality. Don't sleep on this ~ repair any pool cover holes promptly and you will save time and money.

      Oh, one more thing, no Fireworks around the pool cover, please! The rocket's red glare and the bombs bursting in air will make your pool cover look like a tattered Old Glory from the revolutionary days. This usually occurs on New Year's Eve, when Uncle Bob brings out his leftover Fourth of July fireworks display…

      How to store your inground pool cover. During pool opening, carefully remove the water bags. Don't drag them across the concrete,{they will rip} or drop one end on the concrete {they will split}. Water bags will last longer if you can find the time to clean them before folding or rolling them up for summer storage. Plus, they're a lot less messy that way. After removing the all of the water from the pool cover you can remove it from the pool.

      TIP: Using a leaf blower under the cover can be handy to move all of the water and debris to one end of the pool for easier removal. Just be careful not to melt the pool cover with the heated exhaust of a gas powered leaf blower!

      DO NOT try to remove the cover from the pool without a cover pump, and/or without removing 95% of the water on top of the cover first. If not, it may possibly dump nasty pool cover water into the pool and/or rip the cover in the process. Use a bucket or siphon or pump – whatever it takes, to remove nearly all of the water from your winter pool cover before trying to pull the cover off of the pool in the springtime.

      When you remove the pool cover, take the cover to an area large enough to spread it out. Driveways work well; you can keep the cover off the side of the driveway, and clean it one section at a time. But first clean off the driveway, so you don't dirty the underside of your pool cover while you're cleaning your pool cover!

      Clean your in ground pool cover with a garden hose and a brush mounted on a pole. Your pool brush will work well, or a soft bristled push broom can be used. A mild cleanser will help remove dirt or stains from your pool cover. Dry your pool cover before folding to prevent mildew growth. Be careful not to leave it spread out over the grass – it can "burn" the grass a dead-yellow color. You can also clean a pool cover while it's still on the pool, although not as effectively, if you haven't room to spread it out anywhere that is clean and flat and large enough.

      TIP: While cleaning the pool cover on the pool before removal, "Tighten-Up" the pool cover first, to pull out all wrinkles. Use pool brushes and leaf rakes to scrub and clean the winter cover, while a helper sprays a hose. Keep a cover pump running to pump off water and small pool cover debris.

      TIP: As you fold the cover, use a fan-fold pattern, or an accordion-style method, to make it easier to cover your above ground pool next fall. Store the cover in a clean, dry area – away from small, burrowing or nesting animals.

      Installation Tips


      1. Be sure to buy the right size cover for your pool. You should not stretch your cover across the pool in an attempt to make it fit. Refer to the diagram below.



      2. Covers from In The Swim are made to have rain water accumulate on top of them. This water will not damage your cover. Excessive water can be periodically pumped from the cover, but be sure to leave approximately 1 inch of water to protect the cover from wind damage. Be sure not to place the pump on a seam when draining water, as this will cause water from your pool to be drained.

      3. In The Swim covers will accommodate a maximum 18 inch water drop below the top edge of your pool. If you normally drop your cover more than 18 inches, you should order a larger size cover.

      4. Do not use bricks or sharp blocks to weigh your cover down. In The Swim recommends using water tubes or aqua blocks for in-ground pools and cover clips or wall bags for above-ground pools.

      5. If you tie your cover to a fence or other permanent structure, be sure to use a rope with slack to avoid pulling at the cover. This will allow the cover to shift as snow and ice accumulate without pulling out the corner tabs or straps. Water tubes, aqua blocks, cover clips or wall bags should still be used.

      Warranty Year
      12-Year (3 years full) - This in ground pool cover will last for years - it may be the last winter cover you ever buy!
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