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    Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump

    Item # E1525

      Quality and technology combine in this durable 3/4 HP booster pump for automatic pool cleaners. The Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump is 28% quieter than other comparable models and features an adjustable volute, start capacitor, and reliable Magnatek motor.

      • 3/4 HP, 115/230 VAC
      • Easy 90 degree twist pull shaft end cap
      • Stainless steel hardware
      • Includes Installation Kit
      • 1 Year Warranty
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      A booster pump is used to provide additional water pressure to an automatic pool cleaner. Sometimes they are used to provide additional water flow and pressure to a connected spa. A low pressure pump may also be used to pump water through a solar heater.

      • New and improved-Easy pump seal replacement.
      • Heavy duty single piece base.
      • Captured backplate nut fasteners.
      • Ergonomic drain plug with o-ring.
      • New larger volute seal o-ring.
      • Ultra high efficiency 3/4 horsepower motor.
      • Unit Dimensions / Weight: 17" x 15" x 10" / 30.09 lbs.

      No lights are lit up on control head

      Pump is unplugged
      - Plug pump securely into grounded 115v outlet. Test outlet by plugging in another item that works on another outlet (a lamp, drill, etc.)

      No power at outlet
      - Check circuit breaker that services the outlet and reset as needed. Check wiring to outlet if needed.

      Pump does not turn on when water is running

      Pump does not have power
      - See section above called "No lights are lit up on control head"

      Water flow is not greater than ΒΌ gallon per minute
      - Open a faucet or two wide open to flow more water. Pump should start and run. If it does not, continue troubleshooting.

      Bypass pipe around booster pump is open
      - If pump was installed with a bypass pipe and valve, close the valve so the water flow must go through the pump.

      If motor hums but does not run, when water flows, pump may not be getting adequate electricity.
      Confirm that pump is plugged directly into an outlet (no extension cord) and that the outlet is fed by wire of heavy enough gauge.

      Problem with control head or motor
      - If all other troubleshooting indicates no problems, motor or control head may be faulty. Replace unit.

      Pump does not shut off when water flow stops

      Standard delay built into system
      - If pump runs for a few seconds after water flow has stopped, but does then shut off, this is normal. Nothing is wrong with the pump.

      Pump is not mounted upright
      - There is a flow valve in the discharge of the pump that returns to its 'off' position by gravity. Pump must be installed with discharge pointing straight up.

      Valve switch is stuck with debris, scale, etc.
      - Remove discharge pipe from pump. There is a brass poppet valve right there that should return to it's "down" position by gravity. If pipe scale, rust, or other deposits have that blocked open, the pump cannot shut off. Clean out the area so valve can shut.

      Pump runs when water flows but pressure does not seem to be boosted

      Flowing too much water
      - The more water that is being moved, the less pressure the pump can actually add. Try running with fewere fixtures open and see if pressure is better. If using pump for an irrigation system, close off some valves to limit the number of heads running and see if pressure is better. Nothing is wrong with the pump in this case, you simply need to flow less water for the pressure to be boosted.

      Bypass pipe around booster pump is partly open
      - If pump was installed with a bypass pipe and valve, close the valve completely so all the water flow must go through the pump.

      Pump is worn
      - If pump is worn from much use, or because dirty or sandy water has been pumped through it, it simply may need to be rebuilt. Purchase overhaul kit and rebuild pump.

      Pump acts erratically. Does not start/stop according to description

      Pump may be mounted before a pressure tank
      - In any system that has a pressure tank, booster should be installed on outlet (household) side of the tank, not on the inlet (pump or other supply) side of it.

      Pressure in the house is too high when pump runs

      When it operates, the pump will boost by as much as 40 psi. That pressure, in addition to the inlet pressure, is getting too high.
      It may be necessary to lower or regulate the pressure on the inlet side of the pump. Do not try to restrict the booster pump's output.

      Booster pump is not shutting off when it should
      - See troubleshooting item above called "Pump does not shut off when water flow stops"

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