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    Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark Inground Pool Cleaner

    Item # E1454

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      Demolish Dirt and Debris with the Dual Cleaning Power of the Sand Shark

      Dominate and take charge of pool cleaning with the reliable and innovative power of the Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark In-Ground Pool Cleaner. This amazingly effective automatic cleaner is designed to self-steer thoroughly and efficiently, avoiding hang-ups, particularly near steps or ladders. Along with a dynamic suction capability, the Sand Shark also uniquely includes fins that scrub and remove even the most stubborn of dirt and grime from surfaces.

      Rather than wasting hours of your time cleaning your pool, put that time to better use and let the Sand Shark do the work for you. You’ll eliminate hours spent manually cleaning your pool, and instead, be able to enjoy it. The Sand Shark In-Ground Pool Cleaner works well with a variety of pool types including gunite, fiberglass and vinyl. This cleaner combines ultra-strong suctioning, automated efficiency and dirt banishing scrubbing.

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      • The Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark In-Ground Pool Cleaner vacuums and scrubs
      • Automated steering avoids hang-ups
      • Squeegee-like fins eliminate even the trickiest of dirt and grime
      • Includes a 32 ft. hose, a vacuum regulator valve, hose weight and eyeball diverter
      • Also includes a Vac Port door fitting

      Technical Specifications:

      • Patented bottom platform features multiple rows of squeegee-like fins which easily dislodge stubborn dirt and debris.
      • Cuts a 12 inch wide cleaning path and easily cleans gunite, fiberglass and vinyl surfaces in all types of inground pools.
      • IntelliPilot - patented programmed steering drive of alternating right and left hand turns to systematically clean your pool and ensure that most efficient cleaning path.
      • Cleans faster than random-style cleaners reducing the possibility of missed spots.
      • Vac Port Door Fitting has a spring-loaded cover for added safety, and must be opened with a tool

      How much hose does it come with?
      It comes with 32 ft of hose.
      How does the Sand Shark clean my pool?
      The cleaner both scrubs the pool bottom with squeegee like fins and vacuums debris into your pools filtration system.
      What type of pool does this work on?
      It is designed for in-ground pools, and works effectively on gunite, fiberglass and vinyl pools.

      Problem Corrective Action

      If SandShark™ moves slow or fails to climb walls:

      • Dirty filter – Clean the filter.
      • Dirty basket in pump hair and lint strainer – Clean the basket.
      • Debris blocking the bottom of the cleaner – Remove the Debris.
      • Leaks in the hose – Remove the leaky section.
      • Debris in the regulator – Clean the regulator valve.
      • Low water flow through the cleaner – Close the main drain.

      If SandShark™ doesn’t move or pulsates slowly

      • Make sure that the main drain and all other suction lines are closed except the suction line

      Or doesn’t climb pool walls properly: to which the SandShark™ is attached.

      • Check for sufficient flow through cleaner hose.
      • Check for debris in the filter or the pump strainer basket.
      • Check for debris in the SandShark’s oscillator. Debris may prevent oscillator movement or restrict the flow through the cleaner.
      • Check the oscillator for: damage; lost seals (there should be 4 seals): obstructed seals

      (Seals should slide freely on the oscillator).

      • Be sure that the short, soft flexible leader hose section is the first section in the hose assembly (next to the cleaner).

      If SandShark™ climbs pool wall to water surface

      • Reduce water flow through cleaner; see Adjust Flow on page 4, 6 or 8.

      And sucks air:

      • To install the eyeball diverter as follows:

      1. Turn off the main circulation pump.

      2. Unscrew the lock rings from the pool’s return line fittings and remove the original eyeball diverters.

      3. Replace them with the SandShark’s eyeball diverters.

      4. Replace the lock rings and tighten them. Be sure that the openings of the eyeball diverters point down (6:00 o’clock position) or to the side (3:00 or 9:00 o’clock positions), before fully tightening the rings.

      • Usually, directing the return line water flow against the side of the pool (as described above) works best. However, you may want to try pointing the flow downward or in different positions to see which works best in the pool.
      • After installing the eyeball diverter, turn the circulation pump on.
      • The SandShark™ should begin moving across the pool floor, vacuuming up The debris in its path.

      5. If the SandShark’s eyeball diverters do not fit your existing return line fittings, Adjust your existing fittings as best you can as described above.

      If SandShark™ tracks in a repetitive pattern:

      • Check the pool return line water flow and redirect it as necessary with a return line eyeball diverter (see above “To install the eyeball diverter”).
      • Check the SandShark’s hose to be sure that it has not become bent or kinked. Do not coil the hose, as it will retain the coiled shape and reduce the cleaning coverage.
      • To check the hose, lay each hose section flat on the pool deck (or another flat surface) and look down the length of the hose. It should be perfectly flat and straight. Replace any sections which are bent or kinked.
      • Check the oscillator for: damage; lost seals (there should be 4 seals): obstructed seals (seals should slide freely on the oscillator).
      • Be sure that the short, soft flexible leader hose section is the first section in the hose section.

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