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    Hayward Perflex Extended Cycle D.E. Inground Pool Filter

    Hayward Extended-Cycle DE Filter Performs for Inground Pools

    Diatomaceous Earth, or DE, filters are many times more efficient than sand filters when it comes to keeping your pool water clean. Hayward Perflex pool filters use the microscopic pores in diatomaceous earth to capture the smallest particles like dust and pollen, and remove them from your pool. D.E. filters are so effective, they can trap the tiniest contaminants, down to 2-3 microns.  read more
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      Perflex Extended Cycle pool filters are Hayward DE filters that use an exclusive “bump” system that recycles DE powder and extends time between filter backwashing, saving hundreds of gallons of water, saving DE powder, and saving time. Efficient, effective, economic and easy to use, Perflex DE filters are one of the best in ground DE pool filters.

      • • Perflex Hayward DE pool filters are made from high-impact polymer that won’t corrode or rust
      • • Perflex filter systems include a Hayward pump, convertible from 220V to 110V power
      • • Exclusive Bump handle regenerates DE powder in filter to be redistributed, extending time between backwashing
      • • Reduced backwashing saves hundreds of gallons of pool water per year, along with time and money on DE powder
      • • EC-65A pool filters have a 25,920 gallon max size pool; uses 6 lbs. of DE powder (not included)
      • • EC-75A pool filters have a 38,400 gallon max size pool; uses 7 lbs. of DE powder (not included)
      • • 1 Year Hayward warranty

      Technical Specifications:

      Performance Data
      Filter Model Effective Filtration Area Design Flow Rate* Turnover (Gals.) DE Required
      8 Hr. 10 Hr.
      EC-65 27 sq. ft. 54 GPM 25,920 32,400 6 lbs.
      EC-75 40 sq. ft. 80 GPM 38,400 48,000 7 lbs.

      FILTER TYPE: Extended-Cycle Diatomite, EC-65 or EC-75
      FILTER TANK: Injection-Molded DuralonTM
      FILTER ELEMENTS: Dacron Flex-Tubes (120)
      FASTENINGS: Stainless Steel
      PERFORMANCE RANGE: 30-68 GPM (EC-65); 35-80 GPM (EC-75)
      DIMENSIONS: 21 W x 31 H in.(533 mm x 787 mm)

      • Exclusive bump handle activates the mechanism causing the Flex-Tubes to instantly and uniformly clean themselves of dirt and filter powder
      • Self-venting design automatically expels any air that may be present in the system
      • Proven, patented Flex-Tube filter elements efficiently reuse the filter powder and dirt mixture forming a fresh filtering surface
      • Combination pressure gauge and threaded inspection/service port is easy to read and remove when filter needs cleaning
      • Heavy-duty filter tank injection-molded of high-strength Duralon™ for dependable, corrosion-free performance
      • Integral check valve prevents system backflow whenever pump is off

      Do I have to backwash this filter?
      - No. Two or three times a month just "Bump" to reduce pressure. Three to four times a season, drain, and recharge your EC-65 with fresh D.E. powder. It's that simple. And since the EC-65 cleans without backwashing, you'll save hundreds of gallons of treated pool water, and eliminate the problem of water waste disposal.
      What is the turnover (in gallons) rate?
      - For the EC-65 - 8 hours = 25,920 gallons, 10 hours = 32,400 gallons
      - For the EC-75 - 8 hours = 38,400 gallons, 10 hours = 48,000 gallons
      What is the design flow rate?
      - 67 gallons per minute for the EC-65
      - 80 gallons per minute for the EC-75
      How much D.E. do you need?
      - 6 pounds of D.E. initially for the EC-65, 7 pounds for the EC-75.

      How much area will the EC-65 or EC-75 take up?
      - Height = 31 in.
      - Width = 21 in.
      - Length = 18in.

      Product Downloads
      Filter Information

      Performance Data

      *Perflex® filters conserve electricity and perform best with medium head pumps. Hayward® pumps are application matched to provide optimum filter performance.


      • The Perflex® Extended-Cycle DE filter series cleans pools fast - removing particles as small as one micron the first time through. That's because Perflex® incorporates a patented Flex-Tube design that works in combination with DE (diatomaceous earth) filter powder to produce the clearest, most sparkling water possible.
      • The exclusive Perflex® Extended Cycle give you long filter cycles between cleaning - up to eight weeks depending on pool size and use. Because the same filter powder is used over and over again, Perflex® is a real work saver. And, it only takes minutes to extend the cycle.
      • Perflex® filter stretch your dollars too! Since Perflex® cleans without backwashing, you save hundreds of gallons of treated pool water. Plus, Perflex® saves on electricity because its efficient design offers less resistance to flow and produces more filtered water with less pump horsepower.



      • Bump Handle An exclusive Perflex® feature. It activates the mechanism causing the Flex-Tubes to instantly and uniformly clean themselves of dirt and filter powder.
      • No Backwash. When conventional filters need backwashing, Perflex® only needs "Bumping". "Bumping" repositions the dirt within the filter so the flow of water is not impeded. This is called Regeneration, because flow and pressure are restored, extending the filter cycle. When the dirt-holding capacity of the perflex® filter is reached, cleaning is simple. Just "Bump" and drain.
      • Self Venting. As filtered water is returned to the pool, Perflex® filters automatically expel any air that may be present in the system.
      • Flex-Tubes The proven patented filter elements that efficiently reuse the filter powder and dirt mixture forming a fresh filtering surface.
      • Combination Pressure Gauge and Threaded Inspection/Service Port. Easy to read and remove when filter needs cleaning.
      • Heavy-Duty Filter Tank. Injection-molded of high-strength DuralonTM for dependable, corrosion-free performance.
      • Check Valve. This integral valve automatically prevents system backflow whenever the pump is off.
      • Mixing Chamber. Engineered to produce a uniform, high velocity mixing of the filter powder and dirt that is removed from the Flex-Tubes by "Bumping".


      Perflex® filter use diatomaceous earth filter powder (commonly called D.E.), which will remove particles as small as one micron, and is the most efficient dirt remover known. It will even remove microscopic dust and pollen. Unfiltered water enters through the bottom connection in the filter tank, flows upward through the Flex-Tubes, and returns to the pool via the outlet in the filter head.

      When the filter is initially started, diatomite filter powder is fed into the system, usually through the skimmer. This is precoating. As the water passes through the Flex-Tubes, the filter powder is automatically deposited on the outside of the Flex-Tubes, forming the working "filter surface". Similarly, dirt in the water is stopped on the surface of the filter powder.

      Eventually, the accumulated dirt caused the filter pressure to rise and flow to diminish. this is when ordinary filter need backwashing - but not Perflex®. Simply activate the Perflex® "Bump" handle, and within a minute, flow and pressure are back to normal.


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