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    Hayward Aqua-Rite In-Ground Pool Chlorine Generator

    Say Goodbye to Pool Chemicals with a Saltwater Chlorine Generator

    The Hayward in-ground pool chlorine generator is an easy and affordable way to turn an ordinary pool into a saltwater pool. A pool chlorine generator cell nearly eliminates the need for chlorine which means no more smelling and handling chlorine around your pool. The generator’s turbo cell converts ordinary table salt into chlorine which sanitizes your pool’s water and makes the water feel silky smooth.

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      • Item: # A2800 AquaRite up to 15K Gallons $892.99
        EZ Pay options available! Call 800-288-7946 for details!
      • Item: # A2439 T-Cell-3 Replacement Cell up to 15k gallons for use with Aqua Rite and Swim Pure $279.00
      • Item: # A2803 AquaRite up to 25k Gallons $1,159.00
      • Item: # A2805 AquaRite up to 40K Gallons $1,329.00
      • Item: # A2437 T-Cell-9 Replacement Cell up to 25k gallons for use with Aqua Rite and Swim Pure $459.00
      • Item: # A2454 T-Cell-15 Replacement Cell up to 40k gallons for use with Aqua Rite and Swim Pure $625.00
      • Product Description
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      Using an integrated pH and ORP sensor, the Hayward in-ground pool chlorine generator always keeps your pool water balanced and clear with little maintenance. The conversion of salt into chlorine eliminates skin irritation and helps keep your skin feeling smooth for a more refreshing swim. The saltwater chlorine generator is easy to plumb into your pool’s filter system and is a self-renewing source of chlorine.

      • No more mixing, measuring or handling pool chlorine of any kinds
      • Generates chlorine from regular table salt
      • Pool chlorine generator sanitizes pools up to 40,000 gallons in capacity
      • 8 Diagnostic indicators monitors salt and chlorine levels automatically
      • Reduces the time needed for pool maintenance
      • Pool water feels silky smooth; doesn’t irritate your skin or bleach your hair
      • Can be wired for 120V or 240V

      Technical Specifications:

    • Simple homeowner operation.
    • Adjust chlorine output from 1-100%
    • The best water quality attainable
    • Always crystal clear and ready for swimming
    • Soft silky feel – no more red eyes or dry skin
    • Microprocessor automates all functions
    • Digital salt display and 8 diagnostic indicators
    • Patented Turbo Cell for maximum efficiency and flow rates.
    • Super Chlorinate function.
    • Automatically cleans the cell by periodically reversing polarity.
    • Quick, weatherproof connections inside control door.
    • Single unit for 120vac/240vac 50/60Hz power input.
    • Locking weatherproof enclosure.
    • UL and CUL listed, NSF certified.

    • Troubleshooting:

      Why is my “power” LED not lit?
      – Check to make sure 120V AC or 240V AC input power is connected to the Aqua Rite control. Verify input voltage with a voltmeter. If there is input power, the fuse may have blown. The unit is protected by a 20 amp mini ATO fuse located on the circuit board above the cell connector.

      Why is my “generating” LED flashing?
      – The temperature of the pool water is too high or low to operate. You can override this by switching the main switch to “Super Chlorinate.” The Aqua Rite will run at maximum output for the remainder of the current pump cycle or 24 hours, whichever comes first.

      Why is the “No Flow” LED lit?
      – The Aqua Rite has sensed a no flow condition and has stopped generating chlorine. Check that the flow switch is plugged into the connector on the bottom of the control unit and that the wire is not cut or damaged. Make sure you have at least 12” of straight pipe before the flow switch. If there is adequate flow and the LED is still on, check that the arrows on the flow switch (on top of hex) are pointing in the direction of flow.

      Why is the “Check Salt” LED lit or flashing?
      – Take a sample of your pool water to your local pool store and have the salt level tested. No salt test is completely accurate and the test results may vary from the salt level on the Aqua Rite display. If salt level is low, add salt according to the chart in the owner’s manual.

      Why is the “High Salt” LED lit?
      – Check the salt level in the pool. If it is too high, lower the salt level by draining some of the pool water out of the pool and replace with fresh water.

      Why is the “Inspect Cell” LED flashing?
      – Inspect and clean the cell according to manufacturer directions. When done, press the “diagnostic” button for 3 seconds to stop the flashing.

      Why am I getting little or no free chlorine residual?
      – Aqua Rite switch in the “off” position.
      – The desired level % adjustment setting is too low.
      – Low stabilizer level.
      – Filter pump switched off or filter pump time too short (8 hours for average size pools, more for large pools).
      – Salt level too low (below 2500 ppm)
      – Salt level too high (High Salt LED lit).
      – Pool water warmer than usual, increase “desired level %” or run filter longer.
      – If water temperature falls below 50 degrees F, the Aqua Trol stops generating.
      – Excessive scaling on the cell.
      – High level of Nitrogen in pool water.
      – Yellow algae treatments (Yellow Out) use chlorine at a high rate and deplete the residual free chlorine.

      Why is “-Pcb-” displayed and all 4 red/yellow LEDs lit?
      – There is a possible Printed Circuit Board fault. Call the manufacturer for service (888-921-POOL).

      More Information
      •Once the chlorine has oxidized dead bacteria and algae, it is recycled back into salt -- ready to be converted to chlorine again.
      • You only need to add non-iodized salt (water softener salt) once -- after that, only small amounts of salt are needed a few times a year.
      • Comes complete with a mountable, easy-to-use control panel that features a digital salt level display, chlorine output control and an automatic super chlorinate function for shocking.
      • The Turbo Cell chlorine generator easily plumbs in-line and includes two disconnects for easy removal.
      Compatibility Information
      A2455 T-Cell-15 is compatible with the following systems:
      Goldline Controls: Aqua Rite, Aqua Rite Pro, Aqua Rite XL, Aqua Plus, Pro Logic, Aqua Logic
      Hayward Pool Products: SwimPure Plus, SwimPure Plus with Controls, H-40
      Blue Haven Pools: SmartPure Sanitizer II
      Splash Super Pools: SplashClear, SP-40
      The LeverEdge: Guardian
      Pebble Technology: Nature Soft
      A2436 T-Cell-9 is compatible with the following systems:
      Goldline Controls: Aqua Rite, Aqua Rite Pro, Pro Logic
      Hayward Pool Products: Swimpure Plus, Swimpure with Controls
      A2438 T-Cell-3 is compatible with the following systems:
      Aqua Rite, Aqua Rite Pro, Aqua Trol, Pro Logic
      Hayward Pool Products: SwimPure Plus, SwimPure Plus with Controls
      A2444 Aqua Trol Replacement Cell is compatible with Aqua Trol Above Ground Pool Automation (all models)
      Mineral Springs: MS-20 and MS 21
      SplashCLEAR: SP-18