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    AquaJogger Water Fitness Belts and Kit

    Get a Workout without Stressing Your Joints

    Increase your fitness level with the AquaJogger Water Fitness System that lets you get a full workout without impacting your joints. Available in a full kit or in individual parts, this water fitness system has a comfortable, form-fitting belt that holds your head above the water while suspending the rest of your body under the surface for a better workout. The Delta Bells and Aqua Runners add weight and resistance to your arms and legs, and the water workout video gives you ideas and pointers on how to make the most of your time exercising in the pool.

    • Enjoy an aquatic full-body workout with the AquaJogger Water Fitness Start-Up Kit
    • AquaJogger components available as a kit or as separate pieces to better fit your workout needs
    • Strengthen muscles, improve tone, burn fat and increase cardiovascular health with this water workout system
    • AquaJogger belts are adjustable to be one-size-fits all and available in blue and purple
    • System appropriate for all ages and fitness levels
    • DeltaBells provide strength training for upper body and additional flotation support
    • AquaRunners slip on and adjust with Velcro straps
    • AquaJogger belt tones abdominal muscles by requiring muscle use to stay upright in water
    • Belt made of chemical-resistant, quick-drying, closed-celled foam
      • Item: # T3330 Women's Aqua Fitness Start-up Kit $129.99
        Kit includes Aqua Jogger, DeltaBells, AquaRunner and 1 hour workout video.
        The belt for women is Purple. The rest of the set is blue.
      • Item: # T3335 Men's Aqua Fitness Start-Up Kit $129.99
        Kit Includes AquaJogger, DeltBells, AquaRunners and 1 hour Workout video.
      • Item: # T3300 Aqua Jogger Classic Belt (Blue) $49.99
        For average shaped women or lightweight men
      • Item: # T3305 Aqua Jogger Fit Belt (Purple) $44.99
        Ideal for short-waisted, petite, or athletic women.
      • Item: # T3310 Delta Bells $29.99
      • Item: # T3315 AquaRunners $29.99
      • Item: # T3325 Complete Water Workout Video $19.99
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      Literature Pack Information
      The Best Workout On Earth Doesn't Take Place On Earth!

      Everybody into the pool! The latest body of evidence says low impact conditioning in water is the wave of the future in fitness. And no wonder. Just look at the benefits you get -- without the bone-jarring effects of dry land:

      AEROBIC CONDITIONING Water provides a complete cardiovascular workout, building endurance and burning fat as effectively as land-based programs.

      STRENGTHENING Water's natural resistance works in all directions, letting you build all sides of a muscle group at once.

      FLEXIBILITY While supporting 90% of your weight, water tones and strengthens your back and abdominal muscles as you maintain a vertical posture.

      FUN Water's an instant stress-reducer. Deeply relaxing and invigorating, workouts feel more like a spa than a gym.

      Aqua Jogger offers top-quality aquatic equipment, designed to suit everybody perfectly.

      Why AquaJogger is first in the water.
      AquaJogger plunged into low impact fitness in 1987, with the first affordable premium-quality buoyancy belt. Today, we're the #1 choice of fitness enthusiasts, athletes and medical professionals everywhere. And we continue to develop the finest patented water exercise equipment you can find.


      • Upper body strength training and floatation support
      • Triangular design offers adjustable resistance
      • Premium EVA foam with soft padded grip
      • Sold in pairs
      • Includes workout guide

      • Resistance footwear
      • Increases drag to tone muscles
      • Comfortable slip-on design with adjustable Velcro strap
      • Soft durable EVA foam
      • Available for men or women
      • Includes workout guide

        Buoyancy Belt
        • Patented contour design supports and strengthens the lower back
        • Custom-woven elastic belt comfortably moves with every breath and adjusts to fit various waist sizes
        • Tones the abdominal muscles without doing a single sit-up due to the continual use of the abdominal muscles to maintain erect body alignment in the water
        • The belt suspends the body vertically in the water at shoulder level for an effective lower body workout, plus hair stays dry and eyeglasses can be worn
        • Resilient closed-cell foam won't absorb water, dries quickly and resists chlorine damage
        • Easy to operate, quick-release buckle ensures a hassle-free fit
        • Soft flexible foam narrows at the waist for comfort and freedom of movement.
      Exercise Tips - Abdominals


      Assume a reclined position with hips submerged an lower legs at the surface. Using your abdominal muscles, curl forward lifting chest toward knees. As you gain strength in your abdominals, focus on keeping your legs straight and maintaining lower leg position.


      Assume a reclined position with hips submerged, knees bent and lower legs at the surface. Using your abdominal muscles, curl forward reach chest and knees toward each other. Extend and repeat.


      Assume a reclined position with legs together and knees bent. Twist knees to one side. Keeping legs together, twist to the opposite side.


      Lie on your side with knees drawn in toward chest. Focus on crunching in at your side as you pull both upper and lower body in toward your waist. Change sides and repeat.


      Begin with body in a vertical position, bottoms of your feet pressed together and knees turned out from the hips. Lift and lower heels, squeezing buttocks on the lowering motion.


      This move is similar to double knee crunch except the body is positioned with the front facing down. Holding your DeltaBells at your sides, pull bent knees up to your chest, tightening your abdominal muscles. Extend legs while squeezing your buttocks tight.
      Exercise Tips - Arms

      SWEEP IN

      With DeltaBells just below the water surface and arms held out to the sides, sweep arms forward and pull DeltaBells straight back toward chest. Extend arms out to your sides and repeat.


      Begin with DeltaBells just below the water surface and arms relaxed at your sides. Extend arms directly in front of your body and sweep out to the sides. Return DeltaBells back to the starting position and repeat.


      With elbows bent and DeltaBells submerged in front of your chest, vigorously roll DeltaBells in a bicycle motion. Reverse direction.


      With body slightly leaning forward, punch arms downward and away from chest. Alternate arms back and forth like a pair of pistons.


      With elbows bent and DeltaBells held in at your sides, alternate pushing DeltaBells down into the water. Keep movements close to your sides.


      With DeltaBells submerged at your sides, bring both DeltaBells together touching the front of your body. Bring DeltaBells around your body, touching in back.


      With DeltaBells near to the water's surface and arms held to your sides, flex and extend at your elbows as you pull DeltaBells in toward armpits.


      With elbows bent and arms held tightly at your sides, alternate pulling DeltaBells down into the water. Vary moves by gripping DeltaBells palm up or palm down.


      With DeltaBells held close to your sides, alternate swinging straight arms in front and in back of your body. Keep arms close to your sides.
      Exercise Tips - Legs


      Position your body with your head, shoulders, hips and feet vertically aligned. Using a modified running/marching motion, coordinate your leg and arm movements as in running.


      Body is vertically aligned and legs and arms are straight. Scissor legs forward and backward from the hip, leading with your toes. Coordinate the arms and legs as in Cross Country Skiing.


      Sit as if in a straight back chair with your thighs stabilized. Alternating legs, kick out from the knee, then pull your heel back as if trying to kick your buttocks. Try to make the water boil in front of you.


      Body is in vertical position. Keeping legs straight, bring each leg near the surface and return it to the starting position. Alternating left and right, reach for toes with your opposite arm and bring the other arm behind you. This is a strong movement and is not recommended for people with back pain.


      This move is similar to the football drill of running through two parallel lines of tires. The body is open and vertical. Have your legs turned out and feet flexed as you alternate pushing down with each leg.


      Begin with vertical posture, arms and legs straight and toes pointed down toward the bottom of the pool. Open and close arms and legs by extending straight limbs out to the sides of your body and returning to the starting position.


      A full-body exercise similar to running except the movement is like climbing a ladder diagonally. Reach forward with one arm into the water and then pull it through past your hip. Bring your opposite knee toward your chest, and at the same time, push the other leg straight back until it is fully extended.
      Using the AquaJogger


      It is important to correctly position and secure the AquaJogger onto your body. A snug fit will help you maintain good posture and perform the exercise correctly. If your AquaJogger is riding up on your body and interfering with your movements, review the following guidelines.
      • Remove the slack from the AquaJogger belt. Position the non-adjustable end of the buckle (without the prongs) directly on the foam. Work all the extra length of the black elastic back through the slots of the AquaJogger over to the adjustable end. This simple process will allow for greater adjustability and a truly secure fit.
      • Position the AquaJogger on your lower waist with the narrow arms of the AquaJogger just under your rib cage. The belt should be positioned across or just below your navel.
      • Adjust the strap until the belt feels almost too tight. The tight fit feels more comfortable after you enter the water and helps prevent the AquaJogger from riding up during your workout.
      ALTERNATIVE You can reverse the Aqua Jogger and wear the large area in front, with the buckle in back. This works especially well if you are swimming on your stomach or snorkeling. You can also change the center of flotation by turning the AquaJogger upside down, with the foam hump pointed down rather than up the back. This position is comfortable for shorter individuals with smaller back areas.

      The key to any safe, effective exercise or movement is correct body alignment. Initially, as you adjust to the buoyancy, you may find yourself hunching over in the water. To adapt to this new environment and attain correct body position, lean back slightly and try a small flutter kick with your feet directly in front of you.

      Do not compensate other body parts in order to perform a movement. As you exercise, aim for an even counterbalance between your arms and legs, as when you walk. Vertical body alignment not only protects against back strain, but also strengthens your back, abdominals and surrounding muscles.

      • Head Up
      • Chest Lifted
      • Shoulders positioned directly above hips
      • Abdominals tight (don't hold your breath!
      • Buttocks squeezed together and slightly tucked under (pelvic tilt)
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