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    Water Test Kits

    1. 2 years ago
      I love it. A floating thermometer is not accurate because of the sun shining on it. I tether my thermometer on a line and it tells me the water temperature below the surface. I am able to read it despite my low vision.
    2. 2 years ago
      PH increaser- bought 1 mo, works great, only had to use 1 time so far
    3. 4 years ago
      Consistent results - I can confidently add chemicals with this kit.
    1. 3 months ago
      Test Strips
      Everything works perfect and is always shipped promptly
    2. 2 months ago
    3. 3 years ago
      Always a smooth transaction
      Easy to read strips.:) easy to use and colors work for me since I'm colorblind.
    1. 1 decade ago
      So easy to use, I actually TEST my pool water!
      This is the way pool testing should be done! With my old liquid testers, I often only bothered to check the chlorine (and maybe the Ph), and then just let the rest go, rather than laboriously testing each parameter. But with these things, you'll find yourself WANTING to test the pool water, because it's kind of fun. OK, it IS fun: You just dip it, wait 15 seconds, and then compare the colors to the chart, and you then have SEVEN pool chemistry values in 30 seconds. (BTW: Don't bother with the 4 ... read more or 5 parm test strips. Just jump right in and get these 7 part strips, because you'll end up with these anyway, if like I did you start with the 4-bangers.) If you have a bit of chemistry background, and have used Ph test strips to test acid/alkali, these will seem like an obvious extension of that. But as with Ph strips, you need good neutral lighting (presumably sunlight is ideal), because it's a color matching system. The only "catch" is that some pool guys (like mine!), claim they are not accurate. And, for cyanuric acid ("stabilizer"), it's a known problem that the basic pool chemistry needs to be "almost right", or the cyanuric test will be off. But that may well be a limitation of liquid test systems as well. I don't know. I'm in the process of testing these against a liquid reagent system to compare the two. But so far, when I checked Ph via a Ph meter, the test strips were right on the mark. I'll try to remember to update this review once I get around to doing the cross-comparison. Parting shots: I'm betting the expiration date is way sooner than it needs to be (if you store them in a dry and cool place.) So maybe get a new batch and compare them to your old 'expired' lot to see when they REALLY "expire". That's what I plan to do.
    2. 1 decade ago
      Unbelievably Accurate
      These Aqua Check Test Strips are awesome. They are easy to use, and very accurate. No messy drops and no counting drops. They are priced right and there are plenty enough strips to last for the entire summer in one package. I definitely recommend these to all of my friends. This is a must buy.
    3. 3 years ago
      These are the first ACURATE test stips I've found!
      I was skeptical when I purchased the 'AquaChek Select 7 Way Test Strips' but, after using them, I'm so glad I did! I've used other test strips before and their accuracy wasn't that great. They would be okay for say PH, but not accurate for Chlorine, etc. In fact, it got to the point where I would drive to the pool store to have my water tested because I didn't trust the results, and as it turned out, it was a good thing I did. But these strips are accurate every test, every time! And results are ... read more fast, 15 seconds for accurate results. PS - did I mention they are accurate?
    1. 3 weeks ago
      Good kit
      I like it, not very difficult to use, would be nice if it came with a sampling bottle, but still all the tests and info are excellent.
    2. 2 years ago
      Good quality
      Testing kit gives accurate and repeatable results. Includes excellent pool maintenace instructions, and tools. Comes in a heavy duty plastic case.
    3. 2 years ago
      Worth the money.
      Bought this kit because I was tired of driving across town to the pool store and getting a different answer and $80 dollars worth of product every few days trying to get my pool chemistry right. It works like a charm. its easy to read and the the results are consistent. Took a couple samples to the store after I ran my own numbers to see if they were comparable and they were. Was able to balance my water and clear it up within days. Best 80 bucks I have spent on my pool this yr. The only reason ... read more I didn't give it 5 stars is because measuring the CYA level requires alot of product and I don't feel like it would last the season. Luckily CYA is one product that doesn't disappear in the pool water after you add it so the levels stay pretty consistent. If your one the fence and struggling to keep your pool water clean and clear. I highly recommend this kit. It makes knowing what your pool needs a breeze. Now instead of spending $80 every 3 days at the pool store trying to get my water clear. I can throw a couple gallons of shock in it about 1 a week and walk away. The water is clear and balanced and I am confident that it is not damaging my liner and is safe to swim in.
    1. 2 years ago
      I use this to test my pool water. We live in the country around farms, so we het phosphates constantly from them spraying.
    2. 3 weeks ago
      No complaints
      Easy to use, good little test. Easy to clean, and take care of.
    3. 5 months ago
      Phosphate removal
      Gives a general level of phosphates. Realy need one giving PPB. I have a salt pool need to keep phosphates low, this is helpful but not exactly what I expected. Water companies put phosphates in water to protect piping, not conducive to salt pools, must be removed. There are HD phosphate removers out there Phosfree only keeps small quantities under control.
    1. 2 months ago
      Test strips
      These test strips work great however they cost too much for what you get.
    2. 7 years ago
      Makes Testing Easy
      These strips are great. I no longer feel like a chemist messing around with different bottles of solutions to figure out my levels. Just dip wait a few seconds a see what your levels are and they have a nice chart for matching colors. The only one that is a bit sketchy is the PH level although you know when you are at 6.8 it is just hard to tell the difference between 7.2 and 7.6 which doesn't really matter since both of those levels are good.
    3. 3 years ago
      Works Great!
      Purchased this for the start of the pool season. I love the seven water areas it tests. It really is a great help in keeping our pool water balanced and clean.
    1. 3 years ago
      Questionable results
      First year that I have tried this test strips and reader. Very convenient but readings are not repeatable. They are all over the place which leads me to doubt the accuracy of this system.
    2. 1 decade ago
      Found that the reader and strips are a great way to maintain levels in the pool and spa. No more trying to guess at colors.
    3. 1 month ago
      Love this
      Easy to use, number scale much easier than colors.
    1. 3 months ago
      Very Accurate
      Very easy to use. Great price for a good product. Very accurate.
    2. 1 year ago
      Love this kit
      I normally use test strips, but due to some problems with my alkaline and pH levels, I had to get real accurate - since then I've completely switched over to this kit, and hardly use the strips anymore. I'm here today to find the other test liquids so I can also use this kit to test for calcium and stabilizer.
    3. 2 weeks ago
      Pool water balance test kit
      Extremely accurate and easy to read. Very fast shipping.
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    In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Pool Test Kits

    In The Swim's Dr. Pool

    Pool Water Testing FAQ

    Testing your pool water regularly is the best thing you can do to ensure clean and healthy water that won't make your swimmers sick. Water balance is when your pool has the correct levels of Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Stabilizer. In addition to sanitary water that looks beautiful, balanced pool water protects your pool surfaces from stain and scale formation. 

    Why & When Test Pool Water? Testing pool water several times per week, is the only way to achieve 'water balance', so important for healthy, sanitary water because it affects the potency of chlorine, and creates poor living conditions for algae and bacteria. Balanced pool water also protects your pool surfaces and equipment from corrosion, etching, staining and fading. Good for all the soft and shiny surfaces in your pool; including the eyes, skin and hair of your swimmers. 

    Pool Test Kits or Test Strips? Pool test kits, those with liquid or tablet reagents are almost always more accurate or trustworthy than test strips, which may miss the mark by 10-20%, and can be more difficult to discern small changes in color. Pool test strips are fast and convenient however, and some pool owners use test strips several times per week, but also have a full test kit to run more complete pool water tests every week or two, or to verify and re-check test results from test strips. In addition to greater accuracy, test kits also have additional tests and charts to help in calculating the correct chemical amounts, when adjustments are needed.

    Best Test Kit for Pool Owners? The best pool test kit will be one that you will use - regularly. For a complete pool water Test Kit, the Taylor K-2005 is the standard in the pool industry. If you really love pool chemistry, or happen to be color blind, look at the LaMotte ColorQ test kits with digital colorimeter. For Test Strips, we carry the entire line of AquaChek strips and also strips by LaMotte and Frog. For complete pool testing, the AquaChek Select 7-way and the Insta Test 6-in-1 test strips will run the full battery of pool water tests. See also our Commercial Pool Tests Kits & Meters page for more water testers. 

    Ideal Pool Chemical Levels:

       - pH: 7.2 - 7.6
       - Free Chlorine: 1.0 - 3.0 ppm
       - Combined Chlorine: 0.3 ppm or less
       - Total Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm
       - Calcium Hardness: 200 ppm or more
       - Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer): 30 - 50 ppm

    Pool Chemical Level Adjustments: Test strips will tell you what the current chemical levels are - but not how much chemical to add to raise or lower levels. A good pool test kit will also have acid demand/base demand tests, and chemical dosage charts, to help you better determine how much of what chemical, is needed to balance pool test levels. 

    Also important is to adjust each pool chemical individually. Allow a few hours for a chemical to take effect before adding other chemicals, or before testing and adjusting the same chemistry level again. For safety reasons, be sure to open only one chemical at a time, and never use the same scoop for different pool chemicals. 

    Pool Testing Pitfalls to Avoid: 

       - Store your test kit and test strips indoors, or in a cool and dry location. 
       - Completely rinse test vials before and after use
       - Do not interchange test reagent bottle caps
       - Hold test reagent bottle vertical when dispensing drops
       - Do not test surface water, but draw sample water elbow-deep 
       - Test a new sample, before making large chemical adjustments

    In The Swim has the most popular pool water test kits and test strips to make pool testing process easy and straightforward. Our pool water test kits also ensure accurate results so pool owners always know exactly what pool chemical adjustments are required to make their swimming pool a healthy and well balanced aquatic environment. If you have water testing questions or need help selecting the best test kit for your pool, give us a call at 1-800-288-7946.