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    Pool Shock

    1. 3 months ago
      Great Shock, good value
      I prefer super shock to other brands and even the other in the swim shock. My pool seems to hold the shock longer so I use less.
    2. 1 month ago
      Excellent - Cleared my pool almost immediately
      Worked in less than 2 hours - definitely a step above what the local pool stores sell
    3. 3 weeks ago
      Need a clear clean pool. Buy intheswim super shock
      If you want your pool cleaned fast this product is the best on the market! I don’t even use regular shock anymore.
    1. 2 years ago
      Pool shock
      This pool shock worked okay I use it for opening my pool in spring for some reason that no one can tell me why it takes cases and cases of liquid shock to get the water to read any chorine on the test strip so this year I mixed the shock some liquid some granular it still took a whole lot of shock
    2. 2 months ago
      Stain after using shock
      Stained the bottom of my plastered pool black within 24 hours of changing the entire pool's water. After about 36 hours, the stain spontaneously disappeared. Not sure why. It was not algae and didn't scrape off with a metal bristled brush. I'll try it one more time since the adverse reaction wasn't permanent.
    3. 3 weeks ago
      bags of 68% pool shock
      I got the 68% bags. It does a good job of raising the CL level in my pool. I'm very disappointed that there is a white powder/residue that does not dissolve and settles on the pool bottom and has to be vacuumed because it doesn't dissolve. What purpose does that white residue serve?? I didn't have that problem with Doheney's 68% pool shock. Is this why this is cheaper??
    1. 1 decade ago
      Great Product
      I love the fact that this product works so well with no fuss and muss, You dump the appropriate amount into the skimmer basket and let your filter do the rest. I have no problem maintaining the proper chlorine level and the filter does all the work. If you do run into any algae growth, a heavier dose of this product works well to kill it. No wasting money on costly algaecides. Reccomended doses for weekly shock are on the container too. I also love the safety lid. I have used many that are just ... read more so hard to open, this one just has you squeeze the tab and rotate. No more fighting the lid just to get to the chemical.
    2. 2 months ago
      No residue!
      Finally found a chlorine shock that doesn’t leave residue. Will buy again.
    3. 2 years ago
      Excellent product
      I have had great results with this product. Well worth the money.
    1. 1 month ago
      Products from In The Swim
      Excellent products. Competitive prices and delivery to your house. Can’t beat it. One more thing... delivery is very fast, In The Swim doesn’t wast any time
    2. 5 months ago
      Good stuff
      Great product have used it for years and a good price
    3. 2 years ago
      Eliminated My Yellow Algae
      We have a 15,000 gallon 16 year old concrete pool that needs to be refinished because it has corroded over the years from chemical use which creates the perfect environment for algae growth. We had mustard algea pretty much everywhere with a concentration on the sides and steps. The Super Algeacide and Super Shock totally eliminated it! It took a lot of elbow grease (brushing and vacuuming), but after a couple days and almost the entire bottle of Super Algeacide over the course of thee days, it ... read more is gone and has remained gone! Last summer I spent much more $ at our local pool supply store buying products to eliminate the mustard algea. Great product and great price!
    1. 2 months ago
      Best for pool parties.
      We use this pool shock right before we have pool parties where we know the pool is going to be heavily used. It's great because you can swim right away after using the non-chlorine type. It's our best defense to keep our water balanced, clean and clear.
    2. 1 decade ago
      No more rashes!
      We have had our above ground pool in use for the past 11 years. We were always using cholorine granular on a daily basis. Last year my husband developed a skin rash every time he went in the pool so we had our water tested. Our Cyanunic Acid level was 268ppm. The norm is 30-80ppm. We were advised not to use our pool. When the level of cyanuric acid rises, the “killing power” of the free chlorine residual weakens. At above 50 ppm of cyanuric acid, the time it takes to kill bacteria in the water ... read more is much longer compared to swimming pool water without cyanuric acid. When the level of cyanuric acid builds up, the chlorine becomes increasingly less effective in keeping the water clean and problems such as high bacterial and algae growth can occur. We were advised to drain our pool and start over, which we did. We now only use the Chorine free shock daily and our levels are now in the normal range and our pool is clean. No more rashes! I would have never known that cyanunic acid would have built up in our pool so much over the years and cause bacteria. We definitely recommend using the chlorine free shock and will continue to do so.
    3. 5 years ago
      Great for smaller pools
      I've been using this product for years in a vinyl lined 9,700 gal. pool. Regular chlorine shock runs the chlorine level up too high for swimming for over 24 hours, but with this product we can swim the next day. (I usually shock late in the evening.) Also, it doesn't bleach the liner. But if the pool gets infected with algae, you need chlorine shock.
    1. 5 years ago
      Excellent Product
      I tried the instant chlorine and it works great. I put in my pool every eight days and the water is clean and a nice blue. I like it better then the liquid chlorine due to the fact that the containers always leek when I buy them at the hardware store.
    2. 7 years ago
      Won't switch back!
      I ALWAYS use liquid chlorine and would pick it up with my groceries while at my local Wal-Mart. The huge bottles took up most of my cart not to mention mixing with groceries never set right with me. I saw this product online and with the free shipping thought, why not. When I first received the package, I thought something was wrong because the box was so small. The bottles were really little which really worried me. I can't believe how well they work. One of these little bottles works better ... read more and lasts longer then a whole gallon jug of the other stuff I used to buy. It dissolves quickly and does not leave a powder residue on the bottom of the pool floor. A little more expensive then what I was paying before but I use less and it gets delivered right to my door. So worth it!
    3. 2 years ago
      Great Chlorine Product!
      I bought this product and so glad I did. It works great! I use it with Yellow Out in my pool and it works wonders. I recommend it to all.
    1. 3 weeks ago
      Works as advertised
      This does a good job of keeping my chlorine levels right without adding all the CYA but it does leave a powder or silt in my pool that I could do without.
    2. 1 month ago
      Amazingly effective!
      I am in complete disbelief of how effective this product is. I was foolishly using Walmart brand shock for years ( simply because it was convenient) I live in Florida and from April through October I typically use 3 to 4 bags a week. I ran the numbers and decided to buy this product. I have literally only shocked my pool twice in the last six weeks! My biggest problem is that I ordered a huge bucket expecting to go through it as quickly as the Walmart brand. It’ll take me years to go through ... read more this! Highly recommend !
    3. 3 months ago
      Works as expected. Fast delivery.
      Received as expected. It is a bit cumbersome to move around such a large pail (50lb), but the price is why I went with it. I use it as pool shock for my 45,000 gal in ground and it will last a while.
    1. 2 months ago
      Makes pool maintenance so easy
      I alternate this shock with regular shock 1-2x/week - occasionally less often if nothing is happening. Pool needs very little chlorine. After struggling through trying many different products to maintain balance when we first got the pool, now we're down to a super simple routine - practically maintenance free! Big fan!
    2. 3 months ago
      Nice price
      This shock works better than any other shock I have ever used
    3. 3 years ago
      Bought to help in the management of our salt system pool after having the same recommended by the pool supply where a water sample was taken which is about 29 miles one way.
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    In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Swimming Pool Shock

    In The Swim's Dr. Pool

    Shock Treatments for Swimming Pools

    Granular chlorine is a convenient way to sanitize and disinfect pool water. Used in small amounts, swimming pool shock can raise chlorine levels quickly for a pool found to be lacking. In larger amounts it will easily super-chlorinate or hyper-chlorinate pools for removal of cloudy water, chloramines, and disinfectant by-products. Most importantly, swimming pool shock quickly destroys pathogenic bacteria, viruses and microbes found in pool water. 

    The Many Types of Pool Oxidizers

    •  - Di-Zap Multi Shock is stabilized, and can be used daily in pools, spas and fountains without calcium build-up.
    •  - Pool Shock and Super Pool Shock from In The Swim is suitable for all purposes, sold in bags and buckets.
    •  - Non-Chlorine pool shock does everything that pool shock does, with exception to killing heavy algae blooms.

    The Many Uses of Pool Oxidizers

    •  - Restores clarity to cloudy pool water
    •  - Kills pool algae strains of all types
    •  - Sanitizes to destory bacteria of all types
    •  - Removes chloramines and other chlorine byproducts
    •  - Breaks down organic and non-organic matter, and bather waste
    •  - Raises chlorine levels quickly when found to be near zero
    •  - Removes stains on plaster, pebble and fiberglass pools

    How To Shock a Pool

    •  1. Clean the pool of debris before shocking a pool
    •  2. Balance the water chemistry and adjust pH to 7.2-7.4
    •  3. Each pound of pool shock can deliver between 7-9 PPM, per 10,000 gallons of pool water
    •  4. Add enough to reach a target threshold of 10, 20 or 30 PPM, depending on water condition
    •  5. Brush the pool, and run pool filter for 6-8 hours following super-chlorination
    •  6. Keep solar covers safely stored off the pool until high chlorine level subsides
    •  7. Check chemistry levels within 24 hours and adjust as needed, if chlorine is found to be zero, repeat shock treatment

    Pool Shock Treatment Tips

    •  - Always add chlorine to water, Never add water to chlorine
    •  - Always use the entire bag, Never store half-used bags of shock
    •  - Distribute the chemical around the pool, Never pour into the skimmer
    •  - Always adjust pH level to the low side, 7.2-7.4, where chlorine is more potent
    •  - Brush the pool after shocking, with a stiff pool brush, or a stainless steel bristled algae brush
    •  - Vinyl pools should pre-dissolve pool shock. Pour into a bucket of clean water and stir until dissolved
    •  - Sweep up any spills immediately, and add directly to the pool.
    •  - Never mix chlorine granules with any other type of chemical, or anything except water.

    For More Info See our Pool Shock eGuide:

    Pool Shock eGuide

    Read More | Download