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Source Code: WYAARUNK | December 21, 2014
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Lo-nox R207A,R267A,R337A,R407A
16238-201BURNER TRAY WITH BURNERS R207A010343F$591.94
16328-202BURNER TRAY WITH BURNERS R267A010344F$660.05
16238-203BURNER TRAY WITH BURNERS R337A010345F$951.59
16238-204BURNER TRAY WITH BURNERS R407A010346F$1,124.68
16238-210BURNER TRAY ONLY R207A010084F$341.78
16238-211BURNER TRAY ONLY R267A010085F$377.51
16238-212BURNER TRAY ONLY R337A010086F$591.94
16238-213BURNER TRAY ONLY R407A010087F$705.84
26238-205BURNER HOLD DOWN KIT, R207A010254F$101.78
26238-206BURNER HOLD DOWN KIT, R267A010255F$122.91
26238-207BURNER HOLD DOWN KIT, R337A010256F$139.02
26238-208BURNER HOLD DOWN KIT, R407A010257F$172.80
36238-209BURNER, SINGLE310732$79.48
46238-235BURNER ORIFICE, NG, SEA LEVEL351510$11.74
56238-236COOLING FAN010871F$13.47
76238-229COMBUSTION AIR PLATE, R207A010338F$20.86
76238-230COMBUSTION AIR PLATE, R267A010339F$26.10
76238-231COMBUSTION AIR PLATE, R337A010340F$26.10
76238-232COMBUSTION AIR PLATE, R407A010341F$26.10
86238-233SWITCH SAMPLE TUBE010348F$27.86
116238-238BLOWER PRESSURE SWITCH, R207A008062F$86.70
116238-239BLOWER PRESSURE SWITCH, R267A008135F$86.70
116238-240BLOWER PRESSURE SWITCH, R337A010354F$85.24
116238-215BLOWER PRESSURE SWITCH, R407A010355F$85.24
126238-216VALVE, GAS NAT. IID, LO NOX010329F$322.47
136238-020HEAT EXCHANGER ASSY COPPER, R206A, R207A010043F$1,940.00
136238-021HEAT EXCHANGER ASSY COPPER, R226A, R227A010044F$2,046.07
136238-022HEAT EXCHANGER ASSY COPPER, R336A, R337A010045F$2,148.84
136238-023HEAT EXCHANGER ASSY COPPER, R406A, R407A010046F$2,202.45
136238-030HEAT EXCHANGER ASSY CUPRO NICKEL, R206A, R207A010356F$2,420.23
136238-031HEAT EXCHANGER ASSY CUPRO NICKEL, R266A, R267A010357F$2,607.88
136238-032HEAT EXCHANGER ASSY CUPRO NICKEL, R336A, R337A010358F$2,789.94
136238-033HEAT EXCHANGER ASSY CUPRO NICKEL, R406A, R407A010359F$2,940.71
14A6234-170COMPLETE HEADER WITH GASKET006827F$540.51
146234-119INLET/OUTLET HEADER, PLASTIC006706F$379.57
156234-118RETURN HEADER, RP2100, PLASTIC006707F$128.51
166238-040TUBE BUNDLE, COPPER, R206A, R207A010059F$911.38
166238-041TUBE BUNDLE, COPPER, R266A, R267A010060F$986.20
166238-042TUBE BUNDLE, COPPER, R336A, R337A010061F$1,052.08
166238-043TUBE BUNDLE, COPPER, R406A, R407A010062F$1,132.50
166238-044TUBE BUNDLE, CUPRO NICKEL, R206A, R207A010364F$1,350.31
166328-045TUBE BUNDLE, CUPRO NICKEL, R266A, R267A010365F$1,522.29
166238-046TUBE BUNDLE, CUPRO NICKEL, R336A, R337A010366F$1,669.70
166238-047TUBE BUNDLE, CUPRO NICKEL, R406A, R407A010367F$1,843.94
176238-050BAFFLE KIT (SET OF 8) R206A, R207A010038F$87.90
176234-15ABAFFLE KIT (SET OF 8) R265005261F$100.44
176238-051BAFFLE KIT (SET OF 8) R336A, R337A010040F$148.11
176238-052BAFFLE KIT (SET OF 8) R406A, R407A010041F$154.61
186238-053FLANGE NUT KIT008259F$26.34
196234-113GASKET O-RING (SET OF 2)006713F$37.18
206238-234LO NOX RELAY008784F$56.91
496234-99TRANSFORMER 24V006736F$80.91
526238-217THERMAL FUSE006035F$48.57
*6238-218WIRE HARNESS, IID010347F$179.28
606238-090ROCKER SWITCH009493F$23.00
626230-101SWITCH DECAL009492F$63.50
636238-096CONTROL BEZEL COVER009487F$31.08
646238-097GASKET INSULATION010350F$38.70
766238-220REFRACTORY COMMON, LEFT & RIGHT010079F$293.17
776238-221REFRACTORY, FRONT & REAR, 207A010080F$244.18
776238-222REFRACTORY, FRONT & REAR, 267A010081F$270.25
776238-223REFRACTORY, FRONT & REAR, 337A010082F$302.84
776238-224REFRACTORY, FRONT & REAR, 407A010083F$298.64
786238-225REFRACTORY RETAINER KIT, 207A010262F$44.12
786238-226REFRACTORY RETAINER KIT, 267A010263F$54.42
786238-227REFRACTORY RETAINER KIT, 337A010264F$63.27
786238-228REFRACTORY RETAINER KIT, 407A010265F$72.28
806238-110POOLSTAT COVER / LOCK009505$93.42
816238-111UP FRONT CONTROL PANEL R206A, R207A010321F$63.27
816238-112UP FRONT CONTROL PANEL R266A, R267A010322F$60.33
816238-113UP FRONT CONTROL PANEL R336A, R337A010323F$66.49
816238-114UP FRONT CONTROL PANEL R406A, R407A010324F$67.91
826238-120INDOOR STACK KIT, R206A, R207A009838$112.76
826238-121INDOOR STACK KIT, R266A, R267A009839$112.76
826238-122INDOOR STACK KIT, R336A, R367A009840$112.99
826238-123INDOOR STACK KIT, R406A, R407A009841$112.88
826238-124OUTDOOR STACK KIT, R206A, R207A009834$172.55
826238-125OUTDOOR STACK KIT, R266A, R267A009835$179.21
826238-126OUTDOOR STACK KIT, R336A, R367A009836$190.54
826238-127OUTDOOR STACK KIT, R406A, R407A009837$199.09
836238-150HIGH LIMIT SHIELD010342F$39.73
*NOTE* - “NLA” at the beginning of the Description indicates the item is No Longer Available. To view the replacement part, simply click the part number link in the Description field, next to “REP W/” (“replace with”).

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