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    Winterizing Plugs

    • Rubber expansion plugs with a nylon wing nut allow you to quickly plug your plumbing lines to keep water out during winter.
    • Tapered rubber plugs accommodate several pipe sizes. Turn the oversized wing nut to increase the plug diameter.
    • Known as expansion plugs, freeze plugs, rubber plugs, hole plugs, pipe plugs or just pool plugs, you can use these expandable rubber plugs for pool returns, cleaner lines and skimmers to prevent the pipes from filling with water and freezing during winter.
    • We carry rubber expansion plugs in many sizes for pipes of 1/2" to 2-1/2" diameter.
    • The threaded skimmer plug is slotted for easy installation and removal, and can be used on threaded wall returns and cleaner lines. A heavy-duty o-ring seals up tight.
    • Replace your rubber pool plugs when they show signs of deterioration.
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      • Item: # W1097 Winter Plug #00 for 1/2 in. Pipe $3.99
      • Item: # W1080 Winter Plug #4 $2.99
      • Item: # W1082 Winter Plug #4 Extended $4.49
      • Item: # W1098 Winter Plug #7 for 1-1/4 in. Pipe $3.99
      • Item: # W1099 Winter Plug #8 for 1-1/2 in. Pipe $3.99
      • Item: # W1084 Winter Plug #8 Extended $5.99
      • Item: # W1100 A/G Winter Plug #9 for 1-1/2 in. Pipe and 1-3/4 in. Fitting $3.99
      • Item: # W1101 Winter Plug #10 for 1-1/2 in. Fitting $4.99
      • Item: # W1102 Winter Plug #11 for 2 in. Pipe $4.99
      • Item: # W1103 Winter Plug #12 for 2 in. Fitting $5.99
      • Item: # W1105 1-1/2 in Threaded Plug with O-Ring $2.99
      • Product Description
      • Customer Review

      Rubber pool plugs are made with 316 marine grade stainless steel washers and through bolt, oversized nylon wing nut and quality rubber for years of winter use.

      For 3/4" wall returns, usually on gunite pools, use a #4 rubber plug or a #5 rubber plug.

      For a 1.5" threaded skimmer or return fitting, use a #9 pool plug or a #10 pool plug. You can also use the Hayward SP-1022C plug, shown above in white plastic. For non-threaded 1.5" pipes, you can use #8 pool plugs, or #9 pool plugs.

      2" pipe sizes can use the #11 winter plug, or the #12 winter plug.

      All of our winter pool plugs are made of quality materials to withstand very cold temperatures without shrinkage or slippage. Plug your pool lines after the water has been drained or blown out of the pipes, to prevent water from entering the empty pipes.

      These rubber expansion plugs are used at the pool, not on the pool equipment. A set of winter plugs for a pool will include plugs for return line(s), skimmer(s) (and) a pool cleaner line, if applicable.

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