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    Super Floc Clarifier


    Super Floc Out thoroughly settles suspended particles to your pool bottom so they can be easily vacuumed to waste. Super Floc Out will help you remove dead algae, organics, oils and lotions, is safe for all pool and filters, and will not affect pH or other water properties.

    • Treats 40,000 gallons (Use 8 oz. per 10,000 gallons)
    • Contains no alum
    • Great for after shock treatment
    • Works overnight!

    How to use:

    1. For best results adjust pH to 7.5-8.0
    2. For filters with a multiport valve with "recirculate":
      Super floc out can be added directly to the skimmer with filter valve on recirculate.
      For other filters:
      Super floc out can be diluted in a bucket of water and poured evenly over the pool surface.
    3. Run pump for 2 hours and then shut off and wait 12-48 hours for everything to settle to the bottom.
    4. Then vacuum to waste and your problems are gone.
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      • Product Description
      • Customer Review

      Pool clarifiers give you crystal clear water, while cloudy water gives swimmers the impression that the water is dirty. Pool owners should be careful to maintain the clarity of their water. But pool water clarity is about more than appearance, cloudy water can be an indication that your pool water isn’t as hygienic as it should be. As such, Super Floc Out pool clarifier can actually help prevent the spread of disease by killing bacteria and viruses which lead to such illnesses as ear infections, pinkeye, and even the flu. Plus, it’s harder to see in cloudy water making it more dangerous for swimmers as they are more likely to have accidents. Luckily pool cloudy water clarifier is easy to use and highly effective.

      If you’re tired of having cloudy pool water, invest in a pool water clarifier like Super Floc Out. You’ll only wish you would have done this sooner.

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