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    Solar Sun Rings

    Item # S7750



      Extend your swimming season and slash your energy bills with In the Swim's innovative Solar Sun rings. Solar pool sun rings are vinyl discs which lie on the surface of your swimming pool and use heat energy from the sun to raise the temperature of your pool. More specifically, the upper clear layer of solar sun rings holds insulating air and also focuses sunlight on the lower blue layer of the discs. The blue layer of swimming pool solar sun rings absorbs approximately 50% of sunlight and converts it to heat, while allowing the remaining sunlight to pass into the pool for deep water heating.
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      These Solar Sun Rings heat the pool using the natural energy from the sun and because of this have no heating cost to you. These sun rings are environmentally friendly and are easier to handle than using bigger, heavier solar blankets to heat your pool using the sun.

      Quick Facts:

      • Absolutely zero heating costs involved!
      • Solar sun rings will provide your pool with 21,000 BTU's of heat per solar ring per day.
      • Pool solar sun rings are passive solar heating devices.
      • These inflatable, 60 inch-diameter rings should cover 70% to 80% of your pool's surface.
      • Solar sun rings feature six magnets each so rings attach to each other easily.
      • Solar sun rings are great for use in all chlorine and salt water system swimming pools.
      • Pool solar sun rings are compatible with automatic pool cleaners.
      • Allow you to open your pool earlier and close it later each swimming season.
      • Tested at the National Pool Industry Research Center at Cal Poly University for proven results.
      • Constructed from two sheets of heavyweight, UV-resistant vinyl for great durability.
      • Environmentally friendly, green option for pool heating.
      • Easier to handle than solar pool blankets.
      • Easy to install and easy to remove.
      • Do not overinflate.

      Technical Specifications:

    • Each Solar Sun Ring will provide 21,000 BTU’S of heat.
    • The Solar Sun Ring is a passive solar swimming pool heating device that is made from two sheets of heavyweight U.V. resistant vinyl.
    • Rings are inflatable.
    • 60" in diameter.
    • Should cover 70% to 80% of the pools surface.
    • Comes with magnets that connect the rings together.

    • What size are the Solar Sun Rings?
      - They are 60" in diameter.

      How do the Solar Sun Rings stay together while in the pool?
      – They are equipped with 6 magnets that attach them together.

      How do the rings float on top of the water?
      – The rings are inflatable.

      What are the rings made of?
      – The rings are made of two sheets of heavyweight U.V. resistant vinyl.

      How much heat does each ring provide?
      – Each Solar Sun Ring will provide 21,000 BTU’S of heat.

      How many sun rings do I need?
      – The rings should cover about 80-90% of the pools surface.

       Pool Size  Number of Solar Sun Rings  12´ Round  3  15´ Round  5  18´ Round  7  21´ Round  9  24´ Round  10  28´ Round  14  16´x32´Oval/Rectangle  10  18´x36´Oval/Rectangle  14  20´x40´Oval/Rectangle  14

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