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    Universal Safety Cover Replacement Hardware

    Our Universal Safety Cover Replacement Hardware includes all of the components and tools you need to keep your safety cover functional and strong.  Our hardware is made from corrosion-resistant, rust-proof brass, stainless steel, and UV resistant materials for years of performance!

    Hardware and tools are for use with In The Swim Economy, Pro-Mesh, Hyper-lite, GLI, Cantar, Loop Loc, Covertech, S.C.O.A., Rayner, Tara, Coverlon, Yard Guard, HPI, Garret, and Merlin safety pool covers.

    Screw-Type Brass Anchor Sockets measure 13/16 in. diameter x 1-5/8 in. tall and are the same size for all manufacturers. Actual screw thread may vary from one manufacturer to another.

    Please click here for Meyco Safety Cover Replacement Hardware

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      • Item: # M3525 Safety Cover Screw-Type Brass Anchor $6.99
      • Item: # M4120 Safety Cover 6 ft. Extension Strap $14.99
      • Item: # M3540 Safety Cover Installation/Removal Rod $21.99
      • Item: # M3500 Safety Cover 8 inch S.S. Spring $6.99
        8 inches long
      • Item: # M4110 Safety Cover Brass Anchor Hex Key $4.99
      • Item: # M4135 Safety Cover Y-Strap $24.99
      • Item: # M3505 Safety Cover 5 inch S.S. Spring $5.99
        5 inches long
      • Item: # M3550 Safety Cover 8 inch Double S.S. Spring $11.99
      • Item: # M3535 Safety Cover Brass Anchor Tamping Tool $5.99
      • Item: # M3520 Safety Cover S.S. Buckle $3.99
      • Item: # M3530 Safety Cover Wood Deck Brass Anchor w/ 4 Screws $9.99
        Includes mounting screws.
      • Item: # M3515 Safety Cover 8 inch S.S. Spring Cover $5.99
      • Item: # M4060 Safety Cover Replacement Strap Tips $2.99
      • Item: # M3555 Safety Cover 8 inch Double S.S. Spring Cover $6.99
      • Item: # ZGLI5065 Brass Anchor Removal Kit $40.18
      • Item: # M3545 Safety Cover Brass Anchor Flange $4.99
      • Item: # M8616 Aluminum Garden Anchor - 11.5 inch $29.99
      • Item: # M3560 Safety Cover Aluminum Lawn Stake - 14 inch $9.99
      • Item: # M4090 Aluminum Lawn Stake - 17.5 inch $8.99
      • Item: # M4095 Safety Cover Paver Pipe w/ Brass Anchor - 18 inch $10.99
      • Item: # M8618 Extension Tube w/ Brass Anchor - 15 inch $19.99
      • Item: # M6968 Aluminum Pipe - 15 inch $11.99
        Brass anchor NOT included
        Loop-Loc 15 Inch Aluminum Pipe
      • Item: # M8626 3/8 in. Waterfall Assembly Anchor $24.99
      • Item: # M4140 Safety Cover Stowaway Bag $34.99
      • Item: # M6966 Storage Bag $44.99
        Loop-Loc Storage Bag
      • Item: # M8638 Off-Season Storage Bag (Black) $49.99
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      Additional Information:

      Brass Anchors: Brass cover anchors fit GLI solid or mesh safety covers, (formerly known as Cantar), In The Swim, and all other brands. Threaded brass anchors are the same width as other brass cover anchors, but the threads are a slightly different size. Brass Anchors measure 13/16" diameter, and 1-5/8" tall.

      Cover Springs: The stainless steel spring is crafted from high grade stainless steel, and should never rust, unless stored next to your chlorine bucket, in which case surface oxidation crystals can appear. Cover Springs are 8" long, and should never need replacing, unless your cover experienced a heavy snow load, without the support of water within 18" from the safety cover.

      Cover Installation Rod: This is used to pull the springs over the anchor and are slotted on the base to facilitate smooth action. Cover tools are made to be extra tall and comfortable in use. The installation rod shipped with your safety cover will never break, but they can get misplaced. This tool is also used for cover removal.  Insert open end over anchor with the slotted side facing away from the pool.  A light kick with your foot will force the rod to spin and the spring will pop right up (note: Wear shoes with toe protection).

      Stainless Steel Buckle: These are the buckles on the cover straps that allow you to adjust the length of the strap. Similar to a buckle on backpack straps, this piece of high quality cover hardware will never rust or break, and usually never get lost. But we have them if you need them!

      Short Springs: At 5" in length, short springs are used on mesh or solid safety covers when the edge of the cover comes close to a wall or other obstruction. You can adjust the straps all the way to the end to position the long spring (8") up to the edge of the cover, but for those cases when you need just a few more inches to maintain cover tightness, the short spring is the answer.

      Wood Deck Anchor: Wood Deck Anchors come with 4 brass screws to secure the flange into your wood or composite pool deck. Other brands have only 3 screws and a smaller diameter flange. GLI wood deck anchors are more secure to hold your cover tight in soft wood pool decks.

      Tamping Pin: Use the Tamping Pin to set brass anchors into a concrete pool deck without damaging the body or insert of the brass anchor. Separate the cover anchor into two halves, and insert the tamping pin into the body, and tamp lightly with a medium weight hammer, to press fit the cover anchor into the concrete, until it is sitting just below the level of the top of the concrete deck.

      Brass Anchor Collar: For broom finished pool decks, the finishing process entrains some air bubbles into the top surface of the concrete. When installing anchors into concrete, the rotary hammer drill can hit these bubbles and cause the deck to chip slightly, around the drilled hole. Using a new, sharp drill bit can reduce this chipping, or you can use these brass escutcheon plates to hide the chipping and provide a finished look to your brass anchors.

      Double Spring: Absolutely the strongest pool cover spring made. Ingenious design reduces bending and warping of the spring, and allows for more torque, without twisting the springs. If you need to really pull your cover tight, use the Double Spring. They are also make it easier to put the cover on and off with the more open design.