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    Pool Rover T Automatic Pool Cleaner
    by Aquabot®

    FULLY AUTOMATIC POOL CLEANER FOR ABOVE-GROUND SWIMMING POOLS! Cleans a 24' round pool in less than 1 hour!



    • From Aquabot, the makers of the world's best selling above-ground automatic pool cleaners!
    • The first truly automatic above-ground pool cleaner designed to vacuum AND filter your pool!
    • Self-contained filtration system won't clog your pool system as it cleans.
    • No more dragging out and connecting vacuum hoses -- just drop it in your pool, plug it in and let it go!
    • Pre-programmed to methodically clean every inch of your pool!
    • Cleans all shapes -- round, rectangle and oval!
    • Extra-wide non-marring polyethylene wheels with wide chassis allow it to roll over rippled and "foot-printed" vinyl pool bottoms.
    • Cleans pools up to 18 ft. x 36 ft. at a rate of 5,400 feet per hour! Not for use at a commercial facility.
    • Filters 4,800 gallons per hour with its unique filtering system.
    • It removes everything from large leaves to algae as small as 2 microns with its easy to clean, reusable state-of-the-art filter bag.
    • Operates on 24 volts. Includes 40 ft. cord
    • 1-Year Warranty.
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      Technical Specifications:

      • This completely automatic pool cleaner can clean pools up to 18' x 36' and comes with a 40' cord with floating buoys.

      • Extra-wide polyethylene, non-marring wheels and a wide track chassis allow Pool Rover to roll over rippled and "footprinted" vinyl pool bottoms.

      • Cleans every inch (cleans at 5,400 sq. ft/hr, filters at 4,800 gallons/hr) with a self-contained filtration unit that won’t clog your pool system.

      • The reusable filter bag removes debris down to 2 microns with a 4 sq ft capacity.

      • Filtration Intake 2 intake valves, 1 in. x 4.5 in. each.

      • Programmable Cleaning Pattern Adjustable, precision scanning via HydroJet Directional Guidance System.

      • Operates on 24 volts and plugs into a standard outlet.

      Will the Pool Rover T work on my above ground pool with a dished out center?
      – Yes, the Pool Rover T will work in an A/G Pool even with a dished out center.

      What size pool will the Pool Rover T clean up to?
      – The Pool Rover T will work in any pool up to a 27ft round.

      What comes with the Pool Rover T?
      – The cleaner, reusable filter bag, 40ft cord, and transformer.

      How much does the Pool Rover T weigh?
      – The cleaner weighs 11 pounds

      What will the Pool Rover T clean?
      – The cleaner will pick up dirt and debris filtered down to 2 microns, and the filter bag has a 19qt capacity.

      Can you leave the cleaner in the pool?
      – No. Be sure to remove the cleaner after each use.


    • Does not pump water, move or vacuum.
    • – Check to see if electric outlet has power.
      – Check to see if the Power Supply is plugged into a grounded outlet and that the floating cable is plugged into the Power Supply.
      – Check the Fuse in the Power Supply. If necessary replace the fuse. (Replacement fuses are available at electronic and hardware stores.)
      – Check cables for possible cuts or damage.

    • Does not vacuum well or at all.
    • – Check to see if the filter bag is thoroughly clean.
      – Check to see if the Intake Valve Flaps on the bottom of the cleaner are free to open and close. These flaps should move easily to allow the entry of water and debris.
      **NOTE: Use the Fine Filter bad to trap smaller debris such as algae, bacteria, sand and silt. Use the Mesh Filter bag to trap larger debris such as leaves, acorns, twigs, and pine needles.

    • Does not cover the entire pool.
    • – Check to see if the wheel movement is free of obstructions like hair, string or accumulated debris.
      – Check to see if the Filter Bag is clean and not clogged with debris.
      – Adjust timing cycle so that the POOL ROVER reaches the other side of the pool before changing direction.

    • Does not reverse direction.
    • – While the POOL ROVER is running, gently lift it partially out of the water by the handle so that the Jet Valve Housing is above water level and hold it for approximately two seconds. Then lower the unit so that the Jet Valve Housing is below water level for approximately five seconds. Repeat this procedure until a jet stream is produced alternately at each side.
      – Take a garden hose and, with the pressure set on “high”, spray it into the valve housing at each opening. This should free the Jet Valve System of any debris. If this does not solve the problem, there is most likely debris wrapped around the impeller beneath the Jet Valve

    • Reverses before reaching the opposite end of the pool.
    • – Turn the Time Control Knob (located on the Power Supply) clockwise a few degrees to increase the time between reversals. Repeat if necessary.

    • Floating cable is twisting.
    • – Your POOL ROVER pool cleaner was designed to clean most above-ground pools. Some pool shapes may cause the power cord to coil, or tangle because the cleaner operates in a systematic pattern that is circular in nature. This may cause the power cord to twist. A new patented feature that allows you to easily untwist your cord.
      – Place you cleaner on the ground outside of the pool. Locate the plastic handle near the power supply connection plug. Grab the handle firmly. Walk away from the cleaner while pulling the handle. The cable will rotate within the plastic handle and force the cord to untwist itself. For best results remember to pull the handle until the cord is completely untwisted.

      Learn More About Pool Rover
      Fully Automatic Pool Cleaner for Above-Ground Pools

      • Simple to use ... just drop it in, plug it in and press a button!
      • Cleans a 24 ft. pool in under 1 hour
      • No hoses to connect and store ... no poles either!
      • Extra-wide polyethylene, non-marring wheels and a wide track chassis allow Pool Rover to roll over rippled and "footprinted" vinyl pool bottoms.
      • Vacuums and filters out dirt and debris, from twigs and leaves down to bacteria and algae.
      • Lightweight and operates on only 24 volts.
      • Programmed to methodically clean every inch of your pool: round, oval or rectangular!

        In a silent swift pattern, the Pool Rover vacuums and filters at a velocity far greater than any existing above-ground pool cleaner available today.

        Product Features & Specifications

        Recommended Pool Size Above-Ground Vinyl Liner Pools up to 18 ft. x 36 ft.

        Cleaning Coverage Up to 8600 feet per hour

        Filtration Quantity 2500 gallons per hour

        Filtration Capability Down to 2 microns

        Filtration Intake 2 intake valves, 1 in. x 4.5 in. each

        Filtration Capacity Reusable, cleanable filter bag is 4 sq. ft. capacity

        Cable 40 ft. with floating buoys

        Electrical Specifications
        Transformer: 110 Vac to 12Ah @ 30 Vac
        Pump Motor: 150 watt 28 Vac - Oil Filled

        Programmable Cleaning Pattern Adjustable, precision scanning via HydroJet Directional Guidance System (patent pending)

        Propulsion Jet Drive Propulsion System (JDPS) -- same principle as used in a jet ski