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    Pool Perfect

    Stop Ugly Tile Rings!

    This ecofriendly product helps keep water clearer while eliminating waterlines. Pool Perfect contains Smartzyme technology which uses enzymes to break down non-living organics into smaller and smaller parts, converting them to their original components of carbon and water. This all-natural enzyme product biodegrades contaminants to reduce maintenance and produce clear, perfect water.
    • 100% biodegradable
    • Provides a natural and safe way to remove oils from pool water
    • Uses enzymes to break down non-living organic compounds and to remove lotions and scum
    • Will remove unsightly waterline rings reducing the need for scrubbing and cleaning in the springtime
    • Eliminates clogged filters
    • Eliminates chemical odors and eye irritation.
    • Makes water feel soft and silky
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      Pool Perfect is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that break down suntan oils, body oils, bather wastes, and other non-living organic contaminants. Pool Perfect works with all sanitizer types and continually keeps filters cleaner longer. Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect is a unique, natural and safe formula that uses enzymes to break down oils present in your pool water and filtration system. By doing so, Pool Perfect saves you time cleaning waterlines and filters. Pool Perfect complements other pool products and is an excellent addition to any swimming pool maintenance routine.

      Also, by breaking down non-living organic compounds, Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect will eliminate unsightly waterline rings so you don't have to waste time and energy scrubbing your pool clean in the springtime. Pool perfect is highly effective when applied directly to stains and will prevent clogged filters, chemical odors and eye irritation for easier pool maintenance and more comfortable swimming experiences

      Why Use Enzymes?
      Chlorine alone is great at sanitizing and oxidizing, but it doesn't do much for removing and breaking down oils, such as suntan lotion.

      There is a natural, simple and safe solution for oil removal: NATURAL CHEMISTRY ENZYME PRODUCTS.

      Enzymes speed up the break down of organic compounds to their original components so they can be absorbed by the pool water without negative side effects.
      Directions for Use
      Pool Perfect
      1. This concentrated formula requires 1oz (30ml) per 2,000 gallons (7,500L) of pool water per week.
      2. Each week, add one capful (4oz) per 8,000 gallons (30,000L) of pool water.
      3. Add product directly to pool water.
      Note: Do not add if chlorine is higher than 5ppm. Chlorine higher 5ppm will burn off the product making it ineffective.
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