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    Pool Magic Plus PHOSfree

    Item # Y5950


      Pool Magic+PHOSfree contains all natural enzymes that break down organics to make opening and closing fast and easy. A quick clean up to start off the season and prevents organic staining from leaves and phosphate build-up in the off season. Pool Magic+PHOSfree contains Smartzyme technology. Smartzyme technology wastes no time breaking down organic materials. Just a small amount of Natural Chemistry’s enzymes can treat large amounts of water due to their ability to bind to organic contaminants and reduce them to smaller and smaller parts, breaking them down to their original components such as carbon and water.

      • Specifically formulated for cold water application
      • Speeds clean up, remedies the pool for trouble free maintenance
      • All benefits of Pool Magic and PHOSfree combined
      • Can be used under pool winter covers, and ideal for mesh covered pools
      • End of season application reduces off season scum line and staining of pool surface by organic contamination from leaves and debris
      • 1 liter bottle
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      Pool Magic+PHOSfree is reliable for using at the beginning and end of each season. It will eliminate phosphates at any time as the first step of Natural Chemistry’s Clear, Perfect Water Program.

      For Closing Pools:
      1. Shake well before using as contents settle.
      2. Before winter pool closing, add entire contents of bottle to the skimmer.
      3. Allow Pool Magic + PHOSfree to circulate for a few days.
      3. Clean pool, add winter pool chemicals and cover pool.
      4. Winterize your filtration system and plumbing as normal.

      For Opening Pools:
      1. For new pools, follow dealer instructions to fill, balance water chemistry and sanitize.
      2. For existing pools, clear out debris, fill water and start up filter system. Balance water chemistry and sanitize.
      3. Shake bottle well and add entire bottle for pools up to 25,000 gallons (95,000L) to skimmer with filter running.
      4. Operate pool normally for 2 weeks.
      5. Regular weekly maintenance with Pool Perfect + PHOSfree will ensure clean & clear pool water, free of organic stains and waterline – all summer long.

      1 Ltr. Bottle of Pool Magic + PHOSFree treats up to 25,000 gallons. Completely natural pool chemical has no effect on other winter pool closing chemicals, nor will it harm your lawn or local watershed if you pump out pool water treated with Pool Magic + PHOSFree.

      Especially effective on mesh covered pools that typically open with dirty water. To have a clean and clear spring pool opening, with less chlorine expense to clean it up, try Pool Magic with PHOSfree. One of our most popular accessory pool chemicals, and especially effective as a pool closing chemical. You'll simply be amazed at the results!

      Phosphate Removal Worksheet
      Directions for Use
      Why Use Enzymes?
      Chlorine alone is great at sanitizing and oxidizing, but it doesn't do much for removing and breaking down oils, such as suntan lotion.

      There is a natural, simple and safe solution for oil removal: NATURAL CHEMISTRY ENZYME PRODUCTS.

      Enzymes speed up the break down of organic compounds to their original components so they can be absorbed by the pool water without negative side effects.
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