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    Polaris® 360 Automatic Pool Cleaner

    • The Polaris 360 operates off the pool's return line, eliminating the need for a booster pump and leaving the skimmer free for cleaning surface debris.
    • Helps to improve circulation by distributing chemicals and heat throughout the pool as it cleans.
    • Cleans pool bottoms and pool walls.
    • Will clean swimming pools of all shapes and sizes in three hours or less.
    • Ideal for vinyl, gunite and fiberglass pools.
    • Can even be used under your pool's solar blanket.
    • Will pick up even large debris such as leaves and pebbles.
    • The Polaris 360 will automatically free itself if it becomes caught.
    • The Polaris 360 vacuum comes with an All Purpose Filter Bag and a 31 ft. hose kit.
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty
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      • Item: # E1510 Polaris® 360 $599.00
      • Item: # ZZOD0074 All Purpose Bag $29.47
      • Item: # ZZOD0075 Sand/Silt Ultra Fine Bag $29.47
      • Item: # ZZOD0093 6 ft. Feed Hose $16.36
      • Item: # ZZOD0094 Sweep Hose Scrubber $3.87
      • Item: # ZZOD4000 Sweep Hose Scrubber 5-pack $11.93
      • Item: # ZZOD0118 Polaris Cleaner Tire, White C-10 $9.15
      • Item: # ZZOD0119 Polaris Tire, PosiTrax C-13 $16.75
      • Item: # ZZOD0112 Polaris Float, Head A-20 $5.91
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      The Polaris 360 automatic pool cleaner features advanced, state-of-the-art technology for thorough, superior cleaning results in three hours or less. The Polaris 360 sweeps and scrubs pool bottoms and pool walls, no matter what the size or shape of the pool may be. The Polaris 360 can be used on all types of pools, including vinyl, gunite and fiberglass.

      The Polaris 360 pool cleaner features an internal back-up timer and an in-line back-up valve which allow the unit to automatically free itself if it becomes stuck in corners, nooks or crannies. Perhaps best of all, the Polaris 360 does not require a booster pump and operates off the pool's return line.

      Built to last and to provide top-notch performance, the Polaris 360 automatic pool cleaner will pick up even large debris and will last for many years.

      How many feet of hose does it have?
      – The Polaris 360 has 32 feet of feed hose.

      Does the Polaris 360 requre the use of a booster pump?
      – No, this state-of-the-art automatic pool cleaner roams the pool bottom and vacuums the walls spotlessly clean without a booster pump!

      What kind of pools does this cleaner work with?
      – These automatic pool cleaners are great for vinyl, gunite or fiberglass in ground pools of any size or shape.

      What is the maximum time the Polaris 360 will clean without interruption?
      – The cleaner has an internal back-up timer to automatically free itself from nooks and crannies, so it keeps cleaning any shape pool without interruption in 3 hours or less.

      Does the Polaris 360 clean the pool walls too?
      – Yes, the Polaris Cleaner vacuums, sweeps and scrubs the bottom and walls of any size or shape pool.


    • Hangs up on steps or other obstacles longer than 3-1/2 minutes.
    • – Check the wheel RPM.
      – Verify the back-up valve is cycling.
      – Adjust the thrust jet.
      – Remove unnecessary pool hardware or install a Ladder Guard Kit (order part #G21 from a Polaris dealer).

    • Polaris is sluggish, running with less power than normal.
    • – Check the filter screen in the quick disconnect and clean, if necessary.
      – Clean the skimmer basket; pump basket, and pool filter.
      – Check all of the hoses, connections, and swivels for leaks that could cause loss of water pressure.
      – Check the wheel RPM.

    • Polaris flies around the pool.
    • – Check the wheel RPM. If more than 32 RPM, unscrew the pressure relief valve to decrease water flow to cleaner.
      – Verify the back-up valve is cycling. Hold the valve out of the water and watch the jet. It should come on and go off.
      – Adjust 3-way diverter to reduce the amount of water flow to the Polaris pool cleaner.

    • Polaris does not back up.
    • – Verify the back-up valve is cycling.
      – Check the wheel RPM.
      – If the bag is full, empty it.
      – If the head float has water in it, replace it.
      – Ensure feed hose is floating.

    • Polaris only turns in one direction.
    • – Adjust the thrust jet.
      – If the end of the hose that connects to the Polaris has a curve to it, align it with the curve of the feed pipe.
      – Make sure that the swivel on the feed pipe turns freely.
      – Ensure feed hose is floating.

    • Feed hose becomes tangled.
    • – Remeasure the hose to verify that it is adjusted to the proper length for the pool shape.
      – With the Polaris operating, check that the swivels in the hose and the hose connections turn freely.
      – Ensure the feed hose is floating.
      – With the Polaris turned off, spin each of the wheels. All of the wheels should turn together.

    • Sweep hose is sucked into the vacuum tube.
    • – Make sure the opening at the end of the sweep hose is not blocked by the sweep hose scrubber.
      – Adjust the sweep hose to a gentle sweeping motion.

    • Sweep hose constantly sprays water out of the pool.
    • – Adjust the speed of the sweep hose by tightening the adjustment screw.
      – Replace the sweep hose scrubber (part #9-100-3105) if it is worn or missing.
      – Add a sweep hose weight (order part #B2) to keep the sweep hose from spraying.

    • The cleaner does not clean the entire pool.
    • – Check the hose length reaches within 6" of the farthest point of the pool. If not, order a new hose section and add it to the first hose section.
      – Check thrust jet for 11 o’clock position that optimizes random turning.
      – While the cleaner is operating, hold it upside down and look into the vacuum tube. There should be three distinct, even jets of water. If there are not, contact Pentair Customer Service (800-822-7933).

    • The cleaner is running in circles on its side.
    • – The filter bag is full and weighing the cleaner down on one side.
      – Remove the head float and shake it. If there is water in the float, order a new one.
      – The feed hose should float evenly on the surface of the pool.

      Learn More About Polaris
      Polaris 360 Literature

      It's the most advanced pool cleaner ever made. And its most advanced feature is letting you completely forget about it.

      You love having a pool, but hate cleaning it. After 35 years in the pool business, no one understands this better than Polaris. The Polaris Vac Sweep 360 will leave you with plenty of time to enjoy your pool. One of our more advanced cleaners, it features state-of-the-art technology without the need for a special booster pump. Your in-ground pool receives complete care in three hours or less.

      Cleaning Your Pool From Top to Bottom
      The Polaris 360 vacuums, sweeps and scrubs the bottom and walls of any size or shape pool, be it gunite, fiberglass or vinyl-lined. It even comes with an in-line back-up valve to automatically free itself if it gets stuck so it can keep cleaning without interruption. It also comes with a large bottom opening to pick up large debris like leaves, acorns or pebbles.

      It's Easier On Your Filter
      The Polaris 360 is one of the few cleaners powered by the pressue of clean water returning to your pool. Its unique filter bag removes any debris before it reaches your pump basket or filter. This alone can reduce filter cleanings by up to 80% a year, thus prolonging the life of your filtration system. With the 360, your filter is free to cleanse the water and your skimmer is ready to clean the top six inches of your pool, where 75% of the bacteriological contaminants live.

      Your Polaris Will Probably Outlast Your Car!
      Polaris is famous for its high-quality prducts, which is a tribute to our engineers' obsession with perfection. Our commitment to quality has made Polaris America's best selling pool cleaner. Many Polaris cleaners have been providing trouble-free service for more than 14 years. Genuine Polaris parts are readily availalbe, just email [email protected] with your needs.

      We're Here for Your Pool
      If you ever have a question about any Polaris product, just call 1-800-VAC-SWEEP and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to help you.
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