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    Meyco Safety Pool Cover Replacement Parts


    Meyco products invented the pool safety cover over 50 years ago. In The Swim is proud to be an authorized dealer for Meyco pool covers and Meyco hardware and accessories. We carry a full line of replacement parts for Meyco covers such as brass cover anchors, cover springs, installation rods and hex keys.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page for additional information on the use and care of Meyco pool cover parts and accessories.

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      • Item: # M4120 Safety Cover 6 ft. Extension Strap $14.99
      • Item: # M4010 Meyco Safety Cover Screw-Type Brass Anchor $8.99
      • Item: # M4135 Safety Cover Y-Strap $24.99
      • Item: # M4110 Safety Cover Brass Anchor Hex Key $4.99
      • Item: # M4130 Safety Cover S.S. O-Ring $4.99
      • Item: # M4030 Stainless Steel Spring $9.99
      • Item: # M4000 Meyco Safety Cover Pop-Up Brass Anchor $11.99
      • Item: # M4070 Meyco Safety Cover Pop-Up Brass Anchor Tamping Tool $4.99
        Used to install Pop-up Anchors in concrete decking.
      • Item: # M4060 Safety Cover Replacement Strap Tips $2.99
      • Item: # M4020 Meyco Safety Cover Wood Deck Brass Anchor w/ 3 Screws $11.99
      • Item: # M4125 Meyco Safety Cover Brass Anchor Flange $5.99
      • Item: # M4090 Aluminum Lawn Stake - 17.5 inch $8.99
      • Item: # M4095 Safety Cover Paver Pipe w/ Brass Anchor - 18 inch $10.99
      • Item: # M4140 Safety Cover Stowaway Bag $34.99
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      Additional Information:

      Brass Cover Anchors: Over the years, you may find it necessary to replace a few of the brass safety cover pins, or anchors. The usual problem is that the hex key slot in the top of the brass anchor may become stripped, or they can become seized and hard to open. For the Meyco pop-up style of cover anchor, incorrect turning of the pop-up part of the anchor can shear off the ridge inside the anchor body, which makes it hard to lock them into position, either up or down. Occasionally, the spring that provides the "pop-up" can go missing. In this case, the brass anchor is still usable, but since it no longer will "pop-up", the cover anchor can be hard to work with.

      Brass cover anchors are quite durable, so it's unlikely that you will need to replace many of them over the life of the cover, but when you do – In The Swim is your source for all Meyco Cover Brass Anchors.

      Pool Cover Springs: Pool cover springs are also exceptionally durable, crafted of 316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel. You won't find cover springs rusting, but they can bend out-of-round, if the pool cover receives a large snow load, with the pool water level lower than 18" from the underside of the safety cover. ,br> Damage to Meyco cover springs can also occur if the cover straps are tightened too tight, so that the spring is completely compressed. Springs are made to handle this over-compression; however damage can occur from the levering action with the Installation Rod. In some cases, over-compressed cover springs can be repaired by simply realigning the inner and outer parts of the spring. Slight bends in the steel rods can be corrected with a pair of pliers. The normal 8" long Stainless Steel cover spring is available, and we also have the "short spring". Short cover springs are used in situations where the cover comes close to the edge of the pool deck or a raised wall. Short springs are 4" in length. We also carry vinyl spring covers to protect your concrete deck (and your safety cover springs).

      Installation Rods: This is the tool that is used to lever the cover springs over the brass anchors. They are made from solid steel, with a comfort grip handle, and are long enough to help reduce lower back stress while installing your mesh safety cover for the winter. Other manufacturer's cover installation rods are made of flexible plastic, or are not as long as the Meyco installation rod – which is the sturdiest and easy to use pool cover tool available.

      Stainless Steel Buckles: These rarely if never need replacing, but if some of your cover strap buckles go missing; we have replacement buckles at a low price.

      Cover Strap Tips: These are the aluminum tips that cover the end of the cover straps to prevent fraying and wear to the ends of your cover straps. Strap tips rarely fall off, and if they do, you can crimp them back onto the strap with a pair of pliers. If your cover strap tips loosen up, and become lost, replace them quickly to reduce damage to the strap material.

      Tamping Tools: We carry both types of tamping tools, for the threaded brass anchor and for the pop-up style brass anchor. These aluminum tools are approximately 4 inches long and ensure that your brass anchors are firmly pressed into the concrete, so that they won't loosen up, and become "spinners".

      Aluminum Lawn Stakes: If your pool has a deck with pavers or loose set bricks, or if your safety cover traverses a planter bed, you can use 18" aluminum lawn stakes to secure the cover in these areas.

      Anchor in Pipe assembly: If you are using more than a few stakes, in the place of brass anchors in a concrete pool deck, the Pipe Anchor Assembly from Meyco is a sturdier method to secure your pool cover. Made of 15" aluminum pipes, with a recessed tip to accept a standard brass cover anchor, cover pipes are used in cases similar to stakes, but are meant to be left in the ground permanently. The Anchor-in-Pipe method is considered to be safer and stronger than Lawn Stakes, which can bend under the weight of heavy snow loads, or deteriorate when used in low pH soils.

      Wood Deck Anchors: If you are installing a mesh safety cover into a wooden pool deck, the Wood Deck Anchor is recommended for the safest installation. Wood decks can rot over time, and wood anchors improve the grip onto wooden decks with a horizontal flange that spreads out the tension. Wood deck anchors include 3 brass screws to secure the flange to your wood pool deck. To install the wood deck anchor flush with your pool deck, it is recommended to use a Forstner bit on a drill, to counter-sink the flange into the deck, so that it becomes completely flush mounted.

      Anchor Hex Key: Meyco brass anchors use a ΒΌ" hex key, aka Allen key, to raise and lower the anchor into the pool deck. Storing your hex key inside of the handle on the installation rod is a good way to keep it from becoming lost. Hex keys are purposely oversized to make their use easier. You can use the cover hex key horizontal or vertically, depending on the type of brass anchor you have. Horizontal works best for threaded brass anchors, while the vertical orientation is best for the Meyco Pop-Up type of pool cover anchor.

      Extension Straps: These are used when your strap is traversing a planter bed or stairs. Connect the 6 ft. extension strap to the existing 18" strap on the cover's edge, and you can install your anchors further away from the pool's edge.

      Y-Strap: Meyco cover Y-straps are used when a cover strap comes right up against a diving board, slide leg, rock feature, or other obstruction. They are adjustable to allow you to skirt around obstacles, while maintaining a tight and taut fit in this area.

      Stowaway Bag: Did you lose your mesh pool cover bag? Or perhaps it became damaged, or was re-purposed into a Halloween costume? Whatever the reason, we have replacement storage bags for your mesh pool cover, with draw string to close up the bag, and stow it away for summer. Helps prevent damage from the elements and from rodents that like to nest inside of the pool cover during summer. Throw in a few moth balls, and you can further ward off damage from animals (and costume designers!).

      Deck Flanges: These are primarily used as beauty rings, or escutcheon plates to hide the small chipping that occurs around brass anchors during drilling a concrete pool deck. Note: Deck flanges will only fit Meyco threaded cover anchors, not pop-up anchors.