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    Hayward Super Pump (in ground pools)

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    • Hayward’s best selling pool pump combines durable corrosion-proof construction with state-of-the-art performance for years of trouble-free service.
    • Superpump has a super-size 110 cubic inch basket and super-quiet operatio
    • Hayward Super Pump's totally balanced, efficient Noryl impeller produces higher flow rates at less horsepower than other pool pumps, allowing you to use a 1hp super pump, to replace other, lower flow 1.5hp pool pumps.
    • Low profile Super Pump design easily replaces other inground pool pumps with a unique, stable mounting base for additional installation versatility.
    • Hayward Super Pumps use high performance thermoplastics like PermaGlass XL for the body, Lexan for the strainer lid and Noryl for the impeller.
    • Hayward Super Pumps have superior air-handling capability, due to the recessed basket design and large amount of free space between the lid and impeller.
    • 1-Year Warranty



      • Item: # E2300 3/4-HP (115/230V) $375.00

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      • Item: # E2310 1-HP (115/230V) $409.00

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      • Item: # E2320 1 1/2-HP (115/230V) $439.00

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        When you order before 4pm CT
      • Item: # E2325 2-HP (115/230V) $499.00
      • Item: # E2327 2 1/2-HP (230V Only) $579.00
      • Item: # E2290 1-HP 2 Speed Super Pump Now Only! $476.99 Was $524.00
      • Item: # E2292 1 1/2-HP 2 Speed Super Pump $569.00
      • Item: # E2294 2 HP 2 Speed $649.00
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      Technical Specifications

      The Hayward Super Pump is one of the most durable and corrosion proof pool pumps available on the market today. Because of its large capacity you can count on it to be totally balanced and efficient thereby promoting improved flow rates using less horsepower. This means that Hayward super pumps are among the most cost effective pumps to operate. In addition, all Hayward inground pool pumps install easily to existing in-ground pool systems making them a great investment to new or existing pools.

      Pools require a surprising amount of time, energy, and resources to maintain. We need to keep our pools and the water within clean and free of contaminants and pool pumps are the heart of our circulation system. Reliable and durable; you don't have to worry about 'heart failure' when you own a Hayward Superpump.

      Hayward inground pool pumps have been engineered over several years by some of the best minds in pool care. The Hayward super pump has benefited from continued research and technology to drive more performance at a greater level of efficiency. Ongoing research has made the Hayward super pump run quieter and cooler than its predecessors and other brands on the market today.

      Featuring advanced cooling fans designed to use less energy, Hayward super pumps reduce the annoying noise we've come to expect from pool pumps. In addition, Hayward superpumps are relatively inexpensive and readily available online so you can quickly and easily improve the functionality of your pool's circulation system.

      Installing a Hayward Superpump is easy. The motors accept 110 or 220 volts (except for 2 and 2.5hp super pumps, which only accept 220 volts). The most popular horsepower size is the 1.5 hp Superppump, but to size your Superpump to your pool filter properly, match the model flow rate in the chart below to an estimate of your pool filter system's resistance, as measured in feet of head.

      To use the flow chart below, consult your pool documents to locate the calculated resistance of your pool filter system, as provided by your pool builder. If these documents or calculations don't exist, you can make some assumptions and estimates.

      Assume that an average inground pool may have 30 ft. of head, or resistance. If you have a pool heater, you might add 10 ft, for a total of 40 ft. of head. If you have an in-floor pool cleaner, with pop-up heads, or if your pool is very large, you can assume 50 ft. of head, or greater.

      Choose the size of Hayward Super Pump that will produce the desired flow rate (matched to your filter's Design Flow-Rate), at a given level of resistance, as measured in Feet of Head.

      Technical Specifications:

      • Electrical: 115/230V (2-HP and above SuperPumps are 230V only)
      • 60Hz, single phase, capacitor start
      • Construction: Body molded of PermaGlass XL™, Noryl Impeller, Lexan Lid
      • Listed: UL, NSF and CSA
      • Inlet: 1.5" threaded
      • Outlet: 1.5" threaded
      • Installation: For permanent installation on solid surfaces
      Super Pump Output (GPM) vs. Total Resistance To Flow (Feet of Head)

      Item# Model No. Max Rated 20 ft. 30 ft. 40 ft. 50 ft. 60 ft. 70 ft.
      E2300 SP2605X7 67 58 47 31
      E2310 SP2607X10 85 76 65 50 27
      E2320 SP2610X15 97 90 80 67 50 10
      E2325 SP2615X20 116 111 99 85 70 51
      E2327 SP2621X25 116 111 99 85 70 51

      What size piping does the super pump have?
      – Super pumps 0.5hp to 1.5hp have a 1 ½ inch intake and discharge. 2hp Superpumps and larger have a 2" port.

      What is the voltage on the super pump?
      – Super pumps 0.5hp to 1.5hp have reversible voltage 115/230VAC. 2hp Superpumps and larger are 230V only, and cannot be switched to accept 115V.

      Does the Superpump come with a power cord?
      – Superpumps are meant to be permanently installed, on inground pools, and are not shipped with a power cord. You can add a power cord to 1.5hp Superpumps and smaller, and connect this to a grounded GFCI outlet, but the safer method is to hard wire the pump into a timeclock.

      How long should I run my pump for?
      – Although the super pump is designed to be run 24 hours a day 7 days a week, continuous duty, most pool owners can save on electricity by running the pump 8-15 hours per day. It depends on time of year, size of pool, efficiency of filter and your chemical management.

      How do I winterize a Superpump?
      – Two drain plugs will allow you to drain the water from the pump housing during off-season.

      Should I order the 2 Speed Superpump?
      – Many states are now requiring two-speed or variable speed pool pumps in an effort to save electricity. If you order a 2 speed super pump to replace a single speed pump, you will need to add a fourth wire (the low speed wire) and change your timeclock mechanism to operate a 2-speed pump.

      Is the super pump self-priming?
      – Yes, the super pump is a self-priming pump (suction lift 8 ft above water level).

      How do I "Bond" my Super Pump?
      – Bonding is a method of connecting all the steel components of an inground pool together with all of the electrical components by means of a bare copper wire. The Superpump has a bonding lug on the top of the motor to attach the No. 8 bonding wire.


      • Motor won't start.
      • – Check for improper or loose connections, open switches or relays, blown circuit breakers or fuses.
        – Manually check rotation of motor shaft for free movement and lack of obstruction.

      • Motor cuts out – check for:
      • – Wiring, loose connections, etc.
        – Low voltage at motor (frequently caused by undersized wiring).
        – Binding and overload. (Amperage reading)

      • Motor hums, but does not start – check for:
      • – Governor stuck in open position
        – Check the rotation of motor shaft for free spin
        – Open capacitor.

      • Super Pump won't Super-Prime.
      • – Make sure the superpump strainer housing is filled with water and that cover gasket is clean and properly seated. Tighten hand nuts on side of cover lid.
        – Make sure all suction and discharge valves are open and unobstructed, and that pool water level is above all suction openings.
        – Block off suction as close to pump as possible and determine if pump will develop a vacuum.

        • If superpump does not develop a vacuum and pump has sufficient "priming water".
        – Tighten all bolts and fittings on suction side
        – Check voltage to make sure pump is up to speed.
        – Open pump and check for clogging or obstruction.
        – Remove and replace shaft seal.
        • If superpump develops a vacuum, check for blocked suction line or strainer, or air leak in suction piping.

      • Low Flow – Generally, check for:
      • – Clogged or restricted strainer or suction line; undersized pool piping.
        – Plugged or restricted discharge line of filter (high discharge gauge reading).
        – Air leak in suction (bubbles issuing from return fittings).
        – Pump operation underspeed (low voltage).
        – Plugged or restricted impeller.

      • Noisy Pump – check for:
      • – Air leak in suction causing rumbling in pump.
        – Cavitation due to restricted or undersized suction line and unrestricted discharge lines. Correct suction condition or throttle discharge lines, if practical.
        – Vibration due to improper mounting, etc.
        – Foreign matter in pump housing.
        – Motor bearings made unserviceable by wear, rust, or continual overheatings.

      Pump Sizing Advice
      When sizing a replacement pump, Dr. Pool strongly suggests that you replace with the same size horsepower as your existing set-up! In most cases, up-grading horsepower shortens your filter’s expected life and voids manufacturer’s warranties.
      Pump Information
      Hayward®'s Super Pump is a series of large capacity, high technology pumps that blend cost-efficient design with durable corrosion-proof construction. Designed for pools of all types and sizes, Super Pump features a large "see-thru" strainer cover, super-size debris basket and exclusive "service-ease" design for extra convenience. For super performance and safe, quiet operation, Super Pump sets a new standard of excellence and value. And you know its quality throughout because it’s made by Hayward® - the first choice of pool professionals.

      • Exclusive, Swing Aside Hand Knobs make strainer cover removal easy. No tools required...no loose part...no clamps.

      • Super-Sized 110 Cubic Inch Basket has extra leaf-holding capacity and extends time between cleanings. Rigid construction with load-extender ribbing assures free flowing operation for heavy debris loads.

      • Lexan® See-Thru Strainer Cover lets you see when basket needs cleaning and eliminates guesswork. Special self-adjusting seal assures dependable sealing.

      • Super-Size Housing has extra air handling capacity to assure rapid priming.

      • Totally Balanced, Corrosion-Proof Noryl® Impeller has smooth, wide openings to prevent fouling or clogging. Energy-efficient design produces more flow at equivalent horsepower.

      • All Components Molded of Corrosion-Proof PermaGlassXLTM for extra durability and long life.

      • Heat Resistant, Industrial Size Ceramic Seal. Long Wearing, and 100% drop proof. For fresh or salt water use.

      • Heavy-Duty, High Performance Motor with airflow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation.

      • Mounting Base provides stable, stress-free support, plus versatility for any installation requirement. Adapts 48 and 56 frame motors.

      • Service-Ease Design gives simple access to all internal parts. Motor and entire drive group assembly can be removed, without disturbing pipe or mounting connections, by disengaging just four bolts.
      Item Number Motor Power Pipe Size Motor Length
      HP KW inch mm
      E2300 3/4 0.56 1 1/2" 11 5/8" 295
      E2310 1 0.75 1 1/2" 11 7/8" 302
      E2320 1 1/2 1.12 1 1/2" 12 1/4" 311
      E2325 2 1.49 2" 13 1/4" 337
      E2327 2 1/2 1.86 2" 13 3/4" 349
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