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In-Ground Swimming Pool Heaters

Every pool owner wants to get the most out of their swimming pool and one of the best ways to do just that is to extend the swimming season. In-ground swimming pool heaters raise and maintain water temperatures so that swimmers can enjoy fun and exercise in a comfortable aquatic environment more days of the year. While all in-ground swimming pool heaters can make pool water more comfortable and lengthen the swimming season, they do not all operate in the same manner.

In fact, there are several different types of heaters for in-ground swimming pools, and each type provides water heating in a different way and offers different benefits. The following information describes the various features as well as the pros and cons of in-ground pool heaters and will help pool owners to make an informed choice between gas swimming pool heaters, heat pump pool heaters and solar pool heaters.

Gas Pool Heaters

Jandy LRZ Legacy Natural Gas Heaters
Gas pool heaters for in-ground swimming pools are fuelled by either natural gas or propane. These pool heaters do not depend upon the weather and can therefore raise and maintain the temperature of swimming pool water at any hour of the day and at any time of the year. Gas in-ground swimming pool heaters also provide fast water heating and are able to raise the temperature of pool water by between five and seven degrees Fahrenheit in as little as two hours. As a result, gas pool heaters are particularly suitable for pools that often need to be heated in a short amount of time, such as pools that are used only on weekends or during vacations.

While the purchase price of gas in-ground swimming pool heaters can range anywhere from $875 to $5500, many reliable, quality models can be found at the lower end of that range. This means that gas in-ground pool heaters are generally the most affordable type of pool heater to purchase. However, propane and natural gas in-ground swimming pool heaters have higher operating costs than heat pump heaters or solar heaters. In order to reduce operating costs, pool owners should look for gas pool heaters with a high efficiency rating. Units with a rating of close to 80 per cent will provide good efficiency and effective heating. While lifespan will depend upon the quality of a particular model, gas pool heaters should generally last for at least five years.

Heat Pump Pool Heaters

Hayward Easy Temp Heat Pump
Heat pump in-ground swimming pool heaters are electrically powered heaters. Yet, while these in-ground pool heaters require electricity to run, they also incorporate elements of solar heating. In particular, heat pump pool heaters extract heat from the surrounding air. The unit's compressor then upgrades that heat before transferring it to the pool water. Heat pump pool heaters can effectively heat swimming pools even when the sun is not shining, just as long as the air temperature remains above 45°F. These units may require periodic service to maintain the internal parts but will generally last for five to 10 years.

To purchase a heat pump pool heater for an in-ground swimming pool, a pool owner will typically have to pay somewhere between $1600 and $4600. While this purchase price is higher than the price associated with many gas pool heaters, pool owners should keep in mind that heat pump pool heaters have a much lower cost of operation than gas pool heaters. In fact, since these heaters only require a small amount of electricity, their operating cost is very low. Accordingly, many pool owners view the purchase of a heat pump pool heater as an excellent long-term investment. Heat pump heaters for in-ground pools are also popular with pool owners who want to use solar energy for heating purposes but are unable to accommodate a solar heater in their yard.

Solar Pool Heaters

Solar Heating Panels for In-Ground Swimming Pools
Solar in-ground swimming pool heaters provide an alternative to both gas pool heaters and heat pump pool heaters. These in-ground swimming pool heaters are becoming increasingly popular with pool owners, particularly those who are environmentally conscious and want to use a renewable energy resource for their pool heating needs. Solar in-ground swimming pool heaters are powered by the sun's energy, transferring the sun's heat into the pool water as it circulates through the heater.

Solar in-ground pool heaters are available in system kits which can cost anywhere from $300 to $4800. A larger swimming pool will require a larger solar heater and will thus require a greater initial investment. However, aside from the fact that they are environmentally friendly, solar pool heaters are also extremely popular because they have no cost of operation. And since these heaters will typically last for 10 to 20 years, they present an excellent investment. Before purchasing solar pool heaters, pool owners should keep in mind that these heaters are not effective during inclement weather and are thus best suited for sunnier climates. That said, however, a few days of warm weather will return the pool to a comfortable and pleasant temperature.

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