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Automatic Pool Cleaners for In-Ground Pools

When it comes to keeping your in-ground swimming pool clean and free of debris, it's important to have a good quality pool vacuum on hand. Swimming pool vacuums allow for easy removal of dirt and other unwanted debris that accumulate in the pool. While in the past it was always necessary to operate pool vacuums by hand, guiding them manually around the swimming pool, the advent of automatic pool cleaners for in-ground pools has changed that for the better.

Automatic swimming pool cleaners move around pools on their own, cleaning as they go and allowing pool owners to spend less time and effort on pool maintenance. As automatic in-ground pool cleaners make pool maintenance easier and more convenient, these swimming pool vacuums are continuously growing in popularity. Prior to purchasing an automatic cleaner for your swimming pool, however, it's important to inform yourself about the different types of automatic cleaners that are available so you can choose a model that will best suit your swimming pool and your maintenance routine.

The various available models of automatic in-ground pool cleaners fall into three categories: suction-side cleaners, pressure-side cleaners and robotic cleaners. Each type of pool vacuum operates in a different way and offers a variety of advantages and benefits to pool owners.

Suction Side Pool Cleaners

Baracuda G3 Automatic Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools
Suction-side automatic pool cleaners for in-ground swimming pools (such as Baracuda G3) rely on suction to power their movement as well as their ability to remove dirt and debris from the swimming pool. These pool vacuums attach to the pool's suction system, either by hooking directly up to the skimmer or by attaching to a dedicated suction fitting located in the pool wall. As suction-side automatic pool cleaners move around underwater, they suction up debris into the cleaning unit. The suction power then causes that debris to move up through the vacuum hose, past the suction port and into the swimming pool's filter. The filter then captures the dirt and debris, preventing it from returning to the pool.

Suction-side automatic pool cleaners for in-ground pools are widely used by residential pool owners. These pool vacuums are very popular because of their economical prices and the fact that they are easy to use and easy to install. Suction-side vacuums are also very effective cleaners and will automatically clean pool floors in a random pattern. Some models are also designed to clean pool walls. Typically, however, suction-side automatic pool cleaners are better at cleaning floors than walls and they may not be the best type of pool cleaner for vacuuming up larger debris. These pool vacuums can also cause pool filters to become clogged if the filters are not cleaned regularly. Yet, overall, suction-side swimming pool vacuums are reliable and easy to use automatic pool cleaners.

Pressure Side Cleaners

In contrast to suction-side pool cleaners, pressure-side automatic pool cleaners for in-ground pools are pressure driven, operating off water pressure from a pump. The water pressure propels the cleaning unit around the swimming pool and also forces debris into the vacuum's debris bag. Some pressure-side pool cleaners will operate off your existing swimming pool pump but other models require additional pressure and, in such cases, a dedicated booster pump is required.

Polaris 380 Automatic Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools

Unlike suction-side cleaners which send collected debris to the pool's filter, pressure-side automatic pool cleaners have their own debris bag. While debris bags must be emptied occasionally, many pool owners appreciate the fact that these pool vacuums do not clog or otherwise compromise their swimming pool's filter system. Also of note is the fact that pressure-side pool vacuums provide excellent cleaning power and are highly effective at vacuuming up larger debris such as twigs, pebbles and leaves.

For pool owners considering the purchase of a pressure-side pool cleaner, it's important to keep in mind that the installation of these in-ground pool vacuums can be somewhat more complicated as compared to the installation of suction-side cleaners. Also, if a dedicated booster pump is required, there will be some additional expense. That said, however, pressure-side in-ground pool cleaners can be excellent pool maintenance tools, particularly for pools that often accumulate larger types of debris.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Aqua Vac Robotic Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools
Robotic pool cleaners for in-ground pools are completely self-contained units driven by electricity. A robotic pool vacuum (such as Aqua Vac Robotic Pool Cleaner) has its own electric motor and a cord which plugs into a transformer to provide the cleaner with low voltage power. These pool vacuums also have an internal pump for collecting debris. However, the feature that truly sets robotic pool cleaners apart from other automatic cleaners is the computer chip incorporated into each robotic cleaner. These computer chips allow robotic pool vacuums to be programmed to clean swimming pools in a specific pattern for enhanced efficiency and better cleaning results. Some robotic pool cleaners are also able to learn the shape of the pool, allowing for improved cleaning performance.

Robotic in-ground swimming pool cleaners are very effective at cleaning pool walls as well as floors. This is true even in swimming pools with unusual shapes and hard-to-reach spots that are difficult for random pattern vacuums to clean. These powerful pool vacuums will effectively remove many types of debris, including fine dirt and silt. Although robotic pool cleaners are the most expensive type of pool vacuum currently available, they can be an excellent investment and have begun to come down in price in recent years. However, it's important for pool owners to be aware that robotic swimming pool cleaners can be more difficult to repair than suction-side or pressure-side pool vacuums.

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