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Automatic Pool Cleaners for Above Ground Pools

Maintaining a clean above ground swimming pool will help you enjoy a successful swimming season. By keeping pool water free of dirt and other debris, you will be providing your swimmers with a pleasant and healthy swimming environment. However, nobody wants to spend numerous hours of their time each week cleaning their pool. Fortunately, automatic pool cleaners have made swimming pool maintenance far easier and less time-consuming. In fact, automatic pool cleaners for above ground pools are specifically designed to collect sediment and other debris with minimal human effort.

Accordingly, automatic pool cleaners allow pool owners to sit back and relax while the cleaning unit does all the work. Not surprisingly, this has made automatic pool vacuums very popular with residential pool owners. Yet, it's important to understand that automatic pool cleaners are not all the same. Available in three main types -- suction-side cleaners, pressure-side cleaners and robotic cleaners -- automatic swimming pool vacuums operate in different ways and each type is associated with its own pros and cons. Consequently, pool owners should familiarize themselves with the various available above ground pool vacuums in order to choose a model that will best suit their pool as well as their personal preferences.

Suction Side Cleaners

Suction-side automatic pool cleaners for above ground pools are commonly used by residential pool owners and attach to either the pool's skimmer line or a dedicated vacuum line. The suction from the swimming pool pump causes the cleaner to move around the pool, vacuuming up dirt and debris as it goes. Any debris that is suctioned up by the cleaning unit is collected by the pool's filter, which prevents the debris from returning to the pool. Suction-side automatic pool cleaners are random pattern cleaners and many models are designed to clean pool walls as well as pool floors.

Hayward Aqua Critter Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Pros and Cons

Economical prices, easy installation and user-friendly operation are some of the factors which make suction-side above ground pool cleaners very popular with pool owners. Quality models are available from many different manufacturers, including top manufacturers in the pool supply industry such as Hayward and Pentair. Prior to purchasing suction-side pool vacuums, however, pool owners should be aware that these pool cleaners are often more effective at cleaning floors than walls. In addition, suction-side above ground pool cleaners are generally not the best cleaners for vacuuming up larger debris and they can cause clogging of pool filters if the filters are not cleaned on a regular basis. Yet, for many pool owners, suction-side cleaners are very effective pool maintenance tools.

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners

Pool Rover T Automic Pool Cleaner
Rather than being powered by suction, pressure-side pool cleaners for above ground pools are driven by water pressure (such as Pool Rover T). These swimming pool cleaners attach to the pressure side return fitting and use the water from the circulation pump to operate. While some pressure-side pool cleaners can operate off existing swimming pool pumps, others require additional pressure provided by a dedicated booster pump.

Pros and Cons

The installation of pressure-side above ground pool cleaners tends to be more complicated than the installation of suction-side cleaners. Also, for models requiring a dedicated booster pump, the purchase price and installation cost can be higher than those associated with suction-side cleaners. However, pressure-side swimming pool vacuums help to circulate clean water throughout swimming pools and are powerful cleaners. This latter characteristic makes pressure-side cleaners particularly suitable for larger pools and pools that tend to accumulate larger debris such as twigs and leaves.

Another benefit associated with pressure-side above ground pool cleaners is the fact that they have their own debris bags. This means that any dirt and debris collected by the vacuum is sent to the bag rather than the pool's filter, eliminating any chance of the pool cleaner causing clogging of the pool filter. While debris bags need to be emptied occasionally, many pool owners appreciate the fact that pressure-side cleaners will not affect their pool's filtration system.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners for above ground pools are considered by many to be the gold standard of swimming pool vacuums. These electrically-powered automatic pool cleaners are completely self-contained. Featuring computer chips and other advanced technology, robotic pool cleaners can be programmed to clean pools in a specific pattern and many models are also able to memorize a pool's shape to improve efficiency with each cleaning. Robotic above ground pool cleaners operate independently of both swimming pool pumps and filtration systems and feature their own debris bags.

SwimJet HD Robotic Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Pools

Pros and Cons

Due to the fact that robotic pool cleaners incorporate advanced technology, they tend to be the most expensive type of automatic pool cleaners on the market. Also, if anything goes wrong, these pool cleaners can be more difficult to repair than other cleaners. Yet, robotic pool cleaners for above ground pools are increasing in popularity among pool owners because they offer multiple benefits and advantages.

To begin with, robotic pool cleaners work very quickly and efficiently, and can scrub and clean pool walls very effectively. The fact that these cleaners can be programmed and have the ability to learn pool shapes as they clean means that they are a great choice for pools of unusual shapes. Furthermore, robotic pool cleaners are very powerful and can vacuum up many different types of debris, from leaves to fine sediment, allowing them to provide very thorough and reliable swimming pool cleaning.

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