Solar Swimming Pool Covers and Reels for In-Ground Pools

For pool owners looking to cut back on maintenance costs and to reduce their impact on the environment, solar pool covers and reels for in-ground pools are excellent tools. By using free heat from the sun to raise and maintain the temperature of pool water, solar pool covers can provide significant cost savings as well as a variety of other excellent benefits. When used together with solar cover reels, in-ground solar swimming pool covers allow pool owners to easily harness the sun's energy for a longer and more comfortable swimming season.

As there are many pool heating options available on today's market, and as solar pool covers and reels come in many models, it is important for pool owners to have some general knowledge about these products before making a purchase. The following information will help swimming pool owners to understand the design features and benefits of solar pool covers as well as the differences between available models of solar covers and solar cover reels.

Solar Pool Cover Construction and Design

Solar Blankets for In-Ground and Above Ground Swimming Pools

Solar pool covers for in-ground swimming pools feature thousands of tiny air bubbles which give the covers an appearance similar to that of bubble wrap. The purpose of these bubbles is to provide a pool with insulation while also capturing heat from the sun and transferring it into the pool water. As a result, solar pool covers heat pools during the day and retain heat within the pool during the night.

In-ground solar pool covers are constructed from tough resins and higher quality models are designed to withstand UV radiation to prevent fading and degradation of the cover material. When considering the purchase of a solar pool cover, other features to look for include strong seams that lie flat. Such seams significantly enhance durability as they help to prevent rips and tears. Flat, strong seams will also withstand repeated folding for even greater longevity and more years of use. By purchasing a quality solar pool cover with the above features, you will be able to enjoy the benefits provided by your solar pool cover for many swimming seasons.

Solar Pool Cover Grades and Models

Not all solar pool covers for in-ground pools are the same. They are available in different qualities and for different prices. The main distinction between different models is the grade or thickness. Thicker solar pool covers are stronger and more durable but, not surprisingly, cost more than their thinner counterparts. Therefore, when choosing a solar swimming pool cover, pool owners will have to find a balance between durability and price that best suits their individual circumstances. That said, however, solar pool covers as a whole are generally very economically priced, particularly when compared with other types of pool heating equipment.

Solar Blankets for In-Ground and Above Ground Swimming Pools

Another difference between various models of solar pool covers is color. While at first pool owners may think that color is simply a style choice, there is actually more to it. Clear solar pool covers, for example, will block less of the sun's energy than blue covers and can therefore provide better heat transference. Silver covers or covers with a silver underside will reflect heat back into the swimming pool for even greater heating results.


The benefits and advantages of using solar pool covers and reels for in-ground pools are numerous and significant. First of all, solar swimming pool covers can significantly reduce or even eliminate pool heating costs. When used in conjunction with gas pool heaters, solar pool covers can reduce the required operating time of such heaters, thereby dramatically reducing energy consumption and costs. When solar swimming pool covers for in-ground pools are used on their own, no heating costs will be involved. Solar pool covers can also reduce chemical costs as the insulating properties prevent the loss of heat and chemicals through evaporation so that replacement chemicals will be required less frequently.

Solar pool covers for in-ground pools are also very effective at raising and maintaining the temperature of pool water to provide swimmers with a more pleasant and comfortable swimming environment. In fact, solar pool blankets are capable of raising the temperature of pool water by at least 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Also advantageous is the fact that solar pool covers provide such heating in a very green and environmentally friendly manner, relying only on heat from the sun. Finally, when a pool is covered with a solar blanket whenever it is not in use, the water will stay cleaner as less dirt and debris will be able to enter the pool.

Solar Pool Covers Reels

In-Ground Solar Reels

For convenience and ease of use, solar pool covers should be used together with solar pool cover reels. Solar pool cover reels for in-ground pools are designed to allow pool owners to place and remove solar covers without any hassle or difficulty. Solar pool cover reels are available in many different models, covering a range of prices. Prior to purchasing a solar pool cover reel, pool owners should look for features that will best suit their particular needs such as easy portability or simple one-person operation. Using solar pool covers together with solar cover reels allows pool owners to enjoy exceptional convenience in addition to the many benefits provided by in-ground solar pool covers.