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    Solar Cover Construction and Design

    Solar pool covers for above ground swimming pools look somewhat similar to bubble wrap but are far more durable. Constructed from tough stabilized resins, solar blankets feature thousands of small air bubbles, the purpose of which is to transfer and retain heat. The bubbles are able to achieve this task as the air contained within them captures heat from the sun which is then transferred into the water. At the same time, by having a barrier of durable fabric and air bubbles over the pool, heat is prevented from escaping from the water into the air.

    While all solar pool covers are designed to transfer and retain heat, those of higher quality will also incorporate into their design many features that will promote durability. For example, quality solar pool covers for above ground pools will come with extra strong seams that lie flat. Such seams will withstand repeated folding and will significantly reduce the likelihood of rips and tears in the material. Pool covers that are constructed from durable material and feature strong seams will provide swimming pools with solar heating and insulation for many seasons.

    Benefits of Solar Pool Covers

    As previously mentioned, solar pool covers and reels for above ground pools can provide pool owners with many excellent benefits. To begin with, as heat from the sun is free, solar pool covers can drastically reduce pool heating costs. Solar pool covers can be used to reduce reliance on other forms of pool heating, such as gas pool heaters. In sunny climates, they can also be used as the sole form of pool heating, in which case there will be no heating costs. At the same time, above ground solar pool covers can also reduce chemical costs by preventing chemical loss through evaporation and therefore reducing the amount of replacement chemicals necessary to maintain clean and balanced water.

    While cost savings are very attractive benefits, they are not the only advantages that can be enjoyed with the use of solar pool covers. One of the major benefits of solar pool covers is the fact that they can extend the swimming season so swimmers can enjoy their pool more days of the year. Also, as the sun is the only energy resource that these pool covers rely on, solar pool covers provide a very environmentally friendly way to heat swimming pools. Despite the fact that the use of solar pool covers involves no operating costs, these pool blankets can be very effective at maintaining a comfortable water temperature. In fact, solar pool covers are capable of raising a pool's temperature by least 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, solar pool covers can help to maintain a clean swimming pool as they will reduce the amount of debris that enters the water while the pool is not in use.

    Grades and Models

    Solar pool covers for above ground pools are available in a variety of different grades and models. The grade of a solar pool cover refers to its thickness, with thicker covers being more durable. Typically, solar pool covers range in thickness from 5 mils to 16 mils, with several options in between. While thicker covers offer greater durability, they also come at a greater cost. Therefore, before purchasing a solar cover, pool owners will need to consider their personal budget as well as their preferred level of quality. However, even 16 mil solar pool covers can be found at affordable and economical prices.

    Solar Pool Cover Reels

    As for solar pool cover reels for above ground pools, these items make the use of solar pool covers far easier and more convenient. Solar pool cover reels take the fuss and hassle out of dealing with covers and allow for easy, fast placement and removal. Such easy handling will also reduce the likelihood of covers becoming damaged. Solar pool cover reels for above ground pools will generally attach to the top rail of a swimming pool and many are designed to easily pivot out of the way during swimming.

    As with the solar pool covers themselves, solar pool cover reels are available in many different models ranging from economy models to deluxe models. When purchasing a solar pool reel, qualities to look for include strong tubes that will not sag beneath the weight of a cover and durable construction. For many pool owners, it's also important to have a reel that is specifically designed for easy use by just one person. By choosing a quality cover reel that is suitable for both your pool and your solar cover, you will be able to conveniently enjoy the many benefits that come with using solar pool covers for above ground swimming pools.

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