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    Suction Cleaners

    Polaris ATV

    The Polaris ATV is a suction-side swimming pool cleaner designed for use in all in-ground swimming pools. As a suction pool cleaner, the ATV operates off the pool's existing filtration system and can easily be hooked up to the pool's skimmer or a dedicated suction line. This all terrain vacuum has incredible climbing ability and will thoroughly clean pool floors and walls. The Polaris ATV is a fast and powerful swimming pool vacuum and features a built-in reverse drive mechanism that allows the unit to clean in reverse and to free itself from obstacles within the pool.

    Pressure Side Cleaners

    In contrast to suction cleaners, pressure cleaners either operate off the pressure side of your pool's pump or are powered by a booster pump. This means that debris will not be sent to your pool's filter and instead will be collected by the vacuum's dedicated debris bag. The following Polaris pressure cleaners all require the use of a separate booster pump in order to operate.


    Polaris 480

    Designed for in-ground swimming pools of all shapes and sizes, the Polaris 480 delivers professional cleaning results. This Polaris automatic pool cleaner features a host of engineering advancements as well as corrosion-resistant components for exceptional performance and durability. The Polaris 480 swimming pool cleaner sweeps and scrubs pool floors and walls, providing fast and efficient cleaning with its powerful jets.


    Polaris 3900 Sport

    Packed with technologically advanced features, the Polaris 3900 Sport automatic pool cleaner will spotlessly and efficiently clean in-ground pools of any shape or size. Offering the most power of any 3-jet Polaris cleaner, the 3900 Sport cleans pool floors and walls and will even remove dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas. The Polaris 3900 Sport pool cleaner features a PosiDrive all-wheel system which provides exceptional reliability as well as 50% more torque. This durable Polaris pool cleaner also features a 5-liter capacity filter bag and distributes clean, filtered water throughout the swimming pool as it works.

    Polaris 380

    Featuring triple jets, the Polaris 380 automatic pool cleaner is a powerful vacuum that will clean any in-ground swimming pool in just three hours or less. This Polaris pool cleaner scrubs, sweeps and vacuums all areas of in-ground pools, including floors, walls and steps. Durable and reliable, the Polaris 380 provides thorough cleaning that pool owners can count on.

    Polaris 280

    The Polaris 280 is one of the best-selling Polaris automatic pool cleaners because of its dependability and powerful double-jet cleaning. Suitable for all in-ground swimming pools, the Polaris 280 will sweep, scrub and vacuum as it works, removing dirt, grime and debris from the pool bottom, walls and steps. This Polaris swimming pool cleaner will even remove large debris such as leaves and pebbles for remarkable cleaning results.

    Polaris 180

    The Polaris 180 is Polaris' original automatic pool cleaner. This pool vacuum can clean any in-ground pool in three hours or less and will even pick up acorns, leaves and other large debris. Suitable for use on all pool surfaces, the Polaris 180 automatic pool cleaner can be quickly connected to a dedicated pressure line and provides fast, reliable pool cleaning.

    Pressure Cleaners - No Booster Pump Required

    The following models of Polaris automatic pool cleaners are similar to the above models in the sense that they are pressure cleaners. However, the models listed below do not require the use of a separate booster pump to operate. For pool owners who do not wish to purchase a booster pump, this can be an attractive feature.

    Polaris 360

    The Polaris 360 is suitable for all in-ground swimming pools. Featuring advanced technology, the Polaris 360's in-line back-up valve allows for uninterrupted cleaning by automatically freeing the unit from corners. This Polaris automatic pool cleaner will scrub and vacuum all pool surfaces and will remove debris both large and small.

    Polaris 165

    Designed for cleaning vinyl and fiberglass in-ground swimming pools, the Polaris 165 automatic pool cleaner will clean pool bottoms and walls in three hours or less. Featuring a patented jet sweep assembly, this Polaris cleaner blows water against the walls to loosen stubborn dirt and grime. The Polaris 165 installs in just minutes and comes with an easy-to-remove filter bag.

    Polaris 65

    Similar to the Polaris 165, the Polaris 65 features a jet sweep assembly that loosens dirt in hard-to-reach areas. However, the Polaris 65 is an above-ground automatic pool cleaner. This model will clean pools in three hours or less and is suitable for all above-ground swimming pools up to five feet deep, including those with uneven floors.

    Polaris Turbo Turtle

    While cute and cheerful, the Polaris Turbo Turtle is also a reliable and thorough pool cleaner. This Polaris automatic pool cleaner can be used to clean all above-ground pools up to five feet deep and will loosen dirt and debris in hard-to-reach places for remarkable cleaning results.

    Robotic Pool Cleaners

    Polaris 9300

    In addition to the above suction and pressure cleaners, Polaris also offers a robotic pool cleaner. The Polaris 9300 is suitable for in-ground pools of every shape and finish. With fast navigation and remarkable agility, the Polaris 9300 robotic pool cleaner sets a new standard of excellence. This Polaris robotic cleaner offers unmatched intelligence for truly superior cleaning that covers pool floors, walls and steps. With patented vortex vacuum technology and amazing suction, the Polaris 9300 robotic pool cleaner can vacuum fine to large debris and will leave in-ground pools sparkling and spotlessly clean.

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