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    Hayward Pool Pumps

    Swimming pool pumps are responsible for driving water through the pool's filter and returning the cleansed water to the pool. By circulating water, pool pumps also help to distribute chemicals throughout the swimming pool. Hayward swimming pool pumps are available for both above ground and in-ground swimming pools and, in both cases, are known for their high performance and energy efficiency. Heavy duty motors are common components of Hayward swimming pool pumps, allowing for cutting-edge performance as well as quiet operation. Hayward Pool pumps are also known for their durability. Both above ground and in-ground Hayward pumps are constructed from corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic for enhanced longevity.

    Above Ground Hayward Pumps

    Examples of available above ground Hayward pool pumps include the Power-Flo LX and the Power-Flo Matrix. While incorporating all of the above-mentioned characteristics, the Ultra Pro and Ultra Max pumps have also been designed to provide easy maintenance and servicing. With a see-thru strainer cover, it's easy to see when the strainer needs cleaning and the units also provide easy access to all internal components. Another great feature of the Ultra Pro and Ultra Max pumps is the extra-large strainer basket with a non-corrosive handle. As for the Power-Flo Matrix Hayward pump, this model can easily change from a vertical to horizontal discharge orientation with a simple press of a button and also features a Noryl® impeller with wide openings, which reduces the likelihood of clogging by leaves and other debris.

    In-Ground Hayward Pumps

    Hayward in-ground pool pumps include the EcoStar, TriStar, Super II and Max-Flo II models as well as the highly popular Super Pump. Once again, these swimming pool pumps are durably built and are also easy to operate. With a cutting-edge hydraulic design and a totally enclosed fan cooled motor, the Hayward EcoStar pump is the most energy efficient variable speed pump currently available and can significantly reduce energy costs. The TriStar model is known for its cool, quiet operation and is able to seamlessly retrofit to just about any existing filtration system.

    Hayward II Super Pump For In-Ground PoolsThe Super II Hayward swimming pool pump has been engineered to withstand even the most gruelling and demanding conditions while the Max-Flo II is a self-priming pump that can handle any pool environment, making it a great choice for new pools and for existing pools needing a replacement pump. As for the Super Pump, this Hayward in-ground pool pump is a large-capacity, technologically advanced pump with a heavy-duty motor. The Hayward Super Pump features an energy-efficient design and is ideal for use in spas of all sizes and in-ground pools. While each model has its own particular features, all of these Hayward swimming pool pumps have been engineered to provide dependable performance over many seasons.

    Hayward Pool Filters

    While pool pumps are responsible for circulating pool water, swimming pool filters are designed to remove debris and contaminants from the water. Hayward offers a long line of swimming pool filters, all of which fall into one of the three following categories: sand filters, cartridge filters and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters.

    Sand Filters

    Hayward Pro-Series Sand FilterHayward sand filters consist of a series of chambers filled with sand. As the pool water is propelled through the filter, dirt and other debris particles become trapped by the sand. As a result, the water is then returned to the swimming pool cleansed and debris-free. Sand swimming pool filters are widely used by residential pool owners and are capable of screening out debris particles as small as 20 microns. While they require periodic backwashing to maintain effective performance, sand filters are relatively inexpensive to operate. Available Hayward sand pool filters include the Pro Series and S200 Series filters.

    Cartridge Filters

    While cartridge filters perform the same task as sand filters, they differ in the sense that they use fibrous cartridge elements rather than sand to trap debris. These cartridges are typically made from reinforced polyester and can trap debris particles as small as 10 microns. Rather than requiring backwashing, cartridge filters can simply be cleaned occasionally by rinsing the filter element with a regular garden hose. While perhaps not as commonly used as sand filters, cartridge pool filters can provide very effective water filtration. Examples of Hayward cartridge swimming pool filters include the XStream, Star-Clear and Swim-Clear filters.

    DE Filters

    Diatomaceous earth (DE) swimming pool filters make up the third category of Hayward filters. Offering the highest level of water filtration currently available for swimming pools, DE filters are quickly growing in popularity among pool owners. This popularity is further enhanced by the fact that these filters are very inexpensive to operate. Diatomaceous earth swimming pool filters used DE powder, a porous powder derived from the exoskeletons of fossilized diatoms, to screen contaminants out of pool water. In fact, DE powder can trap contaminants as small as two microns and can therefore even screen out some types of bacteria. As with sand filters, DE swimming pool filters require periodic backwashing in order to ensure ongoing peak performance. For pool owners who are interested in purchasing a DE filter, available Hayward models include the Perflex Extended-Cycle and Pro-Grid filters.

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