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    Baracuda Ranger

    The Baracuda Ranger is an automatic pool cleaner designed for use in above ground swimming pools, including those with dished out bottoms. As a reliable and dependable swimming pool cleaner, the Baracuda Ranger will remove a wide variety of debris from pools, including dirt, leaves, twigs and pebbles. This pool vacuum is a suction-side cleaner, meaning that it operates off your pool's existing filtration system and therefore requires no additional plumbing. This pool cleaner can be easily attached to the pool's skimmer in just minutes and comes pre-assembled for even greater convenience

    While the Baracuda Ranger is very effective at suctioning up many types of debris, it also offers effortless movement and thorough cleaning coverage, thanks to several advanced design features. The extra large wheel deflector, for example, helps to prevent the Baracuda Ranger from becoming caught up on ladders and steps or from becoming trapped in corners. This automatic pool cleaner also features a hyper disc which allows the unit to move with a smooth gliding motion across the pool's floor, up the walls and around steps.

    Another great feature of the Baracuda Ranger automatic above ground pool cleaner is its special flow keeper valve. This valve regulates water flow to ensure that the Ranger works at peak performance while also allowing the pool's skimmer to continue operating while the vacuum is cleaning. As the Baracuda Ranger is able to operate effectively at lower flow rates, it is an excellent choice for all above ground swimming pools, including those with lower horsepower pumps.

    Baracuda G2

    Like the Baracuda Ranger, the Baracuda G2 automatic pool cleaner attaches to your pool's skimmer and operates off the filtration system. However, unlike the Ranger, the Baracuda G2 is designed for use in in-ground swimming pools. With its advanced hydrodynamic design, the Baracuda G2 in-ground automatic pool cleaner offers superb cleaning performance, providing maximized cleaning power with low speed pumps. This automatic pool vacuum will eradicate debris large and small from in-ground swimming pools and will thoroughly clean pool bottoms, walls and steps. The Baracuda G2's unique flow gauge provides pool owners with the ability to adjust the unit's water flow, allowing for truly optimized cleaning performance for each individual swimming pool.

    As is true of all Baracuda automatic pool cleaners, the G2 is very user-friendly and simply needs to be attached to the pool's skimmer in order to start cleaning. The G2 in-ground automatic pool cleaner is also very durable, enhancing its dependability. With just one operational part, maintenance is simplified and durable hoses ensure ongoing, hassle-free use. Also, with the ability to move around obstacles without getting stuck, the Baracuda G2 provides excellent cleaning performance while allowing pool owners to sit back and relax.

    Baracuda G3

    The Baracuda G3, also for in-ground swimming pools, is another excellent suction-side pool cleaner. Simple to use yet highly effective, the G3 will automatically clear pools of dirt, bugs, sand, leaves, twigs and even pebbles. While providing quiet operation, the Baracuda G3 automatic swimming pool cleaner will thoroughly clean pool floors, walls and steps. This is true no matter what the pool finish may be, as the G3's finned disc ensures maximum adhesion on all types of swimming pool finishes. This automatic pool vacuum also features a special anti-stick design for thorough cleaning coverage.

    The Baracuda G3 is an excellent option for in-ground swimming pools of all shapes and sizes and features a special rudder system for efficient, quick cleaning as well as superior underwater steering capabilities. The G3's flow keeper valve with Insta-Skim is another great design feature, allowing for automatic regulation of water flow as well as pool surface skimming with the simple flick of a switch. Finally, with a long-life diaphragm as the unit's only operational moving part, the Baracuda G3 automatic in-ground pool cleaner provides long-lasting, simple operation and low-cost maintenance.

    Baracuda X7

    Blending sleek design with advanced technology, the Baracuda X7 Quattro provides in-ground swimming pool owners with another great option when it comes to automatic pool cleaners. This model's uniqueness stems from its Tilt Action Rudder System and Quattro Traction Control System. The Tilt Action Rudder System allows for optimal agility and manoeuvrability while the Quattro Traction Control System improves adhesion to pool surfaces, including sheer walls. Together, these remarkable design features allow the Baracuda X7 to navigate obstacles and to provide incredibly thorough random surface cleaning coverage.

    As with the above models, the X7 is a suction-side pool cleaner which is powered by your swimming pool's existing filtration system. While the Baracuda X7 Quattro is known for its superior agility and navigation, it also provides powerful suction, reliable performance and outstanding durability. Constructed from quality materials that are able to withstand harsh chemical environments, the Baracuda X7 automatic pool cleaner continuously provides effective cleaning performance that pool owners can truly count on.

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