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    BROWSE Solar Heaters

    In The Swim has solar power pool heaters for in ground and above ground swimming pools. A solar pool heater harnesses the sunĀ“s energy and puts it to work heating your swimming pool! The best feature of these solar power pool heaters is that they are absolutely FREE to use! Recent media emphasis on the importance of conserving energy and its impact on the environment has lead many pool owners to consider solar pool hearts as an efficient, cost reducing, and environmentally superior method for heating their pools. Solar swimming pool heaters provide the major advantage of deriving their energy from a free power source, the sun. Once installed, solar pool water heaters are virtually free to operate as they have very minimal maintenance costs. However, what is undoubtedly the most important advantage conferred by solar swimming pool heaters is the fact that they have a negligible impact on the environment. In ground or above ground solar pool heaters essentially circulate water through an expansive heat exchange surface so that this water can absorb the heat of the sun. While pool owners in cooler climates may need to augment this heating system with a traditional electric system, you would be surprised at the effectiveness of a solar heater for pools and the benefits of a solar pool water heater far outweigh the costs. Nevertheless, many pool owners are reticent to invest in solar swimming pool heaters because the initial cost is somewhat prohibitive. However, there have been many recent improvements in solar above ground pool heaters which actually make them very affordable. Even solar pool heaters for in ground pools have dropped significantly in price over the past few years and many manufacturers are marketing less expensive alternatives making it nearly impossible to resist the investment. Solar pool heaters are durable and expandable meaning that you can use the same solar swimming pool heater for several years. Should your energy requirements change, solar pool heaters can easily be added so whether you have a large pool or a small pool you can properly heat your pool water with a solar pool heater. If you take the time to consider the impact of heating your pool on your wallet as well as the environment, a solar swimming pool heater is the obvious choice. The time has come where it is no longer an option to protect our environment, it is our responsibility and as a pool owner there are few better investments than solar pool heaters when it comes to being environmentally conscientious.