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    BROWSE Floating Chlorinators & Brominators

    As a pool owner, one of your most important maintenance responsibilities is your water chemistry. Chemicals are used in above ground and inground swimming pools so that the water is free from organic compounds, algae, and other contaminants. Traditionally, chlorine has been the chemical of choice for pools and spas but bromine is becoming an increasingly popular alternative. As for adding these chemicals into your pool, floating chlorine and bromine dispensers are the ideal accessory. Floating chlorinators and floating brominators maintain a steady flow of chemicals into your pool for you.

    Not only are floating pool chlorinators and brominators easy to use, they can help maintain your pool water pH. Typically, floating chlorine and bromine dispensers use 1 inch or 3 inch tabs that you just add to the floater and then drop the unit in the pool. Chlorine or bromine is then gradually dissolved into your pool water and you just need to check the pH of the water from time to time.

    Floating chlorinators are the most common choice for pool owners. In your pool, chlorine attaches to bacteria and other organic compounds so that they can be killed and removed through filtration. One of the unfortunate effects of this process is that the chlorine becomes inactive so you need to add more to your pool. Floating chlorinators ensure that there is always new chlorine being dispensed in your pool so that you can be confident you have sanitary pool water.

    Floating brominators are becoming more popular because most of the bromine doesn't become inactive after it kills bacteria and contaminants. In fact, bromine is more stable than chlorine especially in warmer temperatures. Moreover, floating brominators are recommended for individuals with sensitive skin as bromine is less harsh than chlorine.

    Regardless of what you are using in your pool, floating chlorine and bromine dispensers are a great way to maintain your water chemistry. The floating pool chlorinators and floating pool brominators at In the Swim are inexpensive and highly effective. Plus, they come in a variety of fun and interesting styles.
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    Alligator chlorinators
    Shark chlorinators