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    Closing Accessories

    1. 1 decade ago
      Great product for the price
      This product is fairly simple, you attach a garden hose to it and it sprays several jets of water from a plastic ring into a bag attached to it. The jets of water cause leaves and any other lightweight debris to go into the bag as well. It attaches to the end of a standard pole such as the one you would use with your vacuum. For the price it is a great product and gets leaves out of the pool in a hurry. The only downside is that the bag allows fine silt to escape so it will cloud you pool, but ... read more when you have a bunch of leaves in it, chances are it's cloudy already and getting the leaves out is more important that worrying about the brown spray from using the leaf gulper.
    2. 1 year ago
      A few little gulps and leaves are gone!
      We purchased this, but did not use it the first year....that has not happened since!!!!!! .We live in the country with huge old trees surrounding us....depending on when we close the pool in the fall, we sometimes have quite a few leaves around the bottom drain of our inground pool when we open it in the Spring. You hook the hose up to this thing, and the pressure from the water of the hose forces those leaves up into the bag in not time! This is one of our most favorite pool "gotta haves!!".. ... read more it makes opening the pool so much easier!
    3. 3 years ago
      Our pool borders the edge of the woods, so we always have trouble with leaves especially in the fall. This year was no different. So I purchased a leaf gulper less than a month ago and it works beautifully. So much that we are not going to cover for the winter. That means no dreaded winter cover to fight on or keep on during the windy winter. We've decided the use of the leaf gulper will suffice if more leaves hit the pool. The only thing I'd wish I'd know is that it came with it's own net bag. ... read more Instead I bought a new one where I wouldn't had to.
    1. 2 years ago
      Will soon see how good it is
      Replaced eyeball with this and had lack of suction at the skimmer. Will only install to winterize this weekend and hope it works to avoid draining pool.
    2. 3 years ago
      Super impressed with this product
      After years of struggling to get the water blown out of the return lines in my in ground, often by myself requiring all kinds of rigs to hold the blower secure while I tried to get the plugs in before too much backflow into the lines, I came across this product. Its like having another person available to help, without having to actually find another person to help when you are ready to close the pool. I have used them for several years and boy has it saved me hours and hours of time and ... read more trouble. I used to dread closing the pool and worry all winter if the lines actually had been blown clear enough to avoid freezing and cracking something. There ARE caps that snap on after you are done using the one way valve to blow out the lines too, to prevent water or ice pressure from seeping back into them over the winter months. Somehow I neglected to put them on last year and one of the valves got damaged but still didn't let water into the lines and fittings themselves, so I'm back to buy another. It was my fault, though, not failure of the valve itself in any way. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with this product. Yes, it does work and yes, I never want to have to close my pool again without them!
    3. 10 years ago
      Easy Easy Easy
      I purchased these pool valves and love them. after fighting with the rubber winter plugs the babies are a snap just screw them in and then blow out your lines and put on the rubber cap and you are done!! Now you don't have to worry if you got the rubber plug in tight enough or that it might pop out..
    1. 3 days ago
      Great Product - Easy to use - Great results!
      Have used Kit for several years and if you have a good winter cover opening the pool to crystal clear water in the spring .is a snap.
    2. 2 days ago
      Best kit
      We have been using this closing kit for over ten years and when we open in spring the water has always been crystal clear.
    3. 1 day ago
      Wonderful Pool
      This is the third year I have used your winterization kit and rather then opening my pool, like my friends with pools, to a green slime alge mess my pool was clear with minor debris on bottom. The kit did a wonderful job with minimum expense. Took hours rather then days to have a swimable pool!
    1. 4 years ago
      Prefer the double tubes to the single tubes....
      We have been buying these water tubes for over 26 years, and have always been very happy with them, until the past few years, when it seems that the tubes have gone down in quality, due to many tubes having leaks in them!! Just like so many products in our world today, quality has gone down and down, but price has gone up and up..............
    2. 2 years ago
      Easy to use!
      We had trouble for years with leaves blowing under the edges of our winter cover even though it was stretched tight and flat. The water tubes are so easy to fill and put into place and are working great to divert unwanted materials making their way under the cover and into the pool!
    3. 6 years ago
      Better Water Tubes
      Just installed 6 of the Ultimate Water Tubes so I can't say how long they last. In the past I used the cheaper water tubes and some of them leaked right away. Most of the cheaper tubes didn't last a full season and I decided to get the Ultimate Water Tubes to avoid regular replacement. The new tubes are heavy duty and heat sealed on all edges. They appear to be far less likely to leak especially on the corners where to cheaper tubes tend to leak the most. The caps are a lot easier to close than ... read more the cheaper tubes and they appear to seal very well. After trying these water tubes I think they are well worth the extra expense.
    1. 2 days ago
      Corner water tubes
      I ordered 4 of the corner water tubes and only received two. Called to report the missing tubes. Already closed pool and still waiting on the other two to arrive.
    2. 2 years ago
      What are the measurements?
      We have been buying these for years and lately the picture shows a square but when we get them we get really long ones and we are looking for the square ones. I am not sure who I ordered from but the long ones are thinner plastic and burst very easy. But he square ones are the best if we can find them. Our cats walk on our pool and we use them also to keep them from jumping in certain places!
    3. 2 years ago
      This is just what we needed for our winter cover. Keeps pool pillow in place & cover doesn't blow up in the wind. We have an 18 ft pool & ordered 20 of the bags.
    1. 10 months ago
      Yes it works
      I have been fighting leaves for several years so I thought I would give this a try, It only took a few minutes to install and get hooked up to my pool. It has been raining off and on for several days since I install the drain kit. It only took one sunny day and it was as dry as a bone.
    2. 5 years ago
      Great Product
      I installed this item on my cover and after a 24 hour rain, my cover was basically dry. The leaves haven't really begun to fall yet, but it appears that with the drain keeping the cover dry, the leaves will blow away and/or dry out and blow away. I've messed around with other cover drain solutions without much luck. I don't like the idea of an electric system that has to be plugged in all winter long, plus they tend to be too heavy. Other siphon type drains seem to become plugged up and really ... read more don't do the job. This is the only system that I have actually found to work. I also had the opportunity to deal with the company that makes this item, and they were very professional.
    3. 2 years ago
      Pool Drain kit
      I've had it for a month now and been through a couple rains. Awesome is all i can say. No more pumps, or siphon hose what a great ideal. It's a little pricey though.
    1. 4 years ago
      great features
      Bought these a month ago and very happy with my purchase.
    2. 4 years ago
      Great improvement
      Purchased my first Safeco cover perhaps 18 years ago, installed with the original screw-out anchors. Had occasion to buy about 4 of these "new and improved" anchors after some work on my concrete pool-surround, and indeed they are; I have no complaint with the old ones (those that remain I lubricate each year with silicone spray), but the new ones are much easier to pop up (or down) than the screw-type. It remains to be seen if the new ones hold up as long as the old; tune in in about 15 years!!
    3. 3 years ago
      Needed help finding the right part. The staff was right on top of it. Courteous and so helpful. Thank you all! Oh and I need to mention what ever I order is shipped fast.
    1. 1 decade ago
      Last winter the rubber plug that I'd been using for years didn't hold & I lost water needlessly. Should have gotten this a long time ago - it's so much better than the rubber plug!
    2. 2 years ago
      Great Plug
      I have been using a different kind of set up that was not working for me. I thought I would try this and it works perfectly and seals securely. Love it.
    3. 1 decade ago
      These work perfectly. Very clean and no more rust to deal with from metal plugs. Great idea!!!!!!!!
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    In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Pool Closing Supplies

    In The Swim's Dr. Pool

    Pool Closing Supplies & Accessories

    From skimmer plugs to winter covers, In The Swim offers great deals on all of our winterizing pool closing supplies for both in-ground and above ground pools. Harsh winter weather with ice, snow and cold temperatures can damage your pool unless you take the right precautions. Protect your pool and your water with the right pool closing supplies, and your pool opening next spring will be a snap! For strictly in-ground pool closing supplies, see In-ground Pool Closing Accessories.

    Cover Accessories

    For in-ground pool covers, In The Swim has all of the parts, tools and accessories used with pool safety covers, and for floating solid pool covers, there are also a number of products used to secure the cover, as well as maintain it throughout the winter. 

       - Safety Cover Parts & Tools
       - Solid Cover Water Tubes and Aqua Blocks
       - In-ground Solid Cover Leaf Net Covers
       - Automatic and Manual Pool Cover Pumps

    For above ground pool covers, we also have all of your winter cover accessories, used to secure the cover and block high winds from getting under the cover. Other devices are used to winterize skimmers, and Air Pillows protect your pool and liner from ice damage.

       - Air Pillows and Pool Pillow Pal 
       - Cover Clips, Cover Seal, Wall Bags
       - Above-ground Solid Cover Leaf Net Covers
       - Automatic and Manual Pool Cover Pumps

    Winterizing Supplies

    In The Swim pool closing supplies are always high quality at a low price. Find everything you need to blow-out and plug-up the pool plumbing. Plugs, guards and covers to keep your skimmers and inlet fittings and underground pipes protected. 

       - Non-Toxic Pool Antifreeze
       - Cyclone Pipe Blower & Liner Vac
       - Pool Winterization Expansion Plugs and other Specialty Plugs
       - Skimmer Guard & Plug Kit for Above ground and In-ground Pools
       - No Tools Skimmer Face Seal for Above ground and In-ground Skimmers

    Equipment Covers

    Besides Winter CoversLeaf Net Covers and Safety Covers for protecting your pool and your pool water, In The Swim also carries several winter covers designed to protect your valuable pool equipment from winter's worst. 

       - Universal Pool Heater Cover
       - Solar Blanket Reel Winter Cover
       - Diving Board Winter Covers
       - Pool Furniture Covers

    In The Swim is proud to offer top quality winter pool supplies that are competitively priced to give great value. If you have any questions regarding any of our pool closing accessories, In The Swim’s pool pros and customer service agents will happily answer your questions via email, or call us at 1-800-288-7946.