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    About Salt Chlorine Generators

    Salt chlorine generators are an excellent alternative to chlorine tablets. Self-regulating and low-maintenance, salt chlorine generators produce chlorine by using salt and a small electrical charge, resulting in the clearest water for your pool. The chlorine recycles into salt and is able to be used over again and again, as the salt does not evaporate. Only small additions of salt are needed to be added over the swimming season, as the salt recycles back and forth between being salt and being water purifying chlorine.


    Pool water sanitation has never been easier than using a salt chlorine generator. Spend way more time swimming and relaxing and much less time taking care of chemically balancing the pool water. Salt chlorine generators are automatic, self-regulating, and keep the pool's water at a silky smooth clean balance, with no more red eyes or dry skin. Advanced technologies allow salt chlorine generators to self-regulate, resulting in the perfect level of chlorine for your pool. Available for above ground and in-ground pools, salt chlorine generators will save you time and money, savings that go straight into your relaxation and peace of mind. Pool salt chlorine generators work by combining water and salt with a low-level electrical charge, producing sodium hydroxide, which in turn becomes liquid chlorine. Once cycled, the salt is re-combined and the process begins again, keeping costs and maintenance to an absolute minimum, all the while maximizing your spare time. Continual salt recycling ensures low-cost upkeep, as minimum salt additions are needed through the season.

    Intelligent systems designed to keep your pool water as clean and pure as possible for as little cost as possible, salt chlorine generators are a smart investment for anyone serious about their relaxation. Perfect pool water at the touch of a button with auto-sensor systems to monitor the chlorine levels and adjusting its output accordingly, salt water generators take the hassle out of pool water sanitizing and open up your time to the more important things in life, like enjoying your free time in stress-free relaxation.

    In The Swim has a wide selection of salt chlorine generators to choose from. Contact us anytime with your questions regarding salt chlorine generators. Our staff of professionals will be happy to help you find the answers to your questions!