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    Chlorine & Bromine

    1. 1 month ago
      Works like a charm
      So much more stable for our pool than regular chlorine tablets. A step in the right direction!
    2. 12 months ago
      Not anti-scale
      I've been using these for about a year now in my well chlorinator, and I have to descale it weekly.
    3. 1 year ago
      Great product
      Easy to purchase and product was shipped immediately. Tablets are much easier on pool and equipment.
    1. 1 year ago
      Works just like the very expensive chlorine other stores sell.
    2. 2 months ago
      Good stuff great prices
      One cup a day for my 24x4’pool is all I need. Keeps water clear.
    3. 11 months ago
      Excellent product
      I have had great results with this product. Well worth the money.
    1. 3 weeks ago
      woohoo chlorine!
      What can I say? They're round, they're white, they smell like chlorine. They're the best darn chlorine tablets ever.
    2. 3 weeks ago
      Great Value
      This is the first time I've purchased these from IntheSiwm. They have the best price per volume that I was able to find. I was disappointed to see that the tablets are individually wrapped. I looked back at the description, and I see that it does state that they are. I'd prefer that they were not individually wrapped, as this amounts to trash blowing away while I'm filling my chlorinators. The individual wrappers do not prevent your hands from wreaking of chlorine either, as I'd guess is ... read more their intended purpose.
    3. 3 weeks ago
      Great Products
      Chlorine Tablets 3" - These are the best I have purchased over last 35 years. Especially like they are individually wrapped. Great Product
    1. 1 year ago
      Worth the money
      First time ever owning a pool. A friend of mine referred me to in the swim. I chanced it by making the purchase but am so thankful. My water is crystal clear and this makes everything easy. These tabs make me thankful for owning the pool. I refer everyone to these tabs.
    2. 2 weeks ago
      Great Results
      Great product. First time in years my pool stayed crystal clear all summer long. Direct result of the Super Multi Tabs.
    3. 3 months ago
      Easy. Once a week in the dispenser and I’m done
      Used these last year. Kept my pool almost 100% clean. My pool Gets full sum so only had a tad bit of algee in the hottest days. Other than that. I add 3 tabs a week and it’s crystal clear.
    1. 2 months ago
      Liquid Chlorine No More
      I have been using Liquid Chlorine from In The Swim for several years. The 5 gallon liquid chlorine started feeling heavier and heavier. This is a great (and lighter) replacement. Works just as well.
    2. 1 month ago
      Works well
      Great purchase! I used it to shock the pool and the next day all the algae were gone
    3. 4 years ago
      Excellent Product
      I tried the instant chlorine and it works great. I put in my pool every eight days and the water is clean and a nice blue. I like it better then the liquid chlorine due to the fact that the containers always leek when I buy them at the hardware store.
    1. 2 months ago
      They do dissolve very slowly
      if you want slow you get slow. I also use granular chlorine but have some of these in a floater to keep up in the heat. I put some in more than 2 weeks ago and they are still not completely dissolved..maybe a bit too slow for me but it is what they are advertised to do.
    2. 1 year ago
      Always easy online ordering and even faster delivery
    3. 4 years ago
      Extremely fast and efficient delivery
      I recently purchased 1" Chlorine Tabs and Non-Chlorinated Shock. Great fast delivery, chlorine as always wrapped in plastic bags, so very little crushing/chlorine dust (due to badly-packaged tabs, crushed in packing or delivery) AND easier to dispense into my chlorinator. Thanks, ITS.
    1. 6 years ago
      No more chlorine for me
      I use Bromine in my above ground swimming pool. It works great and i dont have any problems with algae. I put it in a floating feeder and it slowly dissolves. Lasts a long time. It is not harsh to your skin and eyes. My nephew breaks out from chlorine when i switch to bromine he hasnt broke out since. Its a little expensive for how much you get but worth the performance of the product. Dont breath in the dust from it will get you. A lot of pool stores look at you crazy when you tell them you use ... read more in your pool. They dont know much about it. Its great.
    2. 2 months ago
      Outstanding Bromine from In The Swim
      I bought this about a month ago with a mailer discount coupon and it was cheaper than Amazon :). In The Swim has great products, and buying bulk, 50 lbs, saves money. The deliver was fast, in a box. The tablets were packaged in plastic bag packets that will most likely match your in-ground pool requirements, it is not just a big bucket of tablets you need to grab. Timing perfect, It's now very hot in S-Cal. Thanks.
    3. 2 years ago
      Works great!
      I have always used chlorine in my fiberglass pool and chlorine shock and it faded my blue pool to almost white. I had to repainted my pool this year because of the paint chipping up and didn't want to have the paint color fade again. I started using non chlorine shock and bromine tablets and it works great! No more chlorine smell, red eyes, and faded everything ( clothes, pool floats, pool paint). I am glad I switched!
    1. 2 months ago
      very happy with product, works great, plan on purchasing more
    2. 1 week ago
      CRYSTAL CLEAR SPARKLY pool, better than Calpo!
      We switched from super-shock to Dichlor for our 18x33' above ground pool because our well water is extremely hard, and this brand of it is awesome! 99% sodium Dichlor clears our pool SO FAST! Calpo took WEEKS to clear a green pool. With di-zap, we have a crystal clear pool in ONE day. Beautiful, clear, SPARKLING. Amazing. Plus it helps keep our stabilizer levels up... another problem we were having. And it dissolves quickly & completely - no liner bleaching. Love di-zap from In The Swim!
    3. 4 months ago
      The BEST!
      I tried this last season when there was a special on it. You get what you pay for . BUY THIS. Dump in and walk away every week. Clear Water, no headaches. Compliments on the pool clarity to follow. Excellent product well with the added $$. Thanks again intheswim for keeping pool maintenance simple.
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    In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Chlorine & Bromine

    In The Swim's Dr. Pool

    Differences between Chlorine and Bromine?

    The general rule is that Bromine is more often used in Spas and Hot Tubs, and Chlorine is more often used in pools. Although they are close cousins and adjacent to each other on the Periodic Table, they have distinct differences, and unique properties to offer benefits to certain users. Bromine vs. Chlorine? Read on for more information about pool and spa sanitizers. 

    Chlorine and Bromine

    • - Bromine can be reactivated to reduce cost, but bromine tabs cost more than chlorine.
    • - Bromine is more stable in hot water, longer lasting sanitation, even during full use.
    • - Bromine is more stable in wider pH range, remains strong under high pH swings.
    • - Bromine Less odor to the water, and less irritation to skin and hair.


    • - Chlorine tablets are the most economical way to sanitize a pool.
    • - Chlorine tablets are stabilized for sun protection, slow dissolve formula.
    • - Chlorine tablets dissolve rapidly enough to treat larger pools effectively.
    • - Chlorine dissolves faster for quick superchlorination or shock treatment.

    There are Several Chlorine Options:

    Chlorine dissolves fast and almost instantly begins to sanitize your pool water.  Chlorine tablets or chlorine sticks can be used in floating chlorinators, or placed to dissolve in an In-line or Off-line chlorine feeder. You can also make use of granular chlorine, dissolved into a large bucket of water for vinyl pools, or sprinkled directly into most concrete pools. Liquid chlorine is another option that offers affordable versatility for sanitizing your swimming pool.

    Chloramines form when a chlorine molecule has combined with ammonia or nitrogen and produces the familiar chlorine scent often associated with swimming pools—it’s not the smell of free chlorine, but of combined chlorine. As chloramines build up they reduce the effectiveness of chlorine—like a traffic jam. When Total Chlorine (Free+Combined) is greater than 0.3 ppm, (TC-CC=FC), this is time to shock your swimming pool. 

    UV rays from the sun breakdown chlorine molecules which also contributes to making chlorine less effective. Although our chlorine tablets are stabilized, it takes some time for a residual to build up. Pool stabilizer (aka conditioner) contains cyanuric acid, which combines with chlorine, protecting the chlorine from sunlight degradation. It’s like sunscreen for your chlorine, and will save you money spent on chlorine in the long run. 

    Can I use Bromine In My Pool?

    Bromine Tablets are slow-dissolving by nature, and can take longer to build up a residual, although bromides can be added to quickly boost levels. Bromine is also un-stabilized, so it does not stand up well to bright sunlight. However, bromine is a popular sanitizer for indoor pools or heavily shaded outdoor pools. Indoor pool owners enjoy the softer odor of bromine, and enjoy the ability to re-activate bromides into bromine, simply by shocking the pool (with chlorine!). 

    To use bromine tabs in a spa, you will need to have a bromide ion 'bank' built up, or a preexisting level of bromide ions (the reduced form of bromine). Many spa users add Brom Booster to raise levels quickly after draining the hot tub. Then you can simply use the bromine tabs in a feeder or floater. Bromine is far more stable and effective in high temperatures, which is why it is almost always used in spas and hot tubs.

    Can I Use Chlorine In My Spa?

    The money you will save by purchasing chlorine over bromine for use in a spa is negated rather quickly due to the fact that you will need to use much more chlorine to keep the spa sanitized due to the heat of the water, heavy bather loads, and since it cannot be reactivated the way that Bromine can. Bromine tablets can be used in small floating feeders in spas or hot tubs because they hold such a small amount of water and the bromine can disperse more effectively.

    Bromine is also more effective over a broader spectrum on the pH scale than chlorine. In the context of a spa, 4 people entering the water can cause extreme swings in the spa pH level since it is a significantly smaller volume of water. When pH levels rise above 8.0, chlorine can become 50% less effective, whereas bromine remains potent at higher pH levels.

    Never Mix Chlorine and Bromine

    Some people may choose to sanitize via bromine because they have sensitive skin.  Some people prefer the convenience of chlorine’s ability to quickly be raised or lowered. However, if you do decide to switch from one to the other you will need to buy a new feeder or floater. Mixing Chlorine and Bromine can cause a dangerous chemical reaction with even the slightest bit of residue. 

    For More Info See our Chlorine and Bromine eGuide:

    Chlorine and Bromine eGuide

    Read More | Download