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    BROWSE Chlorine & Bromine

    Pool chlorine and pool bromine are two of the most popular and powerful swimming pool sanitizing chemicals. Bromine and chlorine for pools will both help you keep your pool water sparkling clean and free of contaminants so you can enjoy worry-free, healthy fun and recreationSwimming pool sanitizing chemicals are absolutely essential to pool maintenance as they eradicate potentially harmful contaminants such as bacteria from the water. Without the use of sanitizing chemicals such as pool bromine and chlorine, swimmers can contract illnesses and infections and the pool water may become cloudy.

    In the Swim offers chlorine for pools in various forms to meet the maintenance needs of all pool owners. Pool chlorine reacts with pool water to produce its active form, which then penetrates the cell walls of bacteria and other microorganisms, rendering them inactive and harmless. In the Swim's pool chlorine tablets and chlorine sticks are excellent for use in floaters, skimmers and automatic chemical feeders. We also offer fast-dissolving granular chlorine which is easy to use in spas and hot tubs as well as swimming pools.

    Pool bromine works to sanitize the water in a similar fashion to pool chlorine but dissolves at a much slower rate. As a result, bromine must be added to pools and spas through the use of chemical feeders, which are also available from In the Swim. Pool bromine is a highly effective sanitizer and provides an excellent alternative for those who experience sensitivity to pool chlorine, as it is less irritating to skin and eyes and does not produce a chlorine odour. Our bromine comes in 1 inch tablets and is available in a variety of different quantities.

    Chlorine and bromine for pools both effectively work to keep your pool water clean and safe, so that are you are able to relax and enjoy. With In the Swim's wide variety of options and affordable prices, you are able keep your swimming pool well-maintained without hurting your wallet or stretching your budget. Whether you have a small portable spa or a large in-ground swimming pool, In the Swim has the pool bromine, pool chlorine tablets, granular chlorine and chlorine sticks that you need to maintain a clean and healthy aquatic environment for you and your family and friends to enjoy.