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    Above-Ground Cleaners

    1. 8 months ago
      Fun to watch!
      Bot saves me a lot of time..no more hand vacuuming. The cord does tend to get twisted up, so I run it through the center of my pool noodles and that does the trick. If you have coving, just keep an eye on the bot as it could flip over. I love it though! Would buy it again!
    2. 8 months ago
      Wish we bought sooner
      Aftet two years of manually vacuuming our pool, we finally spent a little money and bought the aquabot and boy do I wish we bought it sooner. We have used it three times already and it has been great. It picks up dirt and debris that I didn't even see and it saves me so much time. Now I can put the aquabot in the pool and get other things done while it does its job. It leaves my pool spotless. We haven't had any issues yet with the cord tangling like other posts have stated. So far so good.
    3. 2 years ago
      What a relief
      Battled with polaris65 for years. Finally just got sick of the cobra curl as nothing I did seemed improve things. The s2-40 has been great. The instructions are sparse so you sort of have to figure some stuff out yourself. Just place it in and come back one to two hours later and it's magic.
    1. 7 months ago
      Fantastic Pool Cleaner
      Got it two days ago, set it up in the pool and watched it run around and clean up EVERYTHING on the bottom of the pool. !,000x better than the "hand pool cleaner" I have used the past two seasons which took me 20 min+ every time! Like others have said, "It MUST be connected to the pool return" - the port that shoots the water back into the pool. Just follow the EZ instructions and you will be set.
    2. 2 years ago
      Decent for the price
      First of all, for all you people complaining that it is letting air into your pump, you have it connected to the wrong line. This is not meant to suck debris into your filter, it is meant for the water that discharges out of your pump and back into your pool to go into this pool cleaner. It uses the water pressure FROM your pump to move around back and forth, as well as operate a venturi to bring debris into a screened compartment. There is no way it can suck air into your pump, unless you have ... read more it connected to the wrong side of your pump. I had to bypass my solar collectors to get enough water flow to operate properly. Be sure you have a pump that delivers at least 1200 GPM. I think it could use more suction, though. I'll leave it run overnight and see how things look in the morning.
    3. 2 years ago
      This is year 2 using this cleaner! It works off the return. I have a 20 ft with a sand filter system. I have bought several automatic cleaners and this the only one that works and has kept working! I don't have to fight with air in the lines either :) It does move debris around (as it changes water pressure to move another direction) & doesn't always pick everything up on the first pass - but give it a chance! Let it run while you go do something else and come back and it will be clean! My only ... read more negative is that when I remove it from the pool I need someone able to turn off the filter at the same time - so debris does not go back into the pool and the water doesn't flood my porch lol. But all of the time saved to have a clean pool and positives of this cleaner far outweigh this!
    1. 8 years ago
      Best purchase ever
      I purchased wanda the wail about a month ago and it is great. I own an 18 x 32 above ground pool and it cleans in a matter of hrs. I usually just put it in the pool and let it run the night. I do suggest getting the leaf canister to go along with it to catch any leaves that you may have in the pool. Overall i am very satisfied with my purchase.
    2. 6 years ago
      won't give her up
      When I was considering buying a pool cleaner, I was very sceptical about Wanda or anything like it, but I bought it anyway because I spent so much time with the hand held pool vac and due to an injury I had to find another way so Hereeeeeeee's WANDA, the best purchase I made for my pool. I don't know what the person was talking about that said it takes him 30 minutes to hook it up cause he must be doing something wrong it takes about 5 minutes at the most. I tell everyone "you have to get Wanda ... read more for your pool" I won't do without it and if the one I have breaks and can't be fixed I'll buy another one. This is my second season with my Wanda.
    3. 3 years ago
      Great product!
      I bought Wanda hoping she would cut my cleaning time down a little bit. I have not had to vacuum my pool one time since getting her. Once we got everything straight with our bottom drains she runs like a charm. Completely in love with Wanda. Have not had an automatic pool cleaner before but I highly recommend her for above ground pools.
    1. 7 months ago
      Diver Dan is cute
      I bought my Dan a month ago and really like him. I use him in my Intex 16' above ground pool. The only problem I have is once the hose is attached to my skimmer and you then remove it after the pool bottom is clean, all the debris is collected where it attaches because it cannot get through the screen. I may have it hooked up wrong and if anyone has any suggestions I'm open to hear them. Otherwise Diver Dan does a fantastic job cleaning the bottom of my pool. I would recommend.
    2. 2 years ago
      Great little cleaner
      This auto cleaner works really well with just a few minor quirks that once you learn are workable. This is my second year using it in our 21 foot above ground pool. I found I needed to set the return jet to the side and just under the surface, otherwise when he gets to that side the hose can be pushed across the pool which then drags him and tips over. Make sure hoses are tight and assembled under water so all air is out and he will work great.
    3. 7 years ago
      Dave's a keeper
      Diver Dave is truely a great value, I have had automatic pool cleaners that cost many times what Dave cost that did not perform nearly as well. When the pool filter and pump strainer basket is clean Dave will clean the pool floor perfectly, It is fun to watch him work. My grand daughters love to watch Dave do his job. So do I.
    1. 2 years ago
      on my second one
      My 1st one started to show signs that the rechargeable battery was getting bad. I should not have used it, but put it in the water and it stopped working and water got into the motor and ruined it. My 2nd one is more powerful than the first and can suck up leaves. For me, the fact that I don't have to struggle with hoses makes it worth the steep price.
    2. 9 years ago
      so far I love this product!
      I really love this product. It picks up really well. I have spent over 2k on the purchase and repair of my Autobot--that never quite worked the same afterwards. Then I bought Dolphin autocleaner w/remote. it is so big and bulky and neither of these totally clean your pool without running it a few times and doesnt really pick up where you want it to even with the remote control! which barely works! HOWEVER, this is perfect because you can pick up what you want when you want! And it just makes the ... read more whole process so much EASIER AND QUICKER! I just hope it lasts more than one season!
    3. 2 years ago
      Best pool vac EVER!
      I bought this pool two years ago and it is one of the greatest purchases I have ever made for our pool. I follow the directions very carefully: fully charge, submerge the moment you turn it on, etc. and it never fails. I bought a fine mesh bag and it gets up every little bit (and big bit) from the pool bottom. I suspect it will last for many years, but I'll buy another if it ever stops working! *I've tried MANY other pool vacs with no success. I highly recommend this!
    1. 8 years ago
      Makes my pool life much easier
      I am so glad I bought the Pool Rover Jr.! It used to take me forever to clean my pool with a skimmer and my pool's just 15ft round. It sucks up even the tiniest particles. The only thing I've seen that's an issue is sometimes it can't reach the stuff closest to the wall. I just use the skimmer to push the junk towards the center and the rover picks it up! The bag is easy to clean and it is easy to use.
    2. 5 years ago
      love this thing!
      We recently purchased this little wonder and are totally impressed by it! Wonderful cleaning done to the entire pool. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with an above ground pool. Ours is 24 x 24 round, it covered the whole pool in less than 2 hours time. I couldn't believe all the stuff it had picked up when I took the bag out to clean. Stuff I couldn't even see before I put it in the pool. Cleaning of the bag is kind of a pain; but well worth it. If it ever goes bad, I will definitely ... read more buy another one!!
    3. 8 years ago
      Greatest Little Pool Guy
      My husband has been cleaning our pool for years and we finally decided to invest in a cleaner to help. We picked this one because of the reviews and we are very happy we listened! We also didn't want one that went through the filter so this was our choice. I've never seen him get so excited about turning something on and just watching it go to work. This is the next best thing to having a cleaning crew come clean it for you!
    1. 10 years ago
      Good Value
      These work great! Good Value
    2. 6 months ago
      Perfect fit!
      We had recently bought a automatic cleaner for our above ground pool. We needed a little more hose for the cleaner to reach the entire pool. This was perfect. We haven't had to manually clean the pool floor all summer.
    3. 10 years ago
      saved alot of money
      i went to my local pool store and the price was approximately $5.00 more than in the swim. that can be costly if you are ordering bulk items of the same product thank you in the swim.
    1. 10 years ago
      very industrious critter
      Our new Aqua Critter is replacing an aging and broken Polaris 65, and I must say that I'm glad we switched. The Bug (as we call it) is easier to set up, and did it's job with no trouble. Our pool floor has no wrinkles, but is a bit dimply, so I had some minor concern about the need for a "smooth" pool bottom. There was no difficulty, however. I love the way it cleans the fine silt - something the Polaris, as dependable as it was, never did. If we encounter too much heavy debris, we can always ... read more add the leaf canister. Removing it from the water, section by section, was easier as well.
    2. 10 years ago
      Does a good job-not a speedy process
      We bought our Critter last year and have used it almost every week during swimming season. The Critter does a good job and is easy to assemble. Just put the hoses together, put the critter in the water and force the air out of it, hook it up to the skimmer and let it go. The bad part is that it is slow and it doesn't do the walls. The good part is that where it does go it does an excellent job. All in all it IS worth the money. It saves us time because we just hook it up and let it run. The ... read more Critter stops moving when it is time to backwash the filter. I would give it a B+ for a grade.
    3. 6 years ago
      if you need help to work awsome
      Had a problem that auqacritter would tip over(I have a 1 hp motor) so I gotten a piece of wood and made it to go in front of water return that was blowing the hose around and causing the unit to tip over.This works awsome and Will work.Water dispersis left n right I slid it over the side.My floor has many wrinkles in it.This unit IS A MUST BUY just make water deverter so it blows left n right not straight into pool...enjoy your free time :) I havent vacuum the pool the old way once this year
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    Above Ground Pool Cleaners Help Day-to-Day Maintenance

    In the Swim carries a wide variety of above ground pool cleaners. From cute, popular and high effective cleaners like the Hayward Diver Dave automatic cleaner to the Aquabot Turbo T jet robotic pool cleaner and the manual Pool Blaster MAX HD pool vacuum, In the Swim offers above ground pool cleaners from quality brands at prices for every budget and need.

    Aquabot is one of our most popular above ground pool cleaners. In the Swim carries many different styles of the Aquabot above ground pool cleaners that are automatic and programmable so all you do is hit a button. Hayward makes great above ground pool cleaners that work efficiently and are also fun to have in the pool like the Aqua Critter automatic cleaner that looks like a bug, or Wanda the Whale automatic pool cleaner that looks like, well, a whale.

    When shopping for above ground pool cleaners, be sure to consider if it is compatible with your specific pool shape and size. Some above ground pool cleaners only work on flat bottoms while other above ground pool cleaners work on flat and dished-out bottoms. Of course, if you have questions about any of the above ground pool cleaners or any of the pool supplies from In the Swim, our customer service team of experts is always happy to answer any questions you may have via phone or email.