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Source Code: WYAARUNK | April 18, 2014
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Spa2Go Four Person Portable Spa

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Spa2Go   $649.99  

Technical Specifications:

  • Outside diameter 74" (with power pak 98")
  • Inner Diameter 58"
  • Height 28"
  • 250 gallon capacity
  • 1.3 HP Turbo Wave Massage System
  • 127 Micro-Air Jets
  • 15 sq ft Filtration system
  • Thermostatically Controller 1kw Heater
  • 10’ power cord
  • Weights 2245 lbs when full
  • Massaging Turbo Blower: 1 HP
  • Pump: Fractional HP Circulation Pump
  • Heater: Stainless steel , 1000W

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    Air Pump Blower:

    Turbo wave pump will not turn on:
    - Make sure the power pack is plugged into the electrical outlet, and that there is power to the outlet. Plug another electrical item into the outlet such as a hair dryer or lamp. If you do not have power, check the breakers at the main electrical panel.
    - Test the GFCI per the instructions in the Maintenance section of this manual. If the GFCI is faulty do not use the spa. Immediately call your dealer or the factory for instructions. DO NOT BYPASS THE GFCI! DO NOT USE THE SPA!

    Turbo wave pump will not turn off:
    - Call the factory for instructions.

    Turbo wave pump blower trips the GFCI when you turn it on:
    - Take the air loop off the top of the power pack. Look down inside the left fitting and see if water has collected inside the power pack.
    - If water has collected inside the power pack, disconnect the large fitting connecting the power pack to the spa. Ensure the check valve in the fi tting is in place and working properly.


    No Heat:
    - Dirty filter: Clean the filter per the instructions provided in the Maintenance section of this manual. If the filter is more than two months old, replace it. After cleaning or replacing the filter, cover the spa, turn the temperature set point all the way up, and leave the spa for 24 hours. If the spa still will not heat, contact the manufacturer for instructions.
    - No circulation, water pump air bound: Unplug the power pack from the electrical outlet. Bleed air from the filter tank by turning the bleed fitting on the top of the filter tank counter-clockwise. After one minute, or when water drips from the fitting, close the bleed fitting and plug in. If the water pump still does not pump water, contact the manufacturer for instructions. If the water pump becomes air bound again, check the o-ring on the top of the filter tank. Refer to the filter changing instructions in the Maintenance section of the manual. Replace the o-ring if necessary.
    - Bad power pack: Ensure power is available to the spa. Check the circuit breaker at the main electrical panel. Connect another electrical appliance to the plug used for the spa. If power is available to the spa, test the GFCI using the instructions supplied in the Maintenance section. If the GFCI is working properly and the power pack does not function, then the power pack is bad. If the GFCI is not working properly, do not use the spa. Immediately contact the manufacturer for instructions.
    - In some situations, the numerical temperature display may read ‘OH’ (overheat) and the spa will not heat until reset. To fi x this problem, please use the following procedure:
    1.If the spa water is still warm (over 104°F / 40°C), unplug the power pack and let the water cool to below 104°F / 40°C. (Use a thermometer to verify the temperature.)
    2. Plug the power pack back in and press the small reset button directly below the temperature display. This will clear the ‘OH’ message and the spa will resume normal operations.

    Leaking Problems:
    - The two small connections between the power pack and the spa are leaking: Ensure the garden hose style washer inside each of these fi ttings is still in place and undamaged. If the washers are in place and the connection is still leaking, there may be a small piece of plastic behind the hose washer. Remove the small piece of plastic with a utility knife or needle-nose pliers.
    - Blower connection is leaking: If the large connection between the spa and the power pack is leaking, ensure the o-ring inside the fi tting is in place and undamaged.
    - Plumbing or pressure switch is leaking: Look under the power pack. If water is coming from underneath the power pack, then the plumbing or pressure switch inside the power pack is leaking. Contact the factory for instructions.

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