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Source Code: WYAARUNK | December 19, 2014
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Single Water Tubes

Swimming pool cover water tubes hold winter pool covers on in ground swimming pools. These pool cover weights have a single chamber to fill with water. Swimming pool cover water bags weights.
  • How Many Do I Need?

    • Our vinyl tubes are up to 35% heavier than other tubes on the market for greater strength and puncture-resistance.

    • Quality no-leak valves make these tubes easy to fill with a garden hose.

    • Double heat-sealed seams have a full 1/4 inch overlap to prevent splits.

    • Single Water Tubes are sold at a significant savings over double water tubes.

    • Save big with our Six Pack Water Tube Special.

    Qty. Item No. Item ONLY! 
    W2010   8-ft. Single (each)   $4.49  

    W2012   8-ft. Single Six Pack   $24.99  

    W2030   10-ft. Single (each)   $5.39  

    W2032   10-ft. Single Six Pack   $30.99  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many water tubes do I need for my pool?
    Water bags should be laid up against each other, all around the pool cover edge. Click the How Many Do I Need link above to see our chart for how many 8' single water bags are needed, for your size pool. If you are buying 10 ft water tubes, subtract one or two, and remember that it's best to keep extra water bags on hand, for water tube splits.

    Can I repair punctured water tubes?
    Although we would prefer you to buy new, you can patch holes in your water tubes with a simple vinyl patch kit. It's the same patch kit that we sell for our inflatable pool toys or for repairing holes in vinyl pool liners.

    Double Water Bags – are they better than single water bags?
    Double water tubes have two chambers, and if one chamber springs a leak, the other chamber can be filled and used as a cover water tube. Second advantage is that double tubes don't roll the way single tubes do, important if you have a very sloped pool deck. Single water tubes, on the other hand, are less costly to purchase, and are made of the same puncture resistant vinyl as double water tubes.

    How do I care for my pool cover water tubes?
    Water tubes will leak if accidentally punctured by a sharp stick, and can burst if dropped from a short height. Do not drag your cover tubes around the deck, a hole can easily be scraped through. Also, be careful not to overfill the water bags, so that there is room to expand when they freeze. If too full, the bag may split during freezing.

    Is it true that animals and critters are to blame for puncturing water bags?
    It is true – during dry winter periods, some animals can learn to puncture a pool water tube with a tooth or claw, and take a nice long drink. Squirrels, birds, raccoons and even chipmunks are suspect. To keep their thirst in check, place a few small plastic bowls of water around the pool cover, to keep them away from your water bags.

    How are pool cover water tubes filled? Fill the water bags a little more than halfway full with a regular garden hose. I like to fill them by spreading the bags out first, around the pool cover. When water tubes are full, they are quite heavy, especially the 10' water bags. Two people can carry them, but be careful not to drop the end on the concrete, which may cause the water bag to split.

    What color water tubes do you sell?
    We sell blue, black and tan water tubes. Being that pool covers are now available in a Tan color, we now also sell Tan water tubes to match. Tan is a popular water bag color, but not as popular as our Black water tubes. Dirt is harder to spot on Black water tubes, which is probably why they always seem to be the most popular color.

    How are the water bags emptied?
    When it comes time to remove the cover, just open the red valve and raise the other end. Water will rush out of each bag until it is empty. After draining your water bags, you can use a hose and a small scrubber, and give them a little cleaning. After your cover bags have dried, you can either fold them up or roll them up and store them with the pool cover.

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