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Source Code: WYAARUNK | December 21, 2014
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Durable Air Pillow

Durable pool air pillows are placed under your above ground winter pool cover to protect your swimming pool from freeze damage. Pool air bags and Winter pool cover pillows availabe in 2 sizes.
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    • When placed under your winter cover, this rugged 16-ga. vinyl pillow absorbs freezing water as it expands.

    • Aboveground pool walls are relieved from the stress of ice expansion during winter.

    • Air pillows concentrate the build-up of rain, leaves or snow on your winter cover for easier removal.

    Qty. Item No. Size ONLY! 
    One Day  
    4' x 4' Air Pillow   $6.99  

    4' Air Pillow may be round or square, depending on availability.

    One Day  
    4' x 8' Air Pillow   $13.99  

    One Day  
    Combo Pack For Oval Pools   $19.99  

    Includes one 4'x4' & one 4'x8' Air Pillows for oval pools

    W2375   4.5' x 15' Air Pillow   $23.99  

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Why do I need Air Pillows on my aboveground pool?
    When your pool surface freezes solid during the winter, the expansion of the ice sheet can put enormous pressure on the walls. Air Pillows break up the ice sheet, so that it doesn't freeze solid all the way across the pool, reducing this outward pressure.

    Air pillows also protect the vinyl liner, should your pool develop a leak in the vinyl liner during winter. Solid ice sheets that form above a falling water level can be held stationary by the outward ice pressure, until it melts slightly and drops quickly, which can damage vinyl on the wall, sliced by a sharp and heavy ice sheet.

    How many Air Pillows do I need for my pool?
    You don't need to completely cover the surface of your aboveground pools in air pillows / ice equalizer pillows, but you probably need more than one, unless you are winterizing a very small pool.

    Which size Air Pillows should I use for my pool?
    You can use most any size pool air pillow, unless your pool is very small. If you use the smaller air pillows, like the 4'x4' or the 4'x8', you will need more than if you use the larger 4'x15' air pillows.

    How do I inflate the pool cover Air Pillow?
    Air pillows have large valves, identical to the type used on inground pool water tubes. Inflating by mouth would be exhausting; much easier to use an electrical air blower, or wet/dry vac to inflate your air pillows.

    Can I use enough Air Pillows to allow rain water to run-off the edge of my pool cover?
    You can, if you use enough air pillows and pull the cover tight enough around the edge of the pool. Using cover clips or cable weights may be needed to keep the cover pulled taut over the air pillows. If you have enough air pillows in the pool, and you keep the cover pulled taut, you could enjoy a winter without having to manually pump off rain water and snow melt. Even falling leaves will simply blow off your pool cover!

    How long do pool Air Pillows last?
    Air pillows can last for many years. They are made of 16ga vinyl, and being under the protection of your pool cover, they rarely develop holes or splits. Storing your air pillows in a cool, dry indoor location during the swimming season will help prolong their lifespan.

    Can I repair pool Air Pillows?
    If your air pillow develops a hole, it can be patched with any vinyl patch kit; the type used to repair vinyl liners or inflatable pool toys.

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