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Source Code: WYAARUNK | December 21, 2014
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E-Z Vac Automatic Pool Cleaner - by Kreepy Krauly®

Not recommended for use on above ground pools with pumps smaller than 3/4 hp.

Qty. Item No. Item ONLY! 
E1450   E-Z VacTM   $159.99  

Includes 32 ft. of hose.

ZPEN0407   E-Z VacTM Complete Hose Kit (32 ft. of hose)   $112.31  

  • 11 male/female sections
  • 1 female/female section

  • ZPEN0385   Teal Male/Female Hose Section   $11.68  

    ZPEN6712   EZ Vac Aboveground Seal K12651   $63.80  

    ZPEN0381   EZ Vac Foot Pad   $15.16  

    Kreepy Krauly is one of the most respected and trusted brand names in the pool supply industry so you can feel confident that your Kreepy Krauly EZ Vac automatic pool cleaner will provide you with reliability and peak performance.

    Technical Specifications:

  • Works on any above-ground pool, flat bottom or dished out, round or oval.
  • Only one moving part on this automatic pool cleaner ensures years of reliable service.
  • Hooks up to your skimmer line and is powered by your pool's pump and filter.
  • Random-pattern cleaning action vacuums your entire pool automatically.
  • Includes head and 32 ft. of hose.

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    Because of the individual characteristics of your pool, some additional adjustments may be required to get the best performance from your E-Z Vac. If there seems to be a problem, check these common causes of cleaner problems: If you still need help, call the Customer Helpline at 1-800-443-5711.

  • Is filter clean?

  • – Clean filter.

  • Is pump strainer basket clean?

  • – Clean basket.

  • Is debris blocking the bottom of the E-Z Vac?

  • – Remove debris.

  • Are there any leaks in the hose?

  • – Replace leaky section.

  • Is automatic regulator valve free of debris?

  • – Clean valve.

  • If E-Z Vac is not moving or pulsating.

  • – Check to ensure that the main drain and all suction lines are closed, except for the suction line to which the E-Z Vac is attached.
    – Check for debris in the filter or pump basket.
    – Check for debris in E-Z Vac's flapper. Debris may prevent flapper movement or restrict flow. (Page 12 in Owner's Manual).
    – Pool pump and filter system may be too small (incapable of providing 14 gallons per minute water flow).

  • If E-Z Vac tracks in a repetitive pattern.

  • – Check the swivel on the top of E-Z Vac. It should turn freely.
    – Check the return line water flow and re-direct as necessary with an eyeball diverter. (Refer to page 10 of Owner's Manual).
    – Check E-Z Vac's hose to ensure it has not become bent or kinked. It only takes one bend or kinked hose section to hinder the cleaning coverage. One way to check for kinks in your hose is to lay each section flat on your pool's deck (or other flat surface). The hose should be perfectly straight and flat. Do not coil the hose when taking your E-Z Vac out of the pool because it will retain the coil shape, forming a bend or kink.

  • To Remove Debris from the Flapper

  • – Sometimes debris may clog the bottom of the cleaner and prevent flapper movement of restrict flow. The flapper is located inside the main body and must move freely at all times.
    – You can see the flapper through the opening in the baffle plate, when you turn the cleaner upside down as shown in Figure 12 of the Owner's Manual. Jiggle the flapper with your finger or flush the cavity with a hose to force out any debris lodged inside the main body.
    – If debris is still lodged inside, you must remove the flapper. First, lift the lip of the footpad up and insert a flat-headed screwdriver along side one of the two tabs found on either side of the baffle pate. See Figure 13 in the Owner's Manual. Push the tab inward with the screwdriver until the baffle plate releases. Place a finger into the center opening of the baffle plate and pull up until it pops out. Then pull the flapper out. NOTE: You should be able to do this without taking the footpad off.
    – Once the debris is dislodged, insert the flapper back into the main body and snap the baffle plate back into position. Be sure that it is securely in place. See Figure 13 in the Owner's Manual.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    I do not have any pool cove; will the EZ Vac work for me?
    – No, the EZ Vac requires at least 6-inch diameter of pool cove in order for the cleaner to properly work. The absence of a cove may affect the cleaner's operation by inhibiting its random-pattern coverage.

    Will the E-Z Vac clean my entire pool?
    – Yes, for flat-bottom or dish-shaped pools only.

    How does the E-Z Vac work?
    – Through your existing in wall skimmer, diverting some of the suction power to the E-Z Vac. This is done by one reliable moving part on the unit.

    Will the E-Z Vac pick up leaves?
    – Yes, E-Z Vac will vacuum away dirt, small leaves, bugs and other debris, and deposit them in your filter for easy removal.

    Will E-Z Vac get rid of algae?
    – No, chemicals do. E-Z Vac will pick up loose dead algae on the floor of the pool.

    Will the E-Z Vac work under my solar blanket?
    – Yes!

    Will my skimmer still skim with E-Z Vac attached?
    – Yes, the regulator valve included allows both skimming and vacuuming.

    Do I need to run my pump longer with the E-Z Vac?
    –No, and it does not require an additional pump.

    How do I install the E-Z Vac?
    – No tools needed, installs in 15 minutes and everything snaps together.

    Is there a toll-free tech support number?
    – Yes, it is 1-800-443-5711.

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