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Source Code: WYAARUNK | December 22, 2014
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Pro-Strength Super Polar Plus II Winter Cover 24 ft Round

The durable 24 foot round Pro-Strength Super Polar Plus winter cover was built strong, it won't allow algae growth or sunlight penetration.
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  • Warranty: 16-Year (4 Full Years)
  • Intelligent Weave, and Sun Blocking Technology!
    • All the features of our standard Pro-Strength covers, AND the Super Polar Plus II is made of a more durable fabric!
    • Utilizes an "Intelligent Weave" technique that preventsa puncture from becomming a tear.
    • This unique winter pool cover fabric also features a silver coating that deflects heat, to keep your water cooler & prevent algae growth.
    • The unique silver layer works with a black colored bottom layer to prevent light penetration and reflection to further reduce algae growth.
    • Made from long fabric rolls to limit seams, for a longer lasting pool cover. For a more durable and water -tight seal, seams are heat sealed, not sewn.
    • Polar Plus II covers have a large 4 foot overlap for better fit, and are finished with a layer of UV Ray resistance.
    • Please order by pool size! (All covers accommodate an 18-inch water drop.)
    • Cover Clips
      These handy clips help secure your winter cover to the top rail of your pool and prevent wind from getting under your cover. A complete set of clips can be purchased with the cover (see listings below).

    Qty. Item No. Pool Size (Cover Size) / # of Clips ONLY! 
    W9520   24' Round Pool (28' Round Cover) / 0 Clips   $149.99  

    Note: This cover does not include clips.

    W9521   24' Round Pool (28' Round Cover) / 40 Clips   $164.97  

    Additional Information:

    Why do I need to cover my aboveground pool for winter?

    For aboveground pools located in the Snowbelt, which is about the upper two-thirds of the United States, temperatures will dip below freezing. Frozen water in the pipes and equipment will cause damage, so these are typically drained and stored for the winter.

    Because the pool water is not being filtered, during the off-season, covering the pool and treating with winter chemicals makes a good substitute for daily filtering and sanitizing.

    Aboveground pool owners in the Sunbelt may prefer to cover the pool during the off-season (Nov-Feb), to reduce chemical and maintenance demands, while the pool is not being used. While not fully winterizing, using a winter cover will allow the Sunbelt pool owner to reduce cleaning, filtering and chemical expense dramatically.

    What other winter pool supplies do I need to close my pool?

    If you are in the Snowbelt, you'll need the full winterization treatment, which means to drain the lines and the equipment. In most cases, you'll need some plugs to plug the pool return lines and the skimmer after these lines are drained or blown out. If you don't blow them out, be sure to use our Non-toxic pool antifreeze in the pipes, and drain out the pool equipment (pump, filter, heater).

    For the water chemical treatment, you'll want to have the water balanced, and very clean – and then you can add a winter chemical kit, sized for your pool. These usually contain winter pool shock, winter algaecide, a winter floater (with a non-chlorine sanitizer) and a stain & scale product.

    There are many above ground pool cover accessories that can be very useful in winter. New aboveground pool covers come with a cable and winch set up to secure the cover around the edge. To keep a cover stationary in high winds, use Cover Clips or Cover Seal to keep the wind from getting underneath the cover, and Wall Bags to hold down the cover firmly to the water's surface.

    Cover pumps, to remove rain water and snow melt, range from inexpensive, gravity fed devices, to automatic cover pumps that can drain a pool cover in minutes. Whichever method you use, use it regularly. A cover that is dry and clean will last longer.

    Air Pillows are important to break up the ice sheet that forms on pools in areas that experience regular temperatures below freezing. Thick ice sheets can put pressure on aboveground pool walls, and cause damage to vinyl liners.

    Leaf Nets are useful for pools with large trees nearby. Cleaning wet leaves from a pool cover is no fun. Leaf Nets allow you to pull all the leaves off in one easy motion. Saves time and back pain!

    How do I know what size above ground pool cover I need?

    Our pool covers are made to fit any size aboveground pool, in round, and oval shapes. It's important to order the correct size pool cover. If you are unsure of your pool size, it would be best to measure your aboveground pool. If you only have a small measuring tape or even worse, a ruler – here's a trick you can use. Lay two long strings on the ground, parallel to each other, on each side of the pool. Measure from string to string, at the start and end of the strings, to make sure they are parallel. Then order the cover for your size pool. For example, if your pool is a 24' round, order the 24' round pool cover, (28' round cover size).

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