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Ultra-Clear 4-in-1 Natural Clarifier

Compatible with Baquacil® and Soft Swim®!

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Y1600   1 Quart   $19.99  

Y1605   4 x 1 Quart   $75.99  

Ultra-Clear clarifier will eliminate the small particles that would usually be missed by the pool filtration system. This 4-in-1 clarifier should be added weekly to the pool. Ultra-Clear also prevents the growth of algae growth in a pool.

Ultra-Clear natural pool water clarifier is a 4 in 1 clarifier that can be added to your pool on a weekly basis to maintain pristine swimming water. Indeed, Ultra-Clear is a natural swimming pool water clarifier that is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. In addition, Ultra-Clear natural water clarifier for swimming pools removes phosphates from your pool; and since phosphates are the primary food source for algae, Ultra-Clear is a pool water clarifier that can even prevent the growth of algae.

Technical Specifications:

  • 1 quart is equal to 32 ounces.
  • Clarifies the pool while reducing demand for pH adjusters, shock treatment and algaecide.
  • Helps clarify cloudy pool water, eliminates oil and scum lines, removes excessive metal content and improves your filter's efficiency.
  • Biodegradable, all natural.
  • Weekly Dosage: 1 oz. per 5,000 gallons

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What does Ultra Clear product do?
    – Clarifies pool and spa water.
    – Maximizes filter efficiency.
    – Prevents oil and scum lines.
    – Helps control trace metals.

    What will Ultra Clear clarify?
    – Ultra Clear is recommended for clarifying water in swimming pools, spas, water features and ponds.

    Do I have to use Ultra Clear with any other products for it to work?
    – No, just be sure to clean or backwash the filter before use.
    – Water should be balanced and the chlorine/bromine level should be 0.5 to 3ppm.

    What is the dosage for my pool?
    – Regular dosage is one ounce per 5,000 gallons of water. This dosage may be increased to two or three ounces per 5,000 gallons if water is particularly dirty.

    How do you add the Ultra Clear to the pool?
    – Apply dosage over the surface of the water to be treated with your filtration system running.

    How long do I run my filter for after adding Ultra Clear to the pool?
    – Allow your filter system to run for 6-8 continuous hours. Backwash only if backpressure increase reaches to the level that the filter manufacturer suggests backwashing.

    How often do I use Ultra Clear?
    – Treat with regular dosage once every week to maintain exceptionally clear water.

    What is the dosage for a pond?
    – One ounce per 1,000 gallons of water to be treated.
    – Dilute product with water at the ratio of 1 oz to 8oz of water.
    – Disperse diluted product evenly over the water surface with a sprayer or watering can.

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