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Source Code: WYAARUNK | December 20, 2014
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Triple Action Chlorine - Super Skimmer Tabs

We are currently unable to ship TRIPLE ACTION CHLORINE to the state of California. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

Qty. Item No. Description CLEARANCE  Price/lb.  WAS 
Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 9 lbs.   $80.99   $8.99   $89.99  

Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 24 lbs.   $130.49   $5.43   $144.99  

Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 48 lbs.   $206.99   $4.31   $229.99  

C2100   Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 96 lbs.   $449.99   $4.68   $449.99  

Note: 96 lb. size shipped in 48 lb. containers.

C2200   Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 192 lbs.   $879.99   $4.58   $879.99  

Note: 192 lb. size shipped in 48 lb. containers.

C2500   Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 480 lbs.   $2,149.99   $4.47   $2,149.99  

Oversized Delivery Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.
Note: 480 lb. size shipped in 48 lb. containers.

Triple action chlorine tabs provide a simple and convenient way to keep your pool water clean and sparkling by preventing algae growth, santizing and clarifying the water. By sanitizing your pool water, preventing the growth of algae blooms and clarifying your water, triple action chlorine tabs provide a simple and extremely convenient way to keep your pool water clean and sparkling.These swimming pool chlorine tablets will also provide you with great value, as all of our products are competitively priced and you will only need to purchase one product instead of three. Best of all, triple action chlorine tabs will allow you to spend less time maintaining your pool so you can spend more time enjoying it with family and friends.

Technical Specifications:

  • Triple action formula, that will sanitize your pool, kill bacteria, and prevent algae.
  • We added Power Crystal compounds to our high-quality 3-inch chlorine tablet to prevent algae growth and clarify your water.
  • Each tablet weighs 7 oz. and is extra slow dissolving.
  • 72% available stabilized chlorine.
  • 79.2% Trichlor-S-Triazinetrine.
  • Tabs are not individually wrapped.

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    – If chlorine seems ineffective make sure the dispensing source of the chlorine is getting proper water flow to dissolve the chlorine. For example making sure water level is correct in the pool, making sure the floater has proper ventilation, and that the automatic feeders dial is set correctly. If chlorine still seems to be ineffective check the stabilizer also known as cyanuric acid. The correct level for stabilizer is 30-60 ppm. If the stabilizer is too low the chlorine will be used up faster making it appear that the chlorine is not effective. If the stabilizer level is too high it will slow down the oxidizing process and render the chlorine less effective. This must be compensated for by using a higher concentration of chlorine in the pool water.

    – If you believe the chlorine is defective/ineffective, you can test by scraping a small amount of tablet into a glass of tap water. (Do not use pool water.) Dissolve and test as usual.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do the super skimmer compare to regular chlorine tabs?
    – The super skimmer tabs in addition to sanitizing the pool water will also prevent algae growth and clarify your water-all with one tablet.

    What is the chemical make up of the super skimmer tabs?
    – 72% available stabilized chlorine.
    – 79.2% Trichlor-S-Triazinetrine, each tab weighs 7oz.

    How many tabs are in a 48 Lb bucket?
    – In a 48 Lb bucket there are approximately 96 tabs.

    How many tabs do I use a week?
    – You use approximately 2 tabs per 10,000 gallons of water.

    What can I dispense my super skimmer tabs in?
    – In The Swim recommends using an automatic chlorine feeder, although you can also use a floater or by placing in a skimmer.

    Are these tabs wrapped individually?
    – No, these tabs are not wrapped.

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