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America's Strongest Pool Bromine

Qty. Item No. Description ONLY!  Price/lb. 
C6003   Bromine 3.5 lbs.   $29.99   $8.56  

C6010   Bromine 8 lbs.   $44.99   $5.62  

C6025   Bromine 25 lbs.   $114.99   $4.59  

C6050   Bromine 50 lbs.   $199.99   $3.99  

Bromine 100 lbs.   $399.99   $3.99  

Note: 100 lb. size shipped in 50 lb. containers.

C6200   Bromine 200 lbs.   $799.99   $3.99  

Note: 200 lb. size shipped in 50 lb. containers.

C6500   Bromine 500 lbs.   $1,799.95   $3.59  

Note: 500 lb. size shipped in 50 lb. containers.

For pool owners and swimmers who prefer not to use chlorine to sanitize their pool, bromine provides an ideal alternative. America's Strongest Bromine is a very powerful form of swimming pool bromine that will keep your pool sparkling clean while providing you with a variety of additional benefits.

Technical Specifications:

  • 1" Tablet – must be used in an automatic brominator.
  • Approximately 31 tabs per 10,000 gallons every 5-7 days.
  • Brominator and pump must run 12-24 hours daily depending on weather.
  • Bromine 1" tabs must be used in a brominator. Bromine cannot be dispensed in a used chlorine feeder.
  • For small spas bromine can be used in a bromine floater.
  • Tabs are not individually wrapped but are wrapped in groups of about 60.
  • Available bromine is 61% and percent available chlorine is 27%.
  • Approximately 1600 tabs per 50 pound bucket.
  • Each tab weighs 0.5oz.

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    – If bromine seems ineffective make sure the dispensing source of the bromine is getting proper water flow to dissolve the bromine. For example making sure water level is correct in the pool, making sure the floater has proper ventilation, and that the automatic feeders dial is set correctly. If bromine still seems to be ineffective check the stabilizer also known as cyanuric acid. The correct level for stabilizer is 30-60 ppm. If the stabilizer is to low the bromine will be used up faster making it appear that the bromine is not effective. If the stabilizer level is high it can mask the bromine causing the bromine unable to sanitize properly.

    – If you believe the bromine is defective/ineffective, you can add granular bromine or bromine boost. This in conjunction with good flow over the bromine tabs will boost up the bromine residual. This will usually help to get a bromine reading faster on a newly started bromine water source.

    When using bromine it is recommended that you shock weekly. Reason: Bromine combines with contaminants which become bromamines. As bromamine levels increase in the pool, the bromine that is fed into the pool becomes less effective. Weekly shocking of a bromine pool will eradicate the bromamines so the sanitizing process can continue. If you don't shock, the contaminants continue to build up and the pool will not be properly sanitized.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the In The Swim bromine comparable to?
    – In The Swim bromine is comparable to aquabrome. Aquabrome is not as strong as In The Swim bromine.

    What is the chemical make up of In The Swim bromine tabs?
    – In The Swim bromine tabs have 61% available bromine and the percentage of available chlorine is 27%. In The Swim bromine is pre-stabilized. Each tab weighs 0.5oz.

    How many tabs are in a 50Lb bucket?
    – In a 50 Lb bucket there are approximately 1600 tabs.

    How many tabs do I use a week?
    – You use approximately 31 tabs per 10,000 gallons of water every 5-7 days.

    What can I dispense my bromine tabs in?
    – In The Swim bromine tablets needs to placed in an automatic brominator feeder, although for small spas you can use a floating bromine feeder.

    Are these tabs wrapped individually?
    – No, these tabs are wrapped in groups of about 60.

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    With pool bromine tablets from In the Swim, you will be able to enjoy softer, gentler pool water. Moreover, with In the Swim's competitive prices and the chemical cost savings that swimming pool bromine provides, you will be able to spend less money while keeping your pool water clean, healthy and inviting.

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